Apple has just released the latest update for its experimental Safari Technology Preview browser. This browser was first released in 2016 and its main purpose was to serve as a testing platform for features that Apple may eventually add to the main Safari browser. The browser is free to use and can be downloaded by any Mac user who wants to give it a try.

The current update mainly centers around fixing bugs in Safari Technology Preview and improving some of its components. A total of 143 bugs are getting fixed with this new update. Additionally, improvements are being introduced to CSS Cascade Layers, CSS Container, Web Inspector, CSS, JavaScript, Subgrid, Web Animations, Rendering, Scrolling, SVG, WebGL, WebAPI, HTML, WebAuth, Media, File System Access, Accessibility, and Web Extensions.

The current version of Safari Technology Preview is based on Safari 15.4, and it comes with all the features included in the macOS Monterey variant of the Safari browser.

If you have the Safari Technology Preview browser on your Mac, you can get its latest update and future updates through the Software Update section of your macOS. If you are interested in learning more details about this specific update, you can find them on the official site of the Safari Technology Preview browser.

For users who are unfamiliar with this browser, Apple’s aim with it is to collect feedback information from its customers who are using this browser and then employ the gathered data when introducing new features to the base Safari browser. You can have both Safari and Safari Technology Preview running on your Mac at any time and though the latter is primarily targeted at developers and early adopters, no developer account or specific credentials are required to use download, and use it. It should be noted, though, that, due to the experimental nature of Safari Technology Preview, the browser may sometimes be unstable and some of its features may not always work as intended.