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We just received a report concerning HP device monitoring framework messages on MacOS Catalina and Mojave. The message contains the following: Hpdevicemonitoring.framework” will damage your computer. No official statements have been released from Apple or HP.

What we know about hp device monitoring framework

We assume a compatibility issue is to be the main culprit at first glance. MacOS seems to catch expired HP certificates that are not longer supported by apple. Though there could be a number of reasons for Macos to be alerting users that hp device monitoring framework is malware. Apple Xprotect could possibly flagging it as malware. The framework file is a key component in accessing and using HP products. Without it is nearly impossible to use your HP printer or other accessories.

Apples Xprotect

Apple has pushed two updates on the 19th of October version number to 2133 to there built-in anti-malware software. Apple does not publish what these update do or change, though the timing might not be a coincidence.

Our Recommendation

  1. Update your HP product to the latest software and driver version.
  2. Update your Mac or Macbook to the latest version of MacOS
  3. Download Anti-malware software of your choice.

We highly recommend reading our article on virus symptoms on Mac. It will give you a good idea if your mac is infected or not.

3 responses to “hp device monitoring framework malware on mac”
  1. Tony Avatar

    Thank you for this timely article. We had a panic this morning on an almost new family MacBook. Apple support spent nearly an hour helping us through this. They were great, but it was very reassuring to read your piece and to have some idea of what the problem likely was.

  2. Manish M Avatar
    Manish M

    Thanks for the info on this! I started getting this alert today and it’s very annoying.

    Does anyone know how to suppress these warnings? They appear in a dialog box that stays above other windows. Clicking OK only makes it disappear for several seconds before it reappears. I don’t want to mess up my printer software by just deleting the folders.

  3. Ed Avatar

    For HPDevice Monitering. Framework alert that you can not get rid of.
    There are two selections on the alert. I clicked on “Show in Folder”. A folder appeared with about 10 folders in it. I trashed all the folders and the alert went away, and has not reappeared. Also, my old HP printer still works.

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