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Science Related Requests for Apple 

If you feel so inclined, please fill out the text box form below. You may include multiple requests in one entry and we will sort/categorize them. Please also include any relevant bug report/feature request ID’s, where approriate. We’ll post a tabular summary of the requests…


Tips and Tricks for Mac Management 

– Defining client management for Mac OS X– Setting up the server to provide management– Setting up the client for network based management– Basic Managed Client information– Details in MCX that enhance management– Explaining user accounts, mobility, and PHDs– Thoughts on additional ways to promote…



Progress The open source ChemDoodle Web Components render chemical graphics and perform cheminformatics functions in web browsers. They are written in Javascript and are based on HTML5/Canvas/WebGL. The library is lightweight, optimized for efficiency and is only 100KB in size! The technology is derived from the ChemDoodle desktop application,…


Multicore Eroding Moore’s Law 

Do you seek ever increasing speed from your computers? Do you think multicore chips are a sign of a healthy chip industry? In major trade journals, most articles on the subject seem to uncritically accept multicore as the processor solution moving forward, without suggesting any viable…


Xcode/gFortran Plugin Update 

A while back we introduced an Xcode/gFortran plugin and various installers that resulted from one of our contests. We’ve now updated the plugin to work with the latest gfortran from fellow MacResearcher Gaurav Khanna’s site (August 2007 build). The installer includes: * gFortran PPC (August 2007)* gFortran Intel…