Best Simulation Games for Mac

Some of us play games to escape reality, while others do it to engage with reality in new and interesting ways. The simulation games genre isn’t for those seeking to fight dragons with explosive spells or gun down mutants with alien weaponry. But if you are the type of person who likes the idea of meticulously taking care of a sprawling farm without breaking a sweat or flying a Boeing 747 from the comfort of your home, then this part of our site is for you because it’s where you’ll find the best simulation games for Mac.

Latest Simulation Games

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    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Microsoft Flight Simulator (the 40th Anniversary Edition) drops you into the cockpit of a real-life aircraft and provides a level of detail that could make a Swiss watchmaker nod in appreciation. The game’s not just about whizzing from point A to B. It’s a proper simulation where you must balance fuel, monitor weather conditions, and pay attention to loads of other variables. 

    The world of Microsoft Flight Simulator is the world that we live in, literally. It’s a sandbox that spans the globe and uses satellite data and Azure AI to render every hill, city, and river with jaw-dropping realism.

    The graphics of MSFS could have you confuse your screen for an airplane window with its stunningly lifelike atmospheric effects and textures. The real-time weather system isn’t just for eye candy flair but a gameplay mechanic that will affect flight dynamics and add a layer of challenge grounded in realism. The commitment to realism and the educational curve really make MSFS stand out. The game teaches you the ropes of piloting in a realistic manner and at the same time sends you on a delightful visual tour of Earth from the cockpit.

    GameMicrosoft Flight Simulator
    macOS supportNo
    Alternative methods to play on MacXbox Cloud (40th anniversary edition)
    Platforms and operational systemsWindows, Xbox Series X/S,
    GenreSimulation, Flight, Open World
    Modding supportYes (lots of official addons)
    Performance on Mac (local workaround methods) (The game runs on mid and high-range Macs, but is nearly unplayable on weaker or older Macs)