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There are 16 Naraka Bladepoint Characters and each of them is viable and can work in the hands of an experienced player, who is well-used to their skills, knows how to play to their strengths and knows how to mitigate their weaknesses. That being said, it can be argued that there’s no perfect balance and some characters do tend to score kills and wins more frequently than others. Whether it’s due to them being easier to master, having a more varied play style, or being more difficult to counter, some of the characters can be considered “better” than others depending on the situation.

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Naraka Bladepoint All Characters Tier List

To give newcomers to the game a general idea of what to expect from the different characters in Naraka Bladepoint, we’ve decided to make a tier list, with a specific focus on the characters’ viability in solo battle royale games. Obviously, this list is based on our personal opinions, so if you see a character you like and who works for you being placed in a lower tier, that doesn’t mean the character isn’t good. It simply means that we deem others to generally perform better/be easier to play with. And with that brief clarification out of the way, let’s start our tier list, going from bottom to top.

Naraka Bladepoint Tier D and C Characters

In our opinion, the least viable Naraka Bladepoint characters for solo games are Kurumi, Ziping Yin, Yueshan, and Tianhai.

D Tier Characters

  • We place Kurumi at the lowest position, in Tier D, since she is a heal-based character with strong support abilities, which are great for team games, but not that useful in solos. Additionally, she has two umbrella abilities – an umbrella heal and umbrella teleport – which makes her movement very predictable. Other players will know that she’ll inevitably go back to where the umbrella is on the map, making her an easy target.
    Naraka Bladepoint Kurumi
  • Like Kurumi, Ziping Yin stands out with her exceptional support skills, offering both personal and team healing abilities that set her apart from other support characters like Kurumi and Justina Gu. With “Nature’s Touch,” she drops Spiritual Twigs that heal on pickup, a quick fix for herself and teammates without pausing the action. Her ultimate, “Saving Grace,” varies in effect based on its charge; it can boost recovery or even block a fatal hit, providing strategic flexibility. However, despite her strengths as a support, here, we are talking about solo matches, so it’s unsurprising that she falls behind compared to the following characters.
    Naraka bladepoint ziping yin

C Tier Characters

  • Next, in C tier, first we have Tianhai, who has more options than Kurumi. Once he catches you with his grab ability, it becomes difficult to escape him. Also, his ultimate that transforms him into a powerful Vajra lends Tianhai increased combat prowess. However, his grab is usually rather difficult to land, especially in areas with more obstacles around, and, as powerful as hist transform ult might seem on paper, it actually makes Tienhai easy to run from. One of the better abilities of Tianhai in both solo and team games is his bell ability, which is a great combo stopper, allowing you to basically reset an unfavorable engagement and then continue the fight on your own terms.
    naraka bladepoint tianhai
  • The second character whom we put in C tier is Yueshan, the Wuwei Marquis, whose ultimate allows him to chase down people better than Kurumi or Tienhai, yet it’s still not good enough of a gap-closer as it needs to be in order to be reliable. Generally, if an enemy player has some space between them and Yueshan, they’ll usually be able to outmaneuver the Wuwei Marquis with relative ease.
    naraka bladepoint yueshan
  • The third C tier character in our list, Zai, combines agility and toughness. Her “Flame Ward” skill not only boosts her speed but also shields her from attacks, offering flexibility for dodges, attacks, or escapes. This ability, though potent, requires strategic timing, ending if Zai takes offensive actions. Her “Chain Scythe” ultimate elevates her fighting capabilities, introducing a powerful weapon that enhances her attacks. As Zai lands hits, she builds up to a devastating “Chain Link” attack, delivering a series of strikes that heal her with each connection. However, her reliance on melee combat and the precise timing needed to leverage her skills fully adds a layer of challenge, and robs her of the utility required to rank her any higher.
    naraka bladepoint zai ji

Naraka Bladepoint Tier B and Tier A Characters

Moving on to the higher tiers, we have Valda Cui, Feria Shen, Temulch, and Viper Ning in B tier, and Wuchen, Takeda, Akos Hu, and Tarka Ji in A Tier.

B Tier Characters

  • Temulch is one of the best pick for team games, but in solos, he is somewhat held back by his lack of any outstanding offensive abilities. On the plus side, his tornado ultimate ability gives him a defensive disengage, allowing him to reset a fight if things start to go sideways for him. Plus, the tornado slows down any enemy players who try to go through it, potentially giving Temulch an advantage for a counterattack, or time to heal up and recover.
    naraka bladepoint temulch
  • Feria Shen specializes in long-range combat, skillfully blending speed with heavy artillery. Her “Gunplay” skill is a game-changer, allowing her to jump into action with an explosive shot that not only deals damage but also makes her untouchable for a brief moment. However, landing this shot demands accuracy. Then there’s “Mech Mayhem,” her ultimate, which sees her piloting a mech bristling with weapons. It’s a powerhouse in group fights but less so in one-on-one duels, as nimble opponents tend to dodge the barrage. Up close, she’s less formidable, struggling against melee fighters who get too close. For these reasons, despite her offensive potency, we cannot put her any higher than B tier.
    naraka bladepoint feria shen
  • Valda Cui can actually be very good in solos, but only if you are able to use her water traps, which can be challenging, especially for newer players. Also, her ultimate isn’t anything amazing. It lets you deal some free damage to the targeted enemy, but it lacks much utility outside of that. Besides, if you miss your ultimate, you are left with very limited follow-up options. Finally, she doesn’t have the greatest mobility, which is another reason why we didn’t put her any higher.
    naraka bladepoint valda cui
  • Next, Viper Ning’s main downsides are that, like Valda Cui, lacks any great movement abilities. Also, although the effects of her ultimate are great, it’s mostly easy for enemy players to escape its range before the stun is triggered. She does have potentially strong combos with her F skills, but landing them is made more difficult by her subpar movement.
    naraka bladepoint viper ning

A Tier Characters

  • Takeda is placed in A tier, recognized for his formidable 1v1 capabilities but limited by less versatile movement options compared to other characters. His skills are geared towards enhancing his combat resilience, with an F1 skill that makes him immune to focus attacks temporarily and a V1 option that enables airborne juggle combos. However, his lack of good engagement and disengagement abilities is what made keep him out of the S tier. Despite his strengths in direct combat, the character’s lack of quick and reliable movement options restricts his effectiveness in the context of solo play, hence his placement in the A tier.
    naraka bladepoint takeda nobutada
  • Tarka Ji has better movement than Takeda, but his downside is that his ultimate makes it difficult for him to disengage safely, yet, at the same time he does need to use his ult to come on top during fights. Most of the time, his way of disengaging consists of running away, which makes him an easy target for getting grapple-chained. That said, in fights, Tarka Ji is a beast, especially when his F ability is up, so if anyone is unwise enough to engage him then, he’ll most likely come on top.
    naraka bladepoint tarka ji
  • The third character we put in tier A is Wuchen, who has high survivability with his F skill that allows him to recover some of his armor. Also, one of the versions of his ultimate lets him teleport-swap wit h an enemy, which is a great combo-opener for himself and combo-breaker for the enemy player. Really, the only reason we put him in A and not S isn’t any inherent issue he has, but rather that the next characters simply outperform him most of the time.
    naraka bladepoint wuchen
  • Finally, Akos Hu secures a tha A ranking thanks to his balanced offensive and defensive skills. His Roar skill unleashes an AoE attack, damaging enemies and granting him damage reduction per hit, a boon for his survivability in the thick of battle. The Feral Frenzy ultimate further enhances Akos Hu, allowing aerial pounces and strengthening his attacks, including a health-restoring tiger strike sequence. While potent, Akos Hu competes with characters whose sheer offensive might overshadows his balanced kit. Nevertheless, his ability to adapt to combat’s ebb and flow makes him a noteworthy contender, embodying the essence of a versatile predator.
    naraka bladepoint akos hu

Naraka Bladepoint S Tier characters

Finally, we have to talk about who are in our opinion the best of the best Naraka Bladepoint characters. In S Tier, we have Justina Gu, Matari, and Yoto Hime.

  • Starting with Justina Gu, her main strength is the utility of her ult. The fist version of her ultimate ability gives the player three bursts of movement, which allows her to both chase down enemy players who are trying to escape her, and to disengage and escape a losing fight herself. Furthermore, the three bursts allow her to quickly reposition herself to gain the upper hand in a fight or fake a disengagement with the first burst, only to turn around and counterattack with the second and third. Furthermore, hitting more than one character with a dash resets the dash, potentially granting you infinite dashes for the time duration of the ability. In a game where movement is king, characters with lots of movement options like Justina Gu rightfully earn the S tier ranking.
    naraka bladepoint justina gu
  • Next, Matari is yet another character with a powerful movement-based ultimate which is a great combo-opener and perfect for chasing-down fleeing enemies. At the same time, her F ability grants her a good escape option in case a fight isn’t going her way. Furthermore, there’s a synergy between her ult and F that lets her recharge the flashes on her F much faster, helping her both offensively and defensively.
    naraka bladepoint matari
  • The next character in S tier is Yoto Hime, whose ult lets her unleash three powerful slashes in a chosen direction that deal high damage and are amazing combo-breakers. The third version of her ult also restores a bit of health and armor, so she also has decent survivability. Finally, if you are good enough with her F3 skill, that sends out a damaging and attack-blocking blade, it could serve as a highly-potent tool for baiting opponents into using their skills and for interrupting their attacks.
    naraka bladepoint yoto hime

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