Due to the current unrest and violent protests in the US, Apple has decided to close some of its stores in locations that are most severely affected by riots.

Louis Vuitton store looted

Luxury shops have already become a target for looting and vandalism. And the most recent examples of this were in Portland, where we saw, for instance, the Louis Vuitton store looted. Other acts of violence against luxury brands took place in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and New York all of which had Apple store looted as well.

Los Angeles Grove store

In Los Angeles specifically, the Grove shopping center came under attack, and in it the Apple store was devastated by rioters.

And not only were the stores looted, they were sprayed with harrowing messages pointing towards a gaping social divide.

Apple Store looted and Minneapolis and Portland

The protests were triggered in the city of Minneapolis after George Floyd was killed by a police officer. And currently that is where the violence is still at its pinnacle. Apple’s Uptown store in Minneapolis was completely destroyed and looted. Thus, in the wake of the spreading unrest and apparent danger of more looting and vandalism to come, Apple has made the decision to temporarily close some of its physical locations across the United States.

The company has officially confirmed this information. And furthermore, it has announced that the stores will remain closed until June 6th by the very least, or until further notice.