How to Use Mobile Proxies for Social Media



Do you know that 4.9 billion people are using social now? And this number is growing fast. This is absolutely insane. That’s why marketing on social is not an option anymore. It’s a must.

In this blog post, we will share tips on how to level up your social media presence with the help of mobile proxies. Many marketers buy mobile proxy for social media use. Why do they do this? Let’s find out step by step. 

1. Manage Many Accounts from One Device

Very often, when marketers run social media campaigns, they need proxies. For example, if your company is based in the USA and you hire someone in the Philippines to manage your social media account, you’ll need to purchase US proxies.

It will decrease the chance of your accounts getting banned. Facebook and Twitter are extremely sensitive to the location from where you log in. So keep this in mind. 

Moreover, mobile proxies make it possible for your social media manager to connect all the devices from the Apple ecosystem to one IP address. This can make things a lot simpler and easier.

2. Overcome Restrictions That Are Emposed by Your Geolocation 

This is another great benefit that you can enjoy with mobile proxies. Almost all social media networks track the IP address you log into your accounts.

Some locations are restricted by social networks. It means it is impossible to do some things if you use social media networks in those locations.

Luckily, you can overcome this issue with the help of proxies. Make sure you purchase proxies of the needed country and are ready to go. 

Mobile proxies give marketers a great option to connect all their social accounts that they need to manage and use the location where their target audience resides. This can give you various insights that can help you improve your marketing. 

3. Do Competitor’s Research with Mobile Proxies

Why not use mobile proxies for your competitor’s research and research of your target audience? They are an excellent tool for this. Social media networks work similarly to Google. Here’s what we mean. If you put the keyword in Google in the US and then put the same keyword in Italy, Google will show you different results.

The same is true for social media. When you use social media from the target country you need, they will start bringing more data relevant to that geolocation. It can be invaluable for marketing insights. If you are a tech company that sells devices, you may want to analyze Apple and its strategy on social networks. 

How does Apple approach social media marketing? You’ll be surprised to find out. 

4. Bypass Anti-Spam and Anti-Bot Policies from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

All these social media platforms have very strict policies to make their communities better. Facebook even criticizes app tracking transparency for IOS.  

On the one hand, this is great that they have such strict policies. However, on the other hand, this can be challenging if you want to manage several social media accounts from one place. These networks can potentially ban your accounts. This is not what you really want. That’s the drawback of these strict policies that they have. 

How can you deal with it? The answer is mobile proxies. Purchase quality mobile proxies of your choice with the needed geolocations. Then set them up in a proper way that will meet your unique needs. Voila. You are ready to manage several social media accounts from one IP address without the risk of being banned. You can use iCloud storage as a part of the Apple ecosystem for storing pictures and texts for social. 

5. Perform Ad Verification of Your Social Ads to Make Sure They Are Displayed Properly

The last thing you want is to drain your ad budget on ads that are not shown properly, right? What is the solution? Take advantage of mobile proxies to verify how your ads are shown before you launch a full-scale social ads campaign. It can save you tons of cash. 

With the help of mobile proxies, you’ll be able to switch to different locations and check how your ads look in different countries. All smart marketers do this before they go all in with their advertisement budget. 

Finally, if you are using IOS, don’t forget to check how to configure mobile proxies properly. 

6. Use Mobile Proxies Together with Other Social Media Management Tools

Use proxies in combination with handy social media management tools like HootSuite or Metricool to get the most effective results.

These scheduling tools enable you to schedule all your monthly content upfront. This is a real time-savior for busy marketers. You can do this in one sitting and see your content published throughout the month on the specified date and time. Sounds like a dream, right? 


You can use mobile proxies in your social media marketing in many ways, from managing multiple accounts and bypassing regional restrictions to doing competitor research, performing ad verification, and bypassing anti-spam policies.

However, to get the max out of them, you should pay attention to the quality of mobile proxies as well. Look for quality mobile proxies providers with a solid reputation. 

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