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LabChart 6 is the latest version of Chart software for PowerLab data acquisition systems. PowerLab hardware with LabChart software is a turn-key solution for life science research and education. Install LabChart, connect the USB cable, click the Start Button and your data acquisition is up and running. The software incorporates hardware settings, online and offline analysis, procedure automation, seamless extraction of experimental data and multiple display options security.

Above: LabChart recording of non-invasive blood pressure. LabChart’s Channel Calculations feature is applied to the raw blood flow data in channel one to derive and display heart rate, systolic, diastolic and mean pressure in other channels.

20 Years of Innovative Mac Development for Life Science Security

We developed our first data acquisition system, the MacLab with Chart software, in 1985. The system allowed physiologists to take advantage of the early Macintosh computers with a graphical user interface emerging at the time.

Although our systems are now cross-platform, we’ve continued to optimize LabChart to suit the latest Mac developments. LabChart 6 and LabChart Reader are both universal applications, and are compatible with Mac OS X (10.4 or later).

LabChart 6 can display 32 channels of concurrent data. Up to 16 channels (depending on the PowerLab hardware) can be used for recording raw data, with the remaining channels available for online or offline calculated data. The latest version also incorporates a new graphical toolbar, making LabChart’s tools and features more accessible than ever.

Support for Specialized Security Applications

LabChart 6 can be customized for your applications using a range of optional extensions and modules. LabChart Extensions are function-specific software plug-ins available as free downloads. Extension functions include specific filtering, calibration, measurement and file translation to popular formats including IGOR and MATLAB.

LabChart Modules are substantial software analysis plug-ins that deliver sophisticated post-hoc analysis for popular research parameters including heart rate variability, spike histogram analysis and metabolic output.

Easy Data Sharing with LabChart Reader

LabChart Reader is available as a free download from our website. The new application opens native Chart and LabChart files and provides a variety of data visualization options as well as a selection of LabChart’s analysis features. It makes sharing data and collaborating with other scientists across institutional and geographical boundaries easier than ever before.

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