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Three Cool Tools For Mac 

There are a few free tools that I want to plug. They are not scientific tools per se, but I find them very useful in my day-to-day operations, and I’m sure others will too. Two of the tools I use when I want to free up…


3D ChemDoodle Web Components 

WebGL has been quickly progressing, and we have been hard at work building our 3D ChemDoodle Web Components. I present the release of ChemDoodle Web Components 3.0, which contain the alpha development versions of the 3D ChemDoodle Web Components. I also discuss some of the programmatic details...

Intel Mac Mini cluster 

The IA lab where I’m doing the PhD is evaluating the possibility of buying some Mac Mini intel-based to create a cluster. We would like to run GNU/Debian on those machines, a queueing system like Sun Grid Engine and a parallel file system… Does anybody…


Dual Quad-Core Mac Pro’s Just Around the Corner? 

Hardware hacker extraordinaire Anand Lal Shimpi from AnandTech is so influential that Intel sends him engineering samples of their upcoming processors. Anand recently acquired an engineering sample of a quad-core Intel core 2 Xeon CPU, code-name “Cloverton”. The quad-core Cloverton is pin-compatible with the LGA-771 CPU sockets…


gnuplot & AquaTerm in Snow Leopard 10.6.1 

Can’t get gnuplot to have aquaterm support.. I’ve installed the developer tools, downloaded the AquaTerm dmg and installed it, and compiled the gnuplot source with./configure –with-readline=bsdmakesudo make install ./configure reports:…aqua terminal (MacOS X): yes… however..gnuplot> set term aqua^unknown or ambiguous terminal type; type just ‘set…