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how to install big sur 11.2 mac

MacOS Big Sur 11.2 – What we know so far 

macOS Big Sur 11.2 is an upcoming macOS update, and it is set to primarily bring under-the-hood improvements, focusing on resolving lingering macOS issues from earlier versions. macOS Big Sur is still in development and is currently only available for beta testers and developers. In the following article, we will…

best games for mac in 2021

Top 11 Best Games For Mac 2021 

When talking about gaming, few people would think of gaming on Mac, which is quite understandable seeing as how Mac computers aren’t particularly well-suited for this type of activity. That being said, Mac machines, especially some newer models, can offer some hardware potential that would allow them to run a…

how to use stadia on mac
Mac How To

How to use Google Stadia on Mac 

To use Google Stadia on Mac, all you need is a Google account, the Google Chrome browser, and a good Internet connection. Google Stadia can be used on any Mac that meets the minimum system requirements for the service. With the advancement of technology and hardware and with the increasing…

problem downloading mac os big sur
Mac How To

macOS Big Sur Won’t Download 

A number of mac users have been reporting problems when they try to download macOS Catalina from the App Store. According to them, Catalina simply won’t download and just shows a progress bar with a message that says “Calculating…”. macOS Big Sur won’t download fix The Software Update section in…