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Google Toolbox For Mac 

Google Toolbox for Mac Update 2020 I just saw this by way of Arstechnica. For those of you interested in Mac programming, Google has released Google Toolbox for Mac, an open source project that provides code samples and utility code for a variety of programming functions. It’s…


How Much is a MacBook 2020 

Apple fans are always on the lookout for the latest product, what’s new in every new release of their favorite line of smartphones or computers, and how they can get their hands on them as quickly as possible. But with Apple products especially, cost is…


What is Turbo Boost on Mac? 

Turbo Boost Explained For several years now, since 2008 to be precise, Apple has been producing Mac computers with a remarkable feature called Turbo Boost. This is a trademark Intel technology that serves the purpose of increasing a computer’s performance and it may also reduce…


New Poll: Social Networking 

There seems to have been an explosion in the number of social networking sites, this list of active sites on wikipedia would suggest many people use these tools. These range from the business oriented to others catering for music, movies, students etc. but which do you use…


Tutorial: Performance and Time. 

Before continuing with the performance tutorial (which I promise will start back up very soon), there is one important topic to discuss; specifically, timing routines. In order to have an understanding of how changes in code affect performance you need to have a metric of…