The Helldivers 2 Autocannon may not strike as the most impressive firearm at first glance, but its true power unveils itself in the hands of skilled operators. Boasting an impressive rate of fire and formidable damage output, coupled with the ability for swift self-reloading, the Autocannon proves its worth on the battlefield. When plunging into the depths of the Galactic War, it’s wise to consider using this weapon to your side for unparalleled firepower and relentless onslaught against the enemy hordes and, in this article, we will help you unlock its potential and ensure you’re maximizing its benefits.

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Helldivers 2 Autocannon – How To Use It

The Helldivers 2 Autocannon is a support weapon, which means you’ll need to summon it to the battlefield as soon as you boots hit the ground. This process adds an extra layer of strategy, as you decide the perfect moment to bring this game-changer into play.

Helldivers 2 Autocannon stratagem
Helldivers 2 Autocannon – How To Use It

Understanding Your Weapon

At first glance, the Autocannon’s inability to penetrate heavy armor might seem like a drawback, especially when you’re facing the armored might of the galaxy’s fiercest foes. However, its true power lies in its exceptional damage capability against light-armored targets and its role as a crowd control juggernaut. Whether you’re up against acid-spewing bugs or nimble Automatons, the Autocannon ensures they won’t be a problem for long.

Recoil and Ammo Management

The Autocannon’s recoil is no joke — it’s more akin to taming a beast than firing a weapon. Mastery of its recoil is crucial, so treat it with the respect it deserves rather than spraying and praying. Ammo conservation is key, as indiscriminate firing will quickly leave you empty-handed and vulnerable.

Unleashing the Horde-Clearing Power

Here’s where the Autocannon shines: as a horde-clearing powerhouse. When the enemy launches a full-scale assault, this weapon becomes your best friend. Its capability to mow down light-armored enemies in a single shot makes it perfect for those moments of overwhelming odds. The sight of bug swarms or bot ships descending upon you no longer means panic; it means it’s your time to shine.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Yes, the Autocannon requires a helping hand for reloading, but this shouldn’t be seen as a limitation—rather, an opportunity for teamwork. Coordinate with your squad for quick reloads, turning what could be a vulnerability into a testament to your team’s efficiency. Solo players, should not fear because with a bit of practice and the right tactics, self-reloading becomes second nature.

Helldivers 2 Autocannon vs Recoilless Rifle

Comparing Helldivers 2 Autocannon vs Recoilless Rifle is a topic that has been sparking discussions across the gaming community because both are powerhouse weapons in Helldivers 2, but they cater to very different playstyles and situations. Let’s break down what makes each weapon unique and how to choose the right one for your next mission.

Loading Time & Fire Modes: Unlike the Recoilless Rifle’s single-shot, slow reload setup, the Autocannon boasts a clip system that allows for 8 shots before needing a reload. This feature alone can drastically shift the tide of battle. Even solo reloading the Autocannon is a breeze, taking roughly 5 seconds with your supply pack. Plus, its semi and automatic fire modes let you adjust your attack speed on the fly, offering both precision and chaos as the situation demands.

Versatility in Combat: What immediately sets the Autocannon apart from the Recoilless Rifle is its versatility. The Autocannon shines against the bugs. Spitters? Two hits and they’re history. Chargers? They won’t know what hit them. While it struggles against heavy armor without a little help from your stratagems, its crowd control capabilities are unmatched. Automatons, too, feel the wrath of this beast, especially the lighter ones that fall with a single well-placed shot.

The Recoilless Rifle, on the other hand, has always been a go-to for those who prefer a more calculated approach. The team loading option fosters cooperation and can be a lifesaver in tight spots. However, its slower loading time and single-shot mechanism mean you’ve got to make each shot count. So, this weapon demands strategic play as each reload is a commitment, and with the potential for a 30-second reload time without assistance, precision becomes paramount. Still, the Recoilless Rifle is ideal for taking down high-value targets with its heavy armor penetration, provided you can land those critical hits.

Choosing Your Weapon

Autocannon for the Win: If you’re facing hordes of enemies and need a weapon that keeps the pressure on, the Autocannon is your best bet. Its rapid-fire capability and quick reload make it ideal for chaotic battlefields where targets are plentiful and armor is light.

Recoilless Rifle for Precision: When facing heavily armored foes or when you need to deliver devastating blows with precision, the Recoilless Rifle stands out. It’s for those moments when quality over quantity truly matters, and teamwork can make the dream work.

So, Helldivers, the choice is yours: embrace the brute force and agility of the Autocannon or harness the precision and power of the Recoilless Rifle. Either way, victory awaits.

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