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shroud wood enshrouded
Mac How To

Enshrouded: Shroud Wood 

As the name would suggest, the Shroud Wood in Enshrouded is gathered from trees that are within the shrouded areas of the map. This means you’ll have to venture into the deadly fog in order to gather the valuable resource. There are many good places to farm Shroud Wood even…

Enshrouded Resin
Mac How To

Resin in Enshrouded 

How to get Resin in Enshrouded Looking for the best way to get resin in Enshrouded? There are several ways to get this common, yet valuable, resources in the game. You can break open boxes and pots, and they will sometimes drop a bit of Resin, but by far the…

metal scraps enshrouded
Mac How To

Ensrouded Metal Scraps 

Metal Scraps in Enshrouded are one of the main resources you’ll need for crafting tools, gear, armor, and weapons, and for improving your base. Usually, metal scraps are pretty easy to come by, but sometimes you may need a lot of them at once, so this guide will help you…

amber locations enshrouded
Mac How To

Amber Locations in Enshrouded 

If you’ve already played Enshrouded for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the Amber resource has started to become more and more important and valuable the more you progress through the game. In the earlier stages of Enshrouded, Amber doesn’t play such a significant role, but once you start transitioning…

palworld breeding combos
Mac How To

Palworld Breeding Combos 

How to get the Best Palworld breeding combos One of the core mechanics in Palworld is the ability to breed your captured Pals to get new ones – quite literally, the birds and the bees story. But since there are so many different Pals in the game, like Jormuntide, Blazamut,…

how to get wool in palworld
Mac How To

How To Get Wool In Palworld 

In the world of Palworld, just like many survival games, you won’t find a detailed guide that holds your hand through every step of the journey. There’s no map that tells you where every resource is hidden either. However, when it comes to how to get Wool in Palworld, you’re…