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Whether you’re gaming on your Mac or your iPhone, we say this from the heart: we want to be the first place you check before you play on your Apple device. Our goal is to provide you with an information hub for all your needs related to gaming on MacBooks, Desktop Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

We are also branching out to cover other topics like interesting software on the Apple Store, streamlined Mac gaming lists in different categories, interviews, and general technological improvements in the Apple niche. 

Mac Games for everyone!

This is the core, the bread and butter of our website. It is where you will find detailed information about the best Mac games you can play, whether they are native Steam mac games or through other methods.

Here, we extensively cover all interesting native macOS titles as well as any exciting upcoming ones that we expect to see in the near future. We also talk about the best non-native games that can still be played on a Mac by using one or more of the many available workaround solutions.

You will learn about the gameplay, graphics, audio, story, and other important factors of each covered game. It is where we list information about more technical aspects, such as the game’s performance on Mac machines and its modding support. 

We strive to give you our honest opinion about each game, while also providing information on each particular game when playing it on your MacBook or Desktop Mac.

Latest Mac Games

iOS Games – what about those?

Mobile gaming became huge in the past two decades. iPhones and iPads, being among the most powerful mobile devices out there, are ideal for running games. 

In many ways, gaming on iOS devices is easier and more straightforward compared to gaming on Mac, since the majority of mobile games are available for iPhones and iPads. In this category, we take a deep dive into the abundance of iOS games and tell you about our personal impressions and experience with them.

Our curated lists are made to suit the preferences of a wide variety of gamers, so there’s something for everyone, and we are sure you’ll find many great titles to enjoy. Here, you will find some of the best and most popular mobile games playable on iPhone and iPad. You’ll also find numerous gaming gems you’ve probably never heard of, but should definitely check out on your iOS device.

Must Read

You should look out for these Game Publishers

In this category, we dive further into the gaming world by exploring what some of the biggest and most popular game developers are up to.

Here, you’ll learn about exciting upcoming projects, updates to beloved gaming titles, and other curious news if you are into any of the games made by the respective developer. We cover names, such as Valve, Ubisoft, FromSoftware, Epic, Blizzard, EA, Riot, Capcom, Bethesda, and more.

Needless to say, we pay special attention to news and updates in the world of Mac gaming, but we also try to cover anything that’s generally interesting from the realm of gaming as a whole.

Game Worlds and Universes

Diving deep into the world of a given game and losing yourself in it is one of the things that make gaming so cool and fun. In this category, we celebrate the vastness and wonder of some of the richest and most iconic game universes.

Here, you can find articles about game worlds, such as the Star Wars universe, the Witcher, Warcraft, Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Minecraft, GTA, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more. 

We cover anything from upcoming titles set in those universes, to older classics worth revisiting. We complete these with reviews, guides, updates, and instructions on how to run the game on different Mac models.

Cloud Gaming on Mac – the best solutions

Cloud gaming is, by far, one of the most consistent and streamlined ways to game on Apple machines, and its rise in recent years has made it so much easier to enjoy our favorite titles on our Macs. 

Platforms like GeForce Now, Boosteroid, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and others provide an elegant solution to nearly all the problems and obstacles associated with gaming on a Mac.

Once subscribed to a cloud platform of your choice, you get to connect your Mac to a powerful gaming rig, where the game you want to play is installed. Then you can stream the game to your Mac and play it in this way, without needing to have it installed locally. This takes care of any mac gaming compatibility obstacles and even lets you play highly demanding games on even the weakest and oldest of Macs.

There’s only one important requirement here, and that is to have a good Internet connection with good speed and minimal lag. It also helps if you are in a location close to one of the cloud platforms’ servers, which is a factor that will also be addressed here.

In this category, we extensively cover all the currently available cloud gaming platforms and explain what they offer in their subscription plan. Of course, we also share our lengthy personal experience with each of them.

Other important aspects covered here are the Internet requirements of each service and the availability and number of its servers in different regions. As mentioned, this is a major factor that determines how good your experience will be with a particular platform.

Last, but not least, we also pay special attention to the game libraries of the different services, since this will be the other most important deciding factor for most users. We tell you about the size of each library and the variety of games available in it, and we also mention some of the most interesting titles playable through each one.

The best console and PC Emulators for Mac

Emulating non-native games on Mac is the other main group of workaround methods to play our favorite titles on Apple computers. There are numerous emulator options out there, so it’s important to be well-acquainted with the capabilities of each before deciding which one to use.

This is where our Emulators on Mac category will be immensely helpful to you. In it, you will learn about popular emulation options such as CrossOver, Whisky, Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit, Parallels, PlayCover, and BlueStacks, and you will find out which one will be the best option for a particular game in your case. And trust us, there is enough here to cover your PC gaming needs.

Normally, the world of Mac gaming emulators is as vast as it is confusing. Some emulators will run a particular game very well and will absolutely fail to load a different one. This is only further complicated by the differences between Intel and Apple Silicon Macs and the abundance of different settings you can apply before attempting to launch the game you want.

This huge variance in methods, games, Mac models, and settings is why it will often take a ton of research before you can figure out the right configuration. And, of course, it’s also possible that you may still end up encountering a bug that you now need to resolve before you start gaming. This means wasting even more of your time on tedious research.

Our goal is to allow you to skip the research stage by providing you with exact information in a streamlined and easy-to-understand way. By using our extensive collection of information about each method and the curated bug fixes that we’ve found for the specific games that need them, you will be saving yourself a ton of time and nerves. 

Additionally, here you’ll find helpful tips and tricks to help you squeeze out the best performance and have the best experience with a given game on your Mac. So, if you are thinking about using one of the available emulators instead of cloud gaming to play a particular gaming title on your Mac, be sure to check the contents of this category.

Our own Mac Gamer’s World

Mac gamers are gamers too! Like any gaming fan, we also care deeply about things like the best Fortnite strategy to get a Victory Royale or the easiest way to defeat Orin in Baldur’s Gate 3. We are also interested in any intriguing gaming news, interviews, and in-depth game reviews, as well as gaming hardware that can make our experience even more enjoyable.

For this reason, we’ve dedicated this category to gaming in general, and here you can find anything from guides about the best Helldivers 2 loadouts, and detailed explanations of how breeding in Palworld works, to reviews of the latest and hottest gaming titles. 

We also talk about our favorite gaming peripherals, such as headsets, keyboards, and controllers, that can enhance your experience. Furthermore, we cover noteworthy news about the world of gaming in general and give you our interviews of important personalities from the gaming industry.

Mac World: anything unrelated to gaming goes here

Last but not least, let’s not forget about our hardware. Since all of us primarily work (and game!) on Mac, it only makes sense to dedicate a category to all things Apple.

In this part of our site, we cover the latest Apple news and updates, especially if they have anything to do with gaming and can affect the current state of gaming on Mac. We also explore different types of macOS and iOS software, talking about cool apps and programs that can enhance your overall experience.

Here is also where you can find useful and helpful tips, tricks, and troubleshooting assistance for various problems associated with Apple’s digital ecosystem of products.

Additionally, here you can access information and reviews of various Apple hardware, including the latest iPhones and Mac models. We cover what they bring to the table, their specifications, and pricing, and compare them to older models. 

Needless to say, we put a special emphasis on gaming and always make sure to explore the different devices from the perspective of how good their potential for gaming is.

What About Us – What Can We Do for You?

As longtime Apple enthusiasts, we had the same hopes as you – that the rise of Apple Silicon will change things for the better. And it did, to an extent. The current Macs have the hardware to compete with high-end gaming PC and run graphically demanding AAA gaming titles with ease.

But that’s only half the battle won. There’s still the software side of things, and it’s clear that most game devs are still hesitant to invest time and resources into developing macOS ports for their games.

So we will keep using workarounds, but that side of Apple gaming has improved as well. The newer and more powerful hardware has allowed emulators to run thousands of modern titles. That is, especially when coupled with the groundbreaking Game Porting Toolkit – a powerful tool that significantly narrows the gap between Windows and macOS gaming. And while not all games run equally well through emulation, the rapid rise of cloud gaming has provided us with yet another valid and viable vector for gaming on a Mac.

This is where we come in. Now that there are multiple methods to game on Mac with different pros and cons, we are willing to commit the necessary time to actually test them. We use different games, and run them on different Macs, to provide you with precise case-by-case feedback. To our knowledge, no one else does this. Our dream is to spearhead a like-minded Apple gaming community that shares the best ways to play games on Apple devices, complete with mods, optimized settings, helpful tips, and troubleshooting assistance.

We already have over 3 great years of testing and covering how these methods run for different games. We regularly update the information in our articles to cover upcoming enhancements to the methods and provide feedback once any new method supports a game. We are building a large database of titles not just with names, but our with own impressions based on testing done by at least 2 team members per title. Our perspective is very simply that of a normal everyday gamer, and we focus on figuring out the most enjoyable and effective ways to play a particular game on a Mac. And if that means we first have to find a way to solve an annoying bug with a given workaround method, we’ll do everything in our power. We pride ourselves on providing the reader with the best and easiest solution, so you won’t have to waste time doing this yourself.

You can find out more about our team on the following page:

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