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NVIDIA just released its GPGPU technology i.e. the infrastructure for performing general purpose computing on its graphics cards, for Mac OS X. This technology is called “Compute Unified Device Architecture” or simply CUDA and it essentially provides a programmer with a C-compiler that creates executables that run on their GPUs. CUDA also includes some…


Electronic lab Mac notebook 

Hi all, I’m starting on a new position soon, and thought I would start getting organized: having written my PhD thesis recently made me realize how hard it is to find the older things I’ve been doing. For that reason, I’m looking for an electronic lab notebook software: like keeping…

Mac How To

Cocoa for Scientists (XXXIV): Scrapbook of an Advanced Core Animation View Mac 

At NSConference 2010 I delivered a presentation on developing the iPhone game Sumo Master using the Core Animation framework. It covered the usual bag of tips and tricks, but also the process of development, from twinkle-in-the-eye to App-Store reality. I personally find articles and talks about the evolution of a concept particularly interesting, so I thought…


Application Review: DataPlot 

At the recent WWDC 2006 there was a discussion about the need for a simple 2D plotting tool, to meet this need David Adalsteinsson the author of the scientific visualisation tool DataTank has created DataPlot a great new 2D plotting tool with the design philosophy “Simple and Powerful Plotting”. On startup the application displays…