If you’re just starting out in Genshin Impact, the vast world and frequent updates of the game can be overwhelming, and with new characters being introduced regularly, it can be hard to keep track of them all. To help, we’ve compiled a summary of the current roster of Genshin Impact characters, categorized by rarity and element, along with an explanation of when new characters might be released.

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Characters In Genshin Impact

At the time of this writing, there are a total of 79 playable characters in Genshin Impact, including unique characters like the Traveller and limited-time additions like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn. These characters cover a range of elements, with each element having a varying number of characters available.

To give you a clearer picture, let’s break down the roster:

  • Anemo (Wind): There are 11 characters that harness the power of wind, including six ultra-rare 5-stars and five fantastic 4-stars.
  • Pyro (Fire): Fire’s fury is wielded by 14 characters. This hot group is split between six 5-stars and eight 4-stars.
  • Cryo (Ice): Similarly, 14 characters chill their enemies with ice, with an even split of six 5-stars and eight 4-stars.
  • Geo (Earth): The stable and sturdy earth element is represented by 8 characters, divided equally between four 5-stars and four 4-stars.
  • Electro (Electricity): Lighting up the scene are 11 characters, with four 5-stars and seven 4-stars.
  • Hydro (Water): Making a splash are 11 Hydro characters, featuring eight 5-stars and three 4-stars.
  • Dendro (Nature): The newest addition to the elemental lineup, Dendro, also has 8 characters, split into four 5-stars and four 4-stars.

To check which characters in Genshin Inpact are available to you, simply log in to the game and access the Character Archive through the Paimon icon. Characters you don’t own will be grayed out, making it easy to see who you still need to unlock.

Genshin Impact Elements
Genshin Impact Elements

Genshin Impact All Characters List

This Genshin Impact All Characters list is your compass in the vast world of Teyvat, where each character brings a unique twist to the game, with their own special abilities, backstory, and role. Whether you’re strategizing over elemental combinations, exploring every nook and cranny of the map, or simply enjoying the story, there’s something for every type of player. Below, you’ll find an alphabetically organized table of all playable characters, along with key details such as their weapon type, elemental affinity, star rating, and release date.

NoNameStarsElementWeaponRelease DateDescription
1Albedo5 StarsGeoSwordDecember 23, 2020A genius alchemist known for his intellect and calm demeanor, stationed in Mondstadt.
2Alhaitham5 StarsDendroSwordJanuary 18, 2023A distinguished scholar from Sumeru, wielding the wisdom of Dendro.
3Aloy5 StarsCryoBowSeptember 01, 2021A brave hunter from another world, skilled in archery and survival.
4Amber4 StarsPyroBowSeptember 28, 2020Mondstadt’s sole Outrider, always ready for adventure with her fiery spirit.
5Arataki Itto5 StarsGeoClaymoreDecember 14, 2021The charismatic and bold leader of the Arataki Gang, known for his strength and tenacity.
6Baizhu5 StarsDendroCatalystMay 02, 2023The mysterious owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue, harboring knowledge of medicine and secrets.
7Barbara4 StarsHydroCatalystSeptember 28, 2020Mondstadt’s deaconess and a pop idol, bringing healing and joy to all.
8Beidou4 StarsElectroClaymoreSeptember 28, 2020The fearless captain of the Crux Fleet, known for her prowess as a pirate and warrior.
9Bennett4 StarsPyroSwordSeptember 28, 2020An adventurous boy who has more enthusiasm than luck, always finding himself in peril.
10Candace4 StarsHydroPolearmSeptember 28, 2022A guardian of Aaru Village, wielding the power of Hydro to protect her people.
11Charlotte4 StarsCryoCatalystNovember 08, 2023A knight from Fontaine with a heart as cold as her elemental power, defending her homeland.
12Chevreuse4 StarsPyroPolearmJanuary 09, 2024A fiery noble from Fontaine, skilled in both diplomacy and battle, with a passion for justice.
13Chongyun4 StarsCryoClaymoreSeptember 28, 2020A calm and collected exorcist from Liyue with a cool head and even cooler abilities.
14Collei4 StarsDendroBowAugust 24, 2022A budding ranger from Sumeru, eager to explore the world and protect the ones she loves.
15Cyno5 StarsElectroPolearmSeptember 28, 2022The vigilant General Mahamatra of Sumeru, striking down enemies with lightning precision.
16Dehya5 StarsPyroClaymoreMarch 01, 2023A fiery warrior from Sumeru, her strength and courage burn as bright as her element.
17Diluc5 StarsPyroClaymoreSeptember 28, 2020Mondstadt’s dark knight hero, wielding fire and his claymore to protect his city.
18Diona4 StarsCryoBowNovember 11, 2020The pint-sized bartender of Mondstadt, serving up icy arrows and colder drinks.
19Dori4 StarsElectroClaymoreSeptember 09, 2022A merchant with a knack for getting what she wants, electrifying her way through deals and battles.
20Eula5 StarsCryoClaymoreMay 18, 2021The Spindrift Knight, her dance on the battlefield as graceful as it is deadly.
21Faruzan4 StarsAnemoBowDecember 07, 2022A scholar of Sumeru, her wisdom and wind guide her allies to victory.
22Fischl4 StarsElectroBowSeptember 28, 2020The Prinzessin der Verurteilung, summoning thunder and tales of fantasy.
23Freminet4 StarsCryoClaymoreSeptember 05, 2023A new challenger from Fontaine, his frosty demeanor hiding a warm heart.
24Furina5 StarsHydroSwordNovember 08, 2023Fontaine’s aquatic guardian, her elegance matched only by her mastery of the sword.
25Gaming4 StarsPyroClaymoreJanuary 31, 2024A fiery competitor from Liyue, his passion for victory ignites the battlefield.
26Ganyu5 StarsCryoBowJanuary 12, 2021The secretary to the Liyue Qixing, her arrows as precise as her diligence.
27Gorou4 StarsGeoBowDecember 14, 2021A loyal general of the Watatsumi Island, his strategy and arrows always hit their mark.
28Hu Tao5 StarsPyroPolearmMarch 02, 2021The 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, she dances with fire and the spirits.
29Jean5 StarsAnemoSwordSeptember 28, 2020The Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, her blade as swift as the wind.
30Kaedehara Kazuha5 StarsAnemoSwordJune 29, 2021A wandering samurai from Inazuma, his poetry as powerful as his swordplay.
31Kaeya4 StarsCryoSwordSeptember 28, 2020The Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, charming and mysterious.
32Kamisato Ayaka5 StarsCryoSwordJuly 21, 2021The Shirasagi Himegimi, her elegance and icy swordplay command respect.
33Kamisato Ayato5 StarsHydroSwordMarch 30, 2022The head of the Kamisato Clan, his leadership and hydro tactics are unparalleled.
34Kaveh4 StarsDendroClaymoreMay 02, 2023A brilliant architect from Sumeru, his designs and battle plans are both groundbreaking.
35Keqing5 StarsElectroSwordSeptember 28, 2020A member of the Liyue Qixing, her electric speed and precision are unmatched.
36Kirara4 StarsDendroSwordMay 24, 2023A spirited adventurer from Inazuma, her curiosity and blade are sharp as ever.
37Klee5 StarsPyroCatalystOctober 20, 2020Mondstadt’s explosive expert, her joy for bombs only matched by her destructive power.
38Kujou Sara4 StarsElectroBowSeptember 01, 2021A loyal retainer of the Shogun, her arrows strike with the speed and ferocity of thunder.
39Kuki Shinobu4 StarsElectroSwordJune 21, 2022The reliable deputy of the Arataki Gang, her blade and wits are equally sharp.
40Layla4 StarsCryoSwordNovember 18, 2022A studious scholar from Sumeru, her knowledge as vast as the night sky.
41Lisa4 StarsElectroCatalystSeptember 28, 2020The Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, her electrifying knowledge overwhelms foes.
42Lynette4 StarsAnemoSwordAugust 16, 2023A graceful duelist from Fontaine, her movements as fluid as the wind.
43Lyney5 StarsPyroBowAugust 16, 2023Fontaine’s flamboyant archer, his fiery arrows light up the battlefield.
44Mika4 StarsCryoPolearmMarch 21, 2023A young recruit of the Knights of Favonius, his determination as cold and sharp as ice.
45Mona5 StarsHydroCatalystSeptember 28, 2020The enigmatic astrologist, her predictions and hydro powers shape the tides of battle.
46Nahida5 StarsDendroCatalystNovember 02, 2022The Lesser Lord Kusanali of Sumeru, her connection to nature bends the battlefield to her will.
47Navia5 StarsGeoClaymoreDecember 20, 2023A stalwart defender from Fontaine, her presence as solid and unyielding as the earth.
48Neuvillette5 StarsHydroCatalystSeptember 27, 2023A refined gentleman of Fontaine, his hydro tactics wash away any opposition.
49Nilou5 StarsHydroSwordOctober 14, 2022A graceful dancer from Sumeru, her performances captivate both allies and enemies.
50Ningguang4 StarsGeoCatalystSeptember 28, 2020The Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing, her strategic mind shapes the battlefield like jade.
51Noelle4 StarsGeoClaymoreSeptember 28, 2020A dedicated maid of the Knights of Favonius, her resolve is as strong as her armor.
52Qiqi5 StarsCryoSwordSeptember 28, 2020An undead pharmacist from Liyue, her icy touch brings both healing and frostbite to foes.
53Raiden Shogun5 StarsElectroPolearmSeptember 01, 2021The Electro Archon of Inazuma, her decree is absolute, as is her mastery of the polearm.
54Razor4 StarsElectroClaymoreSeptember 28, 2020A boy raised by wolves in Mondstadt, his wild strength tears through enemies.
55Rosaria4 StarsCryoPolearmApril 06, 2021A nun with a cold demeanor from Mondstadt, her spear strikes are as sharp as her tongue.
56Sangonomiya Kokomi5 StarsHydroCatalystSeptember 21, 2021The divine priestess of Watatsumi Island, her wisdom flows like water, healing all wounds.
57Sayu4 StarsAnemoClaymoreAugust 10, 2021A pint-sized ninja with a big heart from Inazuma, her whirlwind slashes leave enemies dizzy.
58Shenhe5 StarsCryoPolearmJanuary 05, 2022A disciple of the adepti in Liyue, her frosty demeanor belies a burning determination.
59Shikanoin Heizou4 StarsAnemoCatalystJuly 13, 2022An unconventional detective from Inazuma, his keen intellect unravels any mystery.
60Sucrose4 StarsAnemoCatalystSeptember 28, 2020A Mondstadt alchemist, her experiments whirl enemies into a vortex of discovery.
61Tartaglia5 StarsHydroBowNovember 11, 2020Also known as Childe, his hydro arrows carve through enemies like the tides.
62Thoma4 StarsPyroPolearmNovember 02, 2021The loyal housekeeper of Kamisato Ayaka, his fiery spirit protects friends fiercely.
63Tighnari5 StarsDendroBowAugust 24, 2022A vigilant forest watcher from Sumeru, his arrows sow seeds of victory.
64Traveler5 StarsVariesSwordSeptember 28, 2020An interstellar visitor with the ability to wield multiple elements.
65Venti5 StarsAnemoBowSeptember 28, 2020The whimsical Windborne Bard of Mondstadt, with the power to summon breezes.
66Wanderer5 StarsAnemoCatalystDecember 07, 2022Once known as Scaramouche, his journey is as turbulent as the wind.
67Wriothesley5 StarsCryoCatalystOctober 17, 2023A scholar whose knowledge freezes over any who dare oppose him.
68Xiangling4 StarsPyroPolearmSeptember 28, 2020A chef from Liyue, her culinary creations explode with flavor and fervor.
69Xianyun5 StarsAnemoCatalystJanuary 31, 2024A maestro whose melodies command the very wind, orchestrating victory.
70Xiao5 StarsAnemoPolearmFebruary 03, 2021A yaksha sworn to protect Liyue, his spear purges all evil in its path.
71Xingqiu4 StarsHydroSwordSeptember 28, 2020A bookish noble from Liyue, his swordplay is as fluid as the verses he recites.
72Xinyan4 StarsPyroClaymoreDecember 01, 2020Liyue’s rock ‘n’ roll musician, her performances ignite the heart.
73Yae Miko5 StarsElectroCatalystFebruary 16, 2022The enigmatic Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine, her foxfire illuminates the truth.
74Yanfei4 StarsPyroCatalystApril 28, 2021A legal advisor from Liyue, her fiery seals pronounce judgment on her foes.
75Yaoyao4 StarsDendroPolearmJanuary 18, 2023Liyue’s cheerful herbalist, her healing touch is as gentle as the spring’s embrace.
76Yelan5 StarsHydroBowMay 31, 2022A mysterious figure from Liyue, her watery arrows ensnare her targets in fate’s flow.
77Yoimiya5 StarsPyroBowAugust 10, 2021Inazuma’s fireworks maker, her explosive arrows light up the night sky.
78Yun Jin4 StarsGeoPolearmJanuary 05, 2022A renowned opera singer from Liyue, her performances fortify her allies’ resolve.
79Zhongli5 StarsGeoPolearmDecember 01, 2020The God of Contracts from Liyue, his command over stone is absolute.

Genshin Impact Best Characters

Listing the Genshin Impact best characters depends heavily on several factors, which is why giving a definitive answer is tricky. However, we can guide you through understanding what makes a character strong and suggest some top choices, based on different roles and playstyles:

Factors to Consider:

  • Team Composition: Different characters synergize better with certain elemental combinations and team roles (DPS, Support, Healer). Choosing characters who complement each other’s strengths is crucial.
  • Artifact Builds and Weapons: Proper equipment choices can significantly improve a character’s performance. Optimizing these is essential for unlocking their full potential.
  • Personal Playstyle: Do you prefer fast-paced attackers, strategic supports, or durable tanks? Choose characters that suit your preferred combat style.
  • Game Content: Are you tackling Spiral Abyss, exploring the open world, or participating in specific events? Different characters might shine in different situations.

Genshin Impact Best Characters
Genshin Impact Best Characters

Genshin Impact Best Characters By Role:

Main DPS:

  • Hu Tao: Powerful Pyro DPS with high damage potential, but requires good timing and HP management.
  • Ganyu: Cryo archer with exceptional AoE damage and versatility.
  • Ayaka: Cryo sword user with strong burst damage and good synergy with Freeze teams.
  • Raiden Shogun: Electro spear user with consistent off-field damage and burst support capabilities.


  • Xiangling: Pyro spear user with strong off-field Pyro application, ideal for Melt and Vaporize teams.
  • Fischl: Electro bow user with consistent Electro application and high damage potential.
  • Bennett: Pyro sword user with excellent healing and Attack buffing capabilities.
  • Kazuha: Anemo sword user with powerful crowd control and elemental damage buffing.


  • Kokomi: Hydro Catalyst user with strong healing and off-field Hydro application.
  • Jean: Anemo sword user with versatile healing, damage, and crowd control abilities.
  • Diona: Cryo bow user with good healing, shielding, and Cryo application for Melt teams.

Note: This is just a small selection, and many other characters can be viable depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Additional Tips:

  • Research individual characters and their potential team compositions before investing resources.
  • Experiment with different combinations and playstyles to find your personal favorites.
  • Utilize online resources and community guides for in-depth analysis and team building advice.

Remember, the best characters in Genshin Impact are ultimately the ones you enjoy playing and can effectively integrate into your team. So, with experimentation and strategic team building, you can unlock the true potential of any character in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact New Characters

Genshin Impact new characters are regularly introduced with each major update, typically releasing one to three characters every six weeks. These updates often include both 5-star and 4-star characters, with occasional reruns of older characters in featured banners. If you’re looking to recruit new characters, keep an eye out for major updates, especially the large regional expansions that occur annually, offering fresh faces and exciting new content.

Let’s break down how this expanding list of Genshin Impact new characters has grown since the game release:

  • Version 1.0 Launch: Genshin Impact started its journey with a bang, introducing 22 characters right off the bat. Among these pioneers, 18 were four-star heroes, reliable and strong, while 16 were the coveted five-star characters, including the versatile Traveller.
  • Inazuma (Versions 2.0 to 2.8): As we ventured into the electrifying realm of Inazuma, 17 new characters joined the fray. This batch included ten five-star characters, showcasing unique powers and stories, among them the special guest Aloy. Seven four-star characters also made their debut, each bringing their own flair to the adventure.
  • Sumeru (The Next Chapter): The exploration of Sumeru wrapped up with 17 characters enriching the story. This consistency in character releases aligns with HoYoverse’s pattern of introducing around 17 new faces annually.
  • Fontaine (Current Expeditions): Halfway through our journey in Fontaine, we’ve already been graced by 11 new characters. If the pattern holds, we can anticipate about six more exciting introductions.

Character Releases per Patch:

  • Wondering how often you can expect new characters? Roughly every six weeks, with each update bringing about one to three new characters. Typically, you’ll see one new five-star and one new four-star character. Occasionally, some patches might surprise us with two new five-stars.

A Look Back:

  • Genshin Impact also loves to give us a second chance at meeting characters we might have missed. Four-star characters often return in the game’s rate-up banners, giving players another shot at recruiting them. Additionally, beloved five-star units from the past occasionally return as the stars of their own featured banners.

When to Dive In:

  • If you’re waiting for the perfect moment to start or dive back into Genshin Impact, aim for the launch of a new regional expansion. These updates happen yearly, usually around the end of summer or early fall, and bring with them a slew of new characters, a fresh Archon to discover, and hidden gems scattered across the new lands. Planning to join the adventure with the arrival of a new region is a great strategy, as it gives you a fresh starting point filled with opportunities to gather valuable resources and meet new characters.

Genshin Impact’s world is vast and filled with stories waiting to be told and heroes waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a newcomer eager to set sail, the game’s regular updates and character introductions promise a journey that never grows old. Keep an eye on for the next big update, and may your travels through Teyvat be filled with wonder and excitement.

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