Is The Last of Us on Mac?

The Last of Us Part 1 is a popular survival-horror game that has a massive following, but unfortunately, it does not have official macOS support. Therefore, if you want to play The Last of Us on Mac, you’ll need to find a workaround. In this guide, we’ll go over the only currently available method for playing this game on Mac. Hopefully, in the future, there will be other options to enjoy The Last of Us Part 1 on a Mac machine.

The Last of Us Part II for macOS – will it happen?

It’s unlikely that the Last of Us Part II will ever receive a macOS version. Considering how it took a long time for the first game to arrive to PC, and it’s still not available for Mac, it’s safe to assume that the same can be expected for the sequel. Currently, The Last of Us Part II is only playable on PlayStation and doesn’t even have a PC version, which means that playing it on a Mac is out of the question for the time being.

Can you play The Last of Us on Mac?

Yes, you can play The Last of Us on a Mac machine, and the only method to do that has been explained below. Even though this game isn’t natively supported for macOS machines, there is one roundabout way to download its PC version on an Apple computer and run it locally.

You cannot play The Last of Us on Mac in the same way that you would play Mac-supported games, since this title does not have a native macOS version available for download. However, there is still a way to play the game on your Mac by using Boot Camp, which allows you to install Windows on a separate partition of your Mac’s disk. However, Boot Camp is only compatible with Intel-based Macs, so newer Macs with M1 processors cannot use this program.

But can you also play The Last of Us on Mac M1 models?

Unfortunately for users with M1 Macs, it’s not currently possible to play The Last of Us on an Apple Silicon machine. As mentioned above, the Boot Camp method only works on Intel-based machines, and other popular workaround methods for gaming on M1/M2 Macs, such as Parallels and CrossOver won’t work with The Last of Us Part 1, because the game requires DirectX 12 which is not yet supported by either of these apps.

Finally, the game is yet to become available in any popular cloud gaming services such as Boosteroid and GeForce Now. If this happens, The Last of Us Part 1 will be easily playable on an M1 or M2 Mac, but until then, there’s unfortunately no viable workarounds.

How to Play The Last of Us on Mac: Guide

To play The Last of Us on Mac, you first need to have Windows installed on the computer. This can be done with the help of specialized software called Boot Camp Assistance, the instructions for which you can find below.

Before you do that, however, you will need to get the game.

Once you have ownership of the game, you can follow our instructions in order to play it on your Mac:

How to play the Last of Us on Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

You can play The Last of Us on Mac (Intel models only) by installing Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant. This method doesn’t work on Apple Silicon machines, but if you are on an Intel Mac, it’s a valid option provided that your Mac has hardware specs that meet (or exceed) the game’s minimum requirements.

So, if you’re eager to dive into The Last of Us on your Mac, we got you covered. Here’s how you can install Windows 10 via Boot Camp and get your game on:

  • Start by visiting Microsoft’s website and grabbing a 64-bit Windows 10 ISO file. You’ll need this for the installation.
  • Now, bring up the Boot Camp app and open the file you just downloaded. At this stage, you get to decide how much storage space you want to assign to macOS and Windows. Once you’re happy with your choice, let the installation begin.
  • When your Mac reboots, just follow the on-screen instructions to wrap up the pre-installation process. Now, it’s time to officially launch the Windows installation.
  • Once you’re into Windows 10, personalize it to your liking, then make sure to install all the latest drivers and updates. Next stop – Steam, where you can download The Last of Us.

For a more comprehensive guide on installing Windows 10 on your Mac using Boot Camp, check this out:

The Last Of Us Part 1 Review

The Last of Us Part 1 is a modern remake of the post-apocalyptic action-adventure game The Last of Us, which was developed by Naughty Dog and released in 2013. The original game is known for its emotional storytelling, complex characters, and tense gameplay. The remake builds upon that with several improvements, including enhanced combat and exploration, and expanded accessibility options.

The Last of Us Part 1 run

The Story in The Last of Us Part 1

Players find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world where a devastating fungal outbreak has transformed most of the human population into monstrous creatures. The story follows Joel, a smuggler with a complicated past who has been tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across the country. Ellie, who is miraculously immune to the infection, must be delivered to the Fireflies, a group of resistance fighters who believe that her immunity could hold the key to creating a vaccine. Along the way, Joel and Ellie encounter numerous obstacles, including both infected and human enemies, which they must overcome using their wits and survival skills. As the journey progresses, the bond between Joel and Ellie grows stronger, and they come to rely on each other to survive in this dangerous world.


The Last of Us Part 1 boasts immersive third-person gameplay that combines combat, stealth, and exploration. To stay alive in the dangerous and hostile world of the game, players must scavenge for supplies, craft their own weapons and gear, and make strategic decisions. The game also offers puzzle-solving elements and environmental storytelling to keep players engaged.

The combat system is designed to be realistic and intense, with players relying on cover and stealth to survive encounters with both infected and human enemies. There are firearms, melee weapons, and explosives to fight against attackers, but ammunition and supplies are limited, therefore, players must carefully consider how to use their resources to conserve them for when they are most needed.

Stealth is a crucial element of the game, allowing players to use objects as cover, crouch down, and move quietly to avoid detection by enemies. They can also create distractions by throwing objects to divert enemy attention and create opportunities for attack or evasion. Notably, the game’s remake features improved enemy AI, making them more aggressive and tactical than in the original game.

The Last of Us Part 1 Ellie

Survival is at the heart of The Last of Us Part 1 gameplay. Players must be strategic in managing their resources to keep themselves alive. They must search and scavenge for necessary items such as food, water, ammunition, and medical supplies. There is a crafting system that allows players to create their own weapons, gear, and other essential items from materials found in the environment, making resource management a vital aspect of the game.

Exploration is also a key element of the gameplay, as players must navigate through various environments to progress through the story. They can explore their surroundings, discover hidden items and supplies, and uncover clues and hints about the game’s world and storyline.

The Last of Us: Visuals and sound

The Last of Us Part 1’s captivating post-apocalyptic setting is brought to life through highly detailed environments, characters, and animations. Players explore a richly textured world, featuring a range of locations, including abandoned cities, forests, and military checkpoints. The game’s character models and animations are remarkably lifelike, with subtle facial expressions and movements that effectively convey the characters’ emotions and personalities.

In addition to its visual design, The Last of Us Part 1 boasts dynamic lighting and shadow effects that change in real-time, depending on the time of day and weather conditions. This adds to the game’s sense of realism and immersion, allowing players to truly feel as though they are a part of the world they are exploring.

The game’s sound design is equally impressive, featuring an immersive mix of atmospheric sounds, music, and voice acting that enhance the game’s emotional impact. The haunting and melancholic music that comprises the game’s soundtrack perfectly captures the themes of loss, survival, and hope that are so central to the game’s storyline. Most of the sound from the original game has been reused, making the game an even more engaging and emotionally resonant experience.


The Last of Us Part 1 is a challenging game that places a strong emphasis on survival and strategy. The game mechanics are intentionally designed to create an experience that makes players feel as though they are truly living in the game’s post-apocalyptic world. The result is an emotionally charged and unforgettable journey that lingers in the mind of the player long after the game has ended. With its highly realistic graphics, intense combat system, and detailed character models, The Last of Us Part 1 is a must-play game for anyone who craves an immersive and engaging gaming experience.