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Is Dead Space on Mac?

A lot of Mac users are asking “is Dead Space on Mac?” The beloved survival-horror game has many fans who are also Mac users, thus, the answer to this question is of high importance to them. Unfortunately, the developers of the game have not provided a native macOS version, thus, the game cannot be downloaded and installed in the usual way. Still, in this article, we will talk about a few ways that can help you enjoy Dead Space on Mac easily and legally.

Dead Space Remake on Mac

“Dead Space Remake” refers to a remastered version of the original “Dead Space” game that was released in 2008. The remake features improved graphics, updated controls, and additional content, but the overall story and gameplay remain largely unchanged. So, if you’ve played the original “Dead Space” game, you can expect a familiar experience with some noticeable upgrades in the remake. The game was released on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Fans of this sci-fi classic can play Dead Space Remake on Mac using workarounds despite that the game does not have official macOS version. To do that, they need a subscription to a cloud gaming service or a Windows emulation software.

What performance can you expect from Dead Space Remake on a Mac?

The performance of Dead Space Remake on a Mac will depend on several factors, including the method you choose to play, the specifications of your Mac, the performance of your graphics card, the performance of the virtual machine you may be using and the amount of system resources it is allocated. In general, Macs with newer, higher-end specifications will be able to handle the game better, but even then, the performance may not be as smooth as on a Windows PC. In any case, before purchasing the game, it’s recommended to check for any compatibility or performance issues and to ensure that your Mac meets the minimum system requirements.

Dead Space Remake Review

The Dead Space remake is a collaboration between Motive Studio and Electronic Arts and improves on the original in every way (graphics, sound, and gameplay) while remaining true to the exciting original’s story.

Unfortunately, Dead Space Remake does not presently have a native macOS support, therefore Mac users who are interested in playing this game should use some alternative methods to enjoy it. The good news is that Windows emulation software can be used to get the game running on a Mac.

If you own an Intel Mac or an Apple Silicon M1 or M2 model, you can play Dead Space Remake by following the steps outlined below. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind, that the experience of running a game that isn’t optimized for macOS on a Mac won’t be identical to running it on a Windows PC. However, emulation software such as Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant (only for Intel Macs) can be used to create a Windows OS environment for Mac gamers.


The plot follows the adventure of Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to fix a massive mining spaceship, called the USG Ishimura. Soon after he arrives on the ship, he learns that something has gone terribly wrong. The ship’s crew has been killed by mutated humans called Necromorphs, and Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole, has been hiding somewhere on board.

Alone and with only his technical equipment and skills at hand, the protagonist hurries to find Nicole. As the story unfolds, he fights not just against the hostile creatures on the ship, but also against his own deteriorating sanity.


The remake features a number of gameplay updates, most of which are designed to enhance the gaming experience rather than change it. For example, players no longer need to “jump” from surface to surface during the zero-gravity scenes; instead, they can move in any direction. As a result, the parts of the game where this new ability is implemented are much more interesting to play than those in the original game.

Fans of the game will also notice that the Asteroid Defense System cannon repair job has been reworked to be a perilous space walk that comes with its own moments of tension.

A new Security Clearance system now keeps many of the side locations that the players discover throughout the game inaccessible until they progress in the story enough to be allowed to go back and explore them.

As in the original game, players are in constant danger from the horrifying Necromorphs, whether they go forward or backward in the game.

The remake introduces a new fighting system that allows players to rip off the enemy’s skin and muscle with each wound they make. Combat scenes have received a lot of attention from the game’s visual designers, who have added some gruesome graphic images. 

Another noteworthy change is that the Dead Space 2023 version introduces a new gameplay mechanic that lets you reroute electricity toward different systems. This occurs at circuit breakers, which usually allow you to power only one system at a time, such as lights or life support, and force you to switch off the other, which has direct effects on the next stages of the gameplay.


In the remake, players can modify weapons with special upgrades that can enhance their primary function. For instance, the Plasma Cutter can be upgraded with the ability to burn enemies on fire. Meanwhile, the Ripper can be upgraded with the ability to shoot blades that bounce back, opening up the possibility of trick shots.

The Force Gun, used in the original game as a push-back weapon, has now been completely revamped to rip the flesh off of foes with its blast.

When it comes to equipment, Isaac’s inventory is full of repurposed items that are as deadly as they are innovative. The Pulse Rifle has a new proximity mine that can be used as a trap or as a makeshift grenade launcher. The flamethrower has a new alternative fire that can now be used to create a wall of flame that can cut off specific areas.

Visuals and sound

What players of the Dead Space remake can notice from the first minute is that the audio and video quality of the game are vastly superior. The development team has tried to stay true to the atmosphere of the original game and maintain that same sense of immersion while making improvements and tweaks where required.

New musical themes have been added to the original soundtrack. Another hint that something is different about the Dead Space 2023 game is that Isaac, is was a silent protagonist in the original game, now has the ability to talk. Fortunately, he has not been transformed into a typical chatty character, and his responses ground him in the grim reality of the situation.


The Dead Space remake has introduced several noticeable improvements to the classic game. However, they have not been so radical as to make the title unrecognizable. The core of the gameplay experience hasn’t changed much since the first one in 2008, but it’s been polished into a bloody horror masterpiece that can impress not only fresh gamers but also the most devoted Dead Space fans.

How to download Dead Space Remake for Mac?

You can download Dead Space Remake for Mac after there is a Windows OS installed on it. Running Windows OS on a Mac can be done by creating a virtual machine (with a program like Parallels) or by installing it on a dedicated hard drive partition (using Boot Camp Assistant). The process of downloading and installing the game is the same as the process of installing games on a Windows computer.

How to play Dead Space Remake on MacOS

To play Dead Space Remake on MacOS you have to subscribe to a cloud gaming service like Boosteroid or install a Windows OS on your Mac with the help of specialized software like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant (for Macs with Intel processor only).

First, however, you will need to get the game.

Play Dead Space Remake on Mac using Boosteroid

Using Boosteroid‘s cloud gaming service means you can play Dead Space Remake on Mac (both Intel and Mac M1) without having to worry about downloading or installing any additional software on your end. Your machine also doesn’t have to meet any strict system requirements or have enough storage space. Dead Space Remake is easily accessible to anyone with a Mac (both with M1 or with Intel processor), a Boosteroid subscription, and a reliable internet connection. You can follow these Boosteroid instructions to play the Dead Space Remake on your Mac in real time.

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  • To begin, visit Boosteroid and either create an account there or sign in using your existing Google credentials:

  • Once you log in, go to the top right corner of the screen, click on the Profile details and select My account, then, choose “My subscription“.
  • After you have an active Boosteroid subscription, search for the game in the search bar.
  • Next, click on the Install & Play button. Boosteroid may ask you to log in to Steam or display a some other confirmation boxes. Proceed with what is displayed on the screen.
  • After you’ve complete all the steps from above, go to the Steam Store, click on the game and enjoy.

Other Methods to Play Dead Space Remake on Mac

There are two other methods to play Dead Space Remake on mac, but keep in mind that performance may vary between the different Mac models. If you are interested, please, click the detailed guides below:

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