5 Ways to Make Your Mac Safer for Crypto Trading



The crypto space is undoubtedly full of rewards and risks in equal measure. You might have heard about the rise in cryptojacking software for macOS, which causes crypto traders to get hacked and lose their digital coins. If you are already in this space, follow these tips to make your Mac safer for crypto trading and avoid losses. 

Create a Secure Trading Station 

If you usually use your Mac for other things, consider coming up with a new, clean user account with no administrative rights. You can use the new user account to buy Bitcoin, manage your wallets, and perform all other crypto trading activities. Consider keeping the account clean by avoiding installing other software tools on it. Have all your trading-related passwords stored in an encrypted file or a secure password wallet. If you are using a browser, opt for a secure one like Chrome and update it accordingly. 

Secure Your Mac From Malware and Other Virus Attacks 

Make sure your computer has anti-malware protection to shield it from being hacked. Consider installing a free virus protection, Bit Defender for MacOS, and updating it accordingly. Your anti-malware should have robust features that can block thousands of tracking servers, malware servers, and ad servers that can hijack your Mac system through ad banners.  It is also important to update your MacOS software regularly to keep it functioning optimally. 

Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 

On top of having strong Passwords, make use of two-factor authentication (2FA)for maximum security. Go for the strongest type of 2FA that your platform can support, such as Yubikey or authentication apps like Duo Security and Google Authenticator. If you want to use SMS-based 2FA, ensure that you receive a one-time code on your device every moment you log in. This will help ensure that no one accesses your crypto trading account even if they steal your password. If you buy a new Mac, remember to deactivate the 2FA on all platforms using the old device and instantly re-activate it with the new computer. 

Stay Smart and Cautious 

Avoid accessing your crypto trading account on free WiFi without any form of protection, like a VPN. To avoid mistyping URLs, create a shortcut on your browser for accessing your trading platform. 

Also, avoid clicking on suspicious links that can get you into phishing sites where hackers are ready to capture your credentials. Restrain from downloading applications from unverified sources or testing a new crypto trading app you saw on social media. Most importantly, don’t make yourself a target by posting screenshots of your crypto blockfolio or trading balance on social media and messenger groups. 

If you engage on multiple trading platforms, log in with different email addresses when registering. Don’t fall for tricks from hackers who pose as tech support to get your account credentials. 

Invest in a Cold Storage Wallet

One of the best ways to safeguard your cryptocurrencies is to store them in a cold storage wallet. This will help protect your digital money in case hackers access an exchange platform to take coins. Some exchanges go out of business, causing investors and crypto traders to suffer losses. A cold storage wallet can protect your coins from that. 

Some cryptos can not be stored in specific wallets, so you’ll have to invest in a wallet that can accommodate the crypto coins you are interested in. It is also safer to distribute the cryptos in multiple wallets.

As much as you can reap from crypto trading, the risks involved can be dire if preventive measures are not taken to secure your investment. Take the necessary steps today to shield your Mac from cryptojacking.  

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