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Characters in Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game, offers a diverse roster of characters, known as “Legends,” each with unique abilities and personalities. Choosing the right Legend can greatly impact your gameplay and team dynamics. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to all the characters in Apex Legends, providing descriptions of their backgrounds and abilities. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, understanding these Legends is essential for achieving victory in the arena.

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All Apex Legends

Each and every Apex Legends charcter has their own special abilities and ways of playing the game. These abilities and playstyles make the game exciting and different each time you play. For example, some legends like Wraith and Mirage are good at sneaking around and tricking their enemies, which is great for players who like to surprise and take down their opponents. On the other hand, there’s a legend called Lifeline who is like a medic, focusing on healing her team and keeping them healthy. To win, it’s important to think about how All Apex Legends work together as a team because combining their abilities can give your squad an advantage. Our breakdown of All Apex Legends below will hopefully help you choose a legend to play as, and create a team and strategy for victory in this fast-paced Hero shooter.

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All Apex Legends
All Apex Legends

1. Ash

Background: Dr. Ashleigh Reid, once Horizon’s apprentice, worked on Project Iris alongside Horizon to prove the existence of Branthium. This unique material led to betrayal and a deadly black hole mission. Mortally wounded, she chose to become a simulacrum, leaving her old identity behind. Ash’s aggressive abilities make her a formidable hunter.

  • Passive Ability – Marked for Death: Ash scans death boxes to mark surviving party members and recent death box locations on the map.
  • Tactical Ability – Arc Snare: Ash throws a snare that tethers and damages enemies who get too close.
  • Ultimate Ability – Phase Breach: Ash creates a one-way portal in the direction she faces by tearing into a dimensional wall.

Playstyle: Ash is a versatile legend, excelling in mobility and tactical positioning. She’s perfect for scouting, flanking, and repositioning her team.

Advice: Utilize Marked for Death to locate and engage surviving enemies. Deploy Arc Snares strategically to control choke points and protect your squad. Master Phase Breach for unexpected repositioning and flanking.

2. Ballistic

Background: August Montgomery Brinkman, once an Apex Games superstar, retired and retreated into solitude. He returns to the games to save his son, Nathaniel, from a similar fate. Ballistic excels at combat and winning.

  • Passive Ability – Sling: Ballistic stores a third weapon in his sling, accessible via inventory. The sling weapon cannot take attachments.
  • Tactical Ability – Whistler: Ballistic shoots a projectile that overheats enemy guns, causing damage.
  • Ultimate Ability – Tempest: Activating this ability grants nearby teammates faster reloads, move speed, and infinite ammo. Ballistic’s sling weapon becomes gold-tier.

Playstyle: Ballistic is a precise and versatile legend, specializing in long-range combat. He’s perfect for players who prefer accuracy and precision.

Advice: Manage your sling weapon wisely, considering the situation. Use Whistler to disrupt enemy shooters and gain an advantage in gunfights. Activate Tempest strategically to boost your team’s performance in crucial engagements.

3. Bangalore

Background: Anita Williams, separated from her family during a military mission, enters the Apex Games to raise funds to find them. She’s a damage archetype and excels in taking out groups of enemies.

  • Passive Ability – Double Time: When taking enemy fire, Bangalore gains increased movement speed for a brief period.
  • Tactical Ability – Smoke Launcher: Bangalore hurls a smoke grenade that explodes on impact, obscuring vision and creating cover.
  • Ultimate Ability – Rolling Thunder: Bangalore calls in an artillery strike to deal damage across the battlefield.

Playstyle: Bangalore is a versatile legend who’s great at both offense and defense. Her abilities are perfect for disrupting enemies and providing cover for her squad.

Advice: Trigger Double Time to evade enemy fire effectively. Utilize Smoke Launcher for disorientation and cover. Coordinate Rolling Thunder with your squad to control choke points or zone enemies.

4. Bloodhound

Background: Bloodhound’s true identity is shrouded in mystery, with rumors ranging from incredible wealth to a past life as a slave. They are known as a technological tracker, fitting their hunter playstyle. If you love the thrill of the hunt and seek to eliminate your prey in the Outlands, Bloodhound is your choice.

  • Passive Ability – Tracker: Bloodhound can see enemy footprints, allowing you to track foes and gain the upper hand.
  • Tactical Ability – Eye of the Allfather: This ability reveals hidden enemies, traps, and clues across the terrain, making it easier to line up crucial shots.
  • Ultimate Ability – Beast of the Hunt: Activate this ultimate to move faster and highlight your prey, giving you a significant advantage in the hunt.

Playstyle: Bloodhound excels at tracking and ambushing enemies. Use their abilities to gather information and make calculated strikes. Be aggressive in pursuing targets.

Advice: Make the most of Tracker to follow enemy movements. Use Eye of the Allfather to scout areas and check for lurking threats. Activate Beast of the Hunt when engaging or chasing down enemies for swift takedowns.

5. Catalyst

Background: Tressa, a self-proclaimed misfit, finds solace in witchery, rituals, and moon readings. She is a defensive legend skilled in holding ground and denying enemy advances using her ferrofluid technology.

  • Passive Ability – Barricade: Reinforce doors to strengthen and lock them, hindering enemy progress. You can also reinforce spaces where doors have been destroyed.
  • Tactical Ability – Piercing Spikes: Deploy ferrofluid patches that turn into spikes near enemies. Catalyst remains immune to enemy spikes.
  • Ultimate Ability – Dark Veil: Create a permeable wall of ferrofluid that slows and partially blinds enemies passing through it.

Playstyle: Catalyst is a defensive powerhouse. Use her abilities to control choke points and protect your squad from enemy advances.

Advice: Strategically reinforce doors to control the flow of engagements. Place Piercing Spikes near potential ambush points. Deploy Dark Veil to disrupt enemy movement during critical moments.

6. Caustic

Background: Alexander Nox, once a scientist, underwent a transformation after testing a potent gas formula on himself. Now known as Caustic, he’s a tank legend focused on poison and gas attacks.

  • Passive Ability – Nox Vision: Caustic can see through his gas attacks, gaining an advantage in disorienting foes.
  • Tactical Ability – Nox Gas Trap: Deploy gas-filled canisters that detonate when shot or triggered by enemies, creating toxic zones.
  • Ultimate Ability – Nox Gas Grenade: Release a large puff of toxic smoke across a wide area to disrupt and damage enemies.

Playstyle: Caustic excels at area denial and crowd control. Use his gas traps to control choke points and obscure vision.

Advice: Strategically place gas traps in confined spaces or near loot areas to catch enemies off guard. Deploy Nox Gas Grenade during intense fights to create chaos and confusion.

7. Conduit

Background: Conduit fights in the Apex tournaments to support her family after their country let them down. She’s a true support legend, offering shields, speed boosts to allies, and an ultimate that can turn the tide of battle.

  • Passive Ability – Savior’s Speed: Gain a speed boost when running toward a teammate out of your tactical ability range.
  • Tactical Ability – Radiant Transfer: Send a surge of energy to a teammate, generating temporary shields for them and Conduit when danger approaches.
  • Ultimate Ability – Energy Barricade: Deploy shield-jamming devices that damage and slow enemies, providing valuable support to your team.

Playstyle: Conduit is a dedicated support legend, focused on protecting and assisting her squad. Prioritize team survival and control.

Advice: Use Savior’s Speed to quickly assist teammates in danger. Activate Radiant Transfer to provide shields during engagements. Deploy Energy Barricade strategically to disrupt enemy movements and protect your team.

8. Crypto

Background: Crypto, the hacker-turned-fugitive, joins Bloodhound as Apex Legend’s other tracker. He utilizes aerial drones to scout the terrain and keep an eye out for foes in the Apex Arena.

  • Passive Ability – Neurolink: While using your Surveillance Drone, enemies within 30 meters of the team are marked for everyone to see. This ability provides valuable reconnaissance information to your squad.
  • Tactical Ability – Surveillance Drone: Take flight with a surveillance drone to scan the surrounding area for hostile teams. Use this ability to gather intel, locate enemy positions, and plan your engagements.
  • Ultimate Ability – Drone EMP: Detonate your drone to emit an EMP blast that deals shield damage, staggers enemies, and disables traps. This ability is excellent for disrupting enemy defenses and providing your team with a tactical advantage.

Playstyle: Crypto excels at providing information and disrupting enemy plans. Play strategically, stay close to your team, and use your abilities to gain the upper hand.

Advice: Coordinate with your squad to make the most of Neurolink’s enemy marking. Deploy your Surveillance Drone to scout ahead and gather intel safely. Save Drone EMP for crucial moments when you need to disable enemy defenses.

9. Fuse

Background: Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy, the bone cage champion of Salvo, left his planet behind to compete in the Apex Games. As a mercenary with expertise in ballistics and explosives, Fuse is a damage dealer.

  • Passive Ability – Grenadier: Fuse can stack grenades in piles of two, allowing for more firepower. He can also launch grenades using his arm cannon, increasing their speed, range, and accuracy.
  • Tactical Ability – Knuckle Cluster: Launch a cluster bomb that inflicts damage on impact before splitting into smaller explosives. Be cautious of self-damage when using this ability.
  • Ultimate Ability – The Motherlode: Launch a mid-air mortar that encircles the target in a wall of flame. This explosive deals damage after a brief delay.
  • Playstyle: Fuse excels at dealing damage and controlling engagements. Be aggressive in combat and use grenades strategically to disrupt enemy positions.

Advice: Utilize Grenadier to carry extra grenades and deliver explosive attacks. Deploy Knuckle Cluster to create chaos and control choke points. Use The Motherlode to force enemies out of cover or finish weakened foes.

10. Gibraltar

Background: Gibraltar, also known as the “wild, but gentle giant,” has a strong sense of responsibility and protection. He strives to make amends for past mistakes, including a mudslide incident that cost his father an arm.

  • Passive Ability – Gun Shield: Aiming down sights with Gibraltar grants a gun shield that blocks incoming fire, providing extra protection in combat.
  • Tactical Ability – Dome of Protection: Deploy a dome-shaped shield that offers 15 seconds of protection, useful for blocking doorways or providing cover during engagements.
  • Ultimate Ability – Defensive Bombardment: Call for air support to unleash a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position, dealing significant damage to enemies.

Playstyle: Gibraltar is a defensive legend focused on protecting his squad. Play as the team’s frontline tank and use your abilities to create safe zones.

Advice: Make the most of Gun Shield to absorb incoming damage during fights. Use Dome of Protection to shield your squad from enemy fire or revive teammates safely. Deploy Defensive Bombardment to control an area or disrupt enemy positions.

11. Horizon

Background: Dr. Mary Somers, known as Horizon, is an astrophysicist and gravitational expert from Olympus. After being stranded near a black hole for 87 years, she returns to Olympus to find her son. Her abilities revolve around gravity manipulation.

  • Passive Ability – Spacewalk: Horizon’s custom spacesuit enhances air control and reduces fall impacts, providing superior mobility.
  • Tactical Ability – Gravity Lift: Reverse gravity’s flow to lift players upwards and boost them outwards when they exit the lift. Use this for vertical mobility and evasive maneuvers.
  • Ultimate Ability – Black Hole: Deploy NEWT to create a micro black hole that pulls players towards it and delivers a gravitational blast. This ability disrupts enemy positions and sets up easy kills.

Playstyle: Horizon offers exceptional mobility and crowd control. Play aggressively, control high ground, and disrupt enemy plans.

Advice: Take advantage of Spacewalk’s enhanced mobility for positioning and escaping danger. Use Gravity Lift for vertical escapes or ambushes. Deploy Black Hole strategically to disorient and eliminate enemies.

12. Lifeline

Background: Ajay Che, known as Lifeline, is a healer with a strong sense of morality. She left her wealthy family of war profiteers after realizing the harm they caused. Lifeline dedicates her Apex Games winnings to charitable causes.

  • Passive Ability – Combat Medic: Lifeline deploys her D.O.C. drone to revive downed teammates. Previously, this ability had a protective shield, but it was removed in Season 9.
  • Tactical Ability – D.O.C. Heal Drone: Lifeline summons the Drone of Compassion, which automatically heals nearby teammates over a short duration. Use this ability to provide critical healing during combat.
  • Ultimate Ability – Care Package: Lifeline’s Ultimate Ability calls a drop pod containing high-quality defensive gear. It’s best used between fights or in late-game situations to bolster your squad’s arsenal.

Playstyle: Lifeline is a dedicated support legend. Play a protective and nurturing role within your squad, focusing on healing and providing essential supplies.

Advice: Prioritize reviving teammates with your D.O.C. Heal Drone during engagements. Deploy Care Package strategically to secure valuable gear. Stay close to your squad to ensure you can provide immediate assistance.

13. Loba

Background: Loba is a master thief with teleportation and loot-stealing abilities. She is a resourceful and cunning legend.

  • Passive Ability – Eye for Quality: Loba can see nearby epic and legendary loot through walls, making her an excellent looter.
  • Tactical Ability – Burglar’s Best Friend: Use Loba’s Jump Drive Bracelet to teleport to hard-to-reach places or escape danger quickly. This ability provides mobility and evasion.
  • Ultimate Ability – Black Market Boutique: Deploy a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. This ability is great for securing valuable items for your squad.

Playstyle: Loba is a versatile legend with a focus on looting and mobility. Play aggressively when securing high-quality loot and use teleportation to outmaneuver enemies.

Advice: Use Eye for Quality to identify valuable loot quickly. Master the Jump Drive Bracelet’s teleportation for evasive maneuvers and surprise attacks. Deploy Black Market Boutique strategically to gather loot efficiently.

14. Mad Maggie

Background: Mad Maggie, forced to participate in the Apex Games by the Syndicate, is known for chaos and explosions. She brings destruction wherever she goes.

  • Passive Ability – Warlord’s Ire: Temporarily highlight enemies you’ve damaged and gain increased movement speed with shotguns. This ability supports aggressive play.
  • Tactical Ability – Riot Drill: Launch a drill that burns through obstacles and damages enemies. Use this ability to control choke points and disrupt enemy positions.
  • Ultimate Ability – Wrecking Ball: Throw a ball that releases speed-boosting pads and detonates near enemies. This ability creates chaos and provides mobility.

Playstyle: Mad Maggie is a chaotic and aggressive legend. Play aggressively, disrupt enemy formations, and capitalize on your enhanced shotgun capabilities.

Advice: Utilize Warlord’s Ire to track damaged enemies and finish them off. Deploy Riot Drill to create barriers and control engagements. Use Wrecking Ball for rapid repositioning and surprise attacks.

15. Mirage

Background: Elliot Witt, known as Mirage, relies on stealth tactics and decoy illusions to outwit opponents. He’s a master of misdirection.

  • Passive Ability – Now You See Me…: When struck down by an enemy, Mirage deploys a decoy and cloaks himself for five seconds. He also cloaks when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates.
  • Tactical Ability – Psyche Out: Send a decoy running in a chosen direction to confuse opponents. Control the decoy’s direction by pressing the utility action button.
  • Ultimate Ability – Vanishing Act: Deploy a team of decoys to distract enemies and cloak yourself. This ultimate creates confusion and enables escapes.

Playstyle: Mirage excels at deception and evading enemies. Play a hit-and-run style, confusing foes and repositioning when necessary.

Advice: Make use of Now You See Me… to escape dangerous situations. Deploy Psyche Out to distract and mislead opponents during engagements. Activate Vanishing Act when you need to disappear and regroup.

16. Newcastle

Background: Jackson Williams, also known as Newcastle, competes in the Apex Games to pay off his town’s debts and eliminate organized crime threats. He serves as a protector and shield for his teammates.

  • Passive Ability – Retrieve the Wounded: While reviving downed allies, you can drag them to safety and protect them with the Revive Shield.
  • Tactical Ability – Mobile Shield: Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield, providing mobile cover for your squad.
  • Ultimate Ability – Castle Wall: Leap to an ally or target area, creating a fortified stronghold. This ability offers strong defensive capabilities.

Playstyle: Newcastle is a defensive legend focused on protecting and shielding teammates. Play as a frontline protector, ensuring the safety of your squad.

Advice: Use Retrieve the Wounded to safely revive teammates and protect them from enemy fire. Deploy Mobile Shield strategically to provide cover during engagements or revives. Activate Castle Wall to fortify positions and block enemy advances.

17. Octane

Background: Octane, a former member of a wealthy family, turned to a life of adrenaline-pumping stunts for excitement. He lost his legs in a grenade stunt, leading to his cybernetic limbs. Octane is known for his thrill-seeking personality.

  • Passive Ability – Swift Mend: Octane gradually regenerates health over time, making him resilient in combat.
  • Tactical Ability – Stim: Octane injects himself with a stimulant, trading health for increased speed. Use this ability to quickly reposition, dodge enemies, or rush opponents.
  • Ultimate Ability – Launch Pad: Octane deploys a Launch Pad that catapults him and teammates into the air. This ability is excellent for repositioning, escaping, or initiating fights from elevated positions.

Playstyle: Octane is an agile legend suited for aggressive play. Utilize his speed to engage, disengage, and outmaneuver opponents.

Advice: Monitor your health while using Stim to avoid excessive damage. Use Launch Pad strategically to gain high ground or surprise enemies.

18. Pathfinder

Background: Pathfinder is an optimistic robot on a quest to find his creator. He’s a Recon legend with a focus on exploration and mobility.

  • Passive Ability – Insider Knowledge: Pathfinder can scan survey beacons to reveal the next ring’s location, aiding your squad’s positioning.
  • Tactical Ability – Grappling Hook: Pathfinder deploys a grappling hook to traverse terrain quickly. This ability provides excellent mobility and repositioning.
  • Ultimate Ability – Zipline Gun: Pathfinder places a zipline that allows rapid movement for both teammates and enemies. Create escape routes or reposition your squad.

Playstyle: Pathfinder excels at scouting and assisting teammates with mobility. Play a supportive role, helping your squad with positioning and relocations.

Advice: Use Insider Knowledge to plan your squad’s movement ahead. Master the Grappling Hook for swift escapes and flanks. Deploy Zipline Gun strategically to maintain control over the map.

19. Rampart

Background: Rampart, an expert modder, enters the Apex Games to support her team and enhance their firepower. She’s known for her minigun, Sheila, and her ability to create cover.

  • Tactical Ability – Amped Cover: Build full-cover walls that block incoming shots and boost outgoing damage. Use these walls for defense and cover during engagements.
  • Passive Ability – Modded Loader: Rampart gains increased magazine capacity and faster reloads with LMGs and the Minigun. This passive improves her firepower.
  • Ultimate Ability – Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”: Deploy Sheila, a mounted machine gun that anyone can use. It has high ammo capacity but a long reload time. Use it to control areas and suppress enemies.

Playstyle: Rampart is a defensive legend specializing in cover and firepower. Play a supportive role, fortifying positions and providing firepower for your team.

Advice: Build Amped Cover strategically to control choke points. Utilize Modded Loader to maximize LMG effectiveness. Place Sheila in advantageous positions to dominate firefights.

20. Revenant

Background: Revenant, a synthetic assassin, seeks vengeance against Hammond Robotics for turning him into a machine. He is known for his deadly and sinister abilities.

  • Passive Ability – Assassin’s Instinct: Enemies on low health automatically reveal their positions during fights. Revenant can crouch walk faster and has improved wall climbing.
  • Tactical Ability – Shadow Pounce: Revenant leaps forward in a straight line, with the distance determined by how long you hold the ability button. It’s ideal for quickly closing gaps.
  • Ultimate Ability – Forged Shadows: Revenant equips a 75HP Shadow Shroud that acts as armor on his upper torso. The armor lasts for 25 seconds, resetting the cooldown upon landing a kill.

Playstyle: Revenant is an aggressive and disruptive legend. Play as a frontliner, using your abilities to weaken enemies and secure kills.

Advice: Exploit Assassin’s Instinct to finish off low-health enemies. Use Shadow Pounce for swift engages and escapes. Activate Forged Shadows to gain a combat advantage and push aggressively.

21. Seer

Background: Seer, born under a bad omen, became an outcast due to his cursed reputation. He joined the Apex Games to represent outcasts and express his unique abilities.

  • Passive Ability – Heart Seeker: Seer can pinpoint nearby enemy players’ locations within 75m while aiming down sights, providing valuable recon information.
  • Tactical Ability – Focus of Attention: Send micro-drones in a cone to disrupt enemy abilities and reveal their positions through walls. Interrupt enemy cooldowns with this ability.
  • Ultimate Ability – Exhibit: Create a dome of micro-drones that reveals sprinting or firing enemies within its radius. Use this to control areas and gain a tactical advantage.

Playstyle: Seer is a Recon legend focused on reconnaissance and disruption. Play as a supportive scout, providing valuable information to your squad.

Advice: Utilize Heart Seeker for early enemy detection and tracking. Deploy Focus of Attention to disrupt enemy abilities and gain a tactical edge. Use Exhibit to control key areas and gather information.

22. Valkyrie

Background: Valkyrie, Kairi ‘Valkyrie’ Imahara, is the daughter of Viper, a renowned pilot from Titanfall 2. She created a jetpack from her father’s Northstar Titan remnants and joined the Apex Games to honor his legacy.

  • Passive Ability – VTOL Jets: Valkyrie can hover in the air briefly using VTOL jets by holding the jump button. This provides tactical advantages during fights.
  • Tactical Ability – Missile Swarm: Launch 12 mini-rockets to damage and stun nearby enemies. Use this to disrupt opponents and create openings in engagements.
  • Ultimate Ability – Skyward Dive: Valkyrie’s ultimate allows her and her team to launch into the air and skydive to a new location. It provides rapid repositioning and tactical advantages.

Playstyle: Valkyrie is a highly mobile legend with vertical mobility. Play as a versatile scout, using her abilities for recon, repositioning, and surprise attacks.

Advice: Master VTOL Jets for aerial mobility and evasive maneuvers. Use Jet-Fighter HUD for early-game awareness. Employ Missile Swarm for crowd control and disrupting enemy positions.

23. Vantage

Background: Mara, known as Vantage, joins the Apex Games to raise awareness about her mother’s false imprisonment. She combines survival skills and precision shooting to dominate the competition.

  • Passive Ability – Spotter’s Lens: Aim down sights with mid to long-range scopes to scout and use a bullet drop indicator for precise shots.
  • Tactical Ability – Echo Relocation: Position your winged companion, Echo, and then launch toward him. Maintain line of sight with Echo to execute the launch.
  • Ultimate Ability – Sniper’s Mark: Use a custom sniper rifle to mark enemy targets and provide a damage bonus to you and your team.

Playstyle: Vantage is a precise marksman legend. Play as a long-range sniper, providing cover fire and picking off enemies from a distance.

Advice: Utilize Spotter’s Lens for accurate long-range shots. Coordinate with your team by marking high-value targets using Sniper’s Mark.

24. Wattson

Background: Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette, an enthusiastic engineer, helped build the Modified Containment Ring for the Apex Games. She’s the daughter of the Games’ lead electrical engineer.

  • Passive Ability – Spark of Genius: Wattson’s passive allows Ultimate Accelerants to fully charge her ultimate ability. Standing near her Interception Pylon boosts tactical ability recharge rate.
  • Tactical Ability – Perimeter Security: Wattson deploys electrified fences to damage and slow enemies. Use these fences for area denial and protection.
  • Ultimate Ability – Interception Pylon: Call in the Interception Pylon to destroy incoming ordnance and repair damaged shields. It provides invaluable protection during fights.

Playstyle: Wattson is a defensive legend focused on area control and support. Play as a defensive anchor, fortifying positions and protecting your squad.

Advice: Utilize Spark of Genius to maintain strong defensive capabilities. Position Perimeter Security strategically to block enemy advances. Call in Interception Pylon to protect your squad from incoming threats.

25. Wraith

Background: Wraith, a mysterious and enigmatic legend, possesses the ability to traverse dimensions. Little is known about her origins, but she’s a master of stealth and mobility.

  • Passive Ability – Voices from the Void: Wraith’s passive alerts her when danger approaches, making her an excellent scout. Distinguish her voice lines from team comms.
  • Tactical Ability – Into the Void: Wraith can become invulnerable and invisible for a brief time while using her tactical ability. Use it for repositioning, escaping, or ambushing.
  • Ultimate Ability – Dimensional Rift: Wraith creates a portal that allows rapid travel across the map for her squad and enemies. It’s perfect for quick rotations and escapes.

Playstyle: Wraith is a stealthy and mobile legend. Play as a scout and flanker, utilizing her abilities for map control and surprising enemies.

Advice: Use Voices from the Void to stay vigilant and warn your team of nearby threats. Master Into the Void for evasive maneuvers and escapes. Coordinate with your squad using Dimensional Rift for quick relocations.

All Legends in Apex – Classes overview

All Legends in Apex are categorized into classes, each tailored to a specific role within the squad. Whether you’re an aggressive frontline warrior, a stealthy strategist, a supportive healer, or a versatile all-rounder, there’s a Legend class to suit your preferred playstyle. In this section, we’ll delve into the classes of Apex Legends, offering insights into their characteristics and the Legends that define them.

All Legends in Apex - Classes overview
All Legends in Apex – Classes overview


These legends excel in combat and are equipped with abilities to thrive in the midst of battle. They can open secret compartments in Weapon Supply Bins for attachments and carry more ammo in a single inventory slot.

LegendDescriptionRelease DatePlaystyle
BangaloreProfessional Soldier04 Feb 2019Aggressive, Fast-paced
FuseBombastic Explosives Expert02 Feb 2021Explosive, Area Denial
AshIncisive Instigator02 Nov 2021Strategic, Disruptive
Mad MaggieRebel Warlord08 Feb 2022Chaotic, Creative
BallisticRefined Gunslinger09 May 2023Precise, Methodical


Skirmisher legends possess abilities that help them maneuver in and out of fights effectively. They can see the contents of Care Packages from a distance and identify looted items.

LegendDescriptionRelease DatePlaystyle
PathfinderForward Scout04 Feb 2019Mobile, Explorer
WraithInterdimensional Skirmisher04 Feb 2019Elusive, Infiltrator
OctaneHigh-Speed Daredevil19 Mar 2019Energetic, Risk-taker
RevenantSynthetic Nightmare04 Feb 2020Aggressive, Ruthless
HorizonGravitational Manipulator04 Nov 2020Tactical, Manipulative
ValkyrieWinged Avenger04 May 2021Aerial, Team-oriented


Recon legends specialize in scouting and gathering enemy intel. They can interact with Survey Beacons to reveal enemy positions on the minimap.

LegendDescriptionRelease DatePlaystyle
BloodhoundTechnological Tracker04 Feb 2019Tracking, Aggressive
CryptoSurveillance Expert01 Oct 2019Tactical, Intel Operative
SeerAmbush Artist03 Aug 2021Strategic, Disruptive
VantageSniper Savant09 Aug 2022Precision, Sharpshooter


Support legends focus on protecting, reviving, and resupplying squadmates. They can open secret compartments in Extended Supply Bins and enable the use of Replicators to craft respawn banner cards.

LegendDescriptionRelease DatePlaystyle
GibraltarShielded Fortress04 Feb 2019Defensive, Team Protector
LifelineCombat Medic04 Feb 2019Supportive, Medic
MirageHolographic Trickster04 Feb 2019Deceptive, Trickster
LobaTranslocating Thief12 May 2020Opportunistic, Looter
NewcastleHeroic Defender10 May 2022Protective, Defensive
ConduitShield Healer31 Oct 2023Supportive, Energy-based


Controller legends have abilities to fortify locations or trap enemies. They can interact with Ring Consoles to reveal the next Ring’s location.

LegendDescriptionRelease DatePlaystyle
CausticToxic Trapper04 Feb 2019Defensive, Area Control
WattsonStatic Defender02 Jul 2019Defensive, Strategic
RampartAmped Modder18 Aug 2020Defensive, Tactician
CatalystDefensive Conjurer01 Nov 2022Disruptive, Defensive

These tables should provide a comprehensive overview of each legend’s role, along with their release date, description and playstyle.

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