Lets start off with the basics. The concept of a ransomwhere (ransomware) virus is quite new for many people, and especially for most Mac users. Yes we know its “ransomware” and not ransomwhere. I believe most people in the security vertical will give you a pass on this one. There is however a new program for mac that can monitor the creation of encrypted files by suspicious processes in your system called Ransomwhere.

What is Ransomwhere on Mac OS?

RansomWhere is a utility that attempts to generically prevent ransomware attacks, it detects untrusted processes that are encrypting are trying to encrypt file on your mac. Once such a process is detected, Ransomwhere will stop the processes and send a notification to the user. Once the user verifies that the process is a ransomware, they can then terminate it. if its simply a false positive, the user can allow the process to continue executing. For more information on how to run Rasnomwhere you can check there install instructions.

How Can I protect my Mac from Ransomware?

We have a great article for you that goes in-depth to help you understand if your Mac is infected and also the type of measures you can take to protect you Mac from viruses. We will give you a quick recap on the things you can do here.

Steps you can take against Ransomware attacks on Mac

  1. Download a free or paid anti-virus
  2. Backup Files to Cloud
  3. Install your Mac OS Security Updates
  4. Make sure your web browser is up-to-date
    • Just like any other program, browsers have security issues as well and need to be updated regularly.
  5. Use a VPN
    • For people using a public network this is especially important. Logging onto different WiFi networks has its own risks. VPNs can protect you from Evil Twin attacks, malware injection, MITM attacks and wifisniffing.


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