MacResearch Partners with Dataseam



It’s my pleasure to announce that MacResearch is partnering with the Kentucky Dataseam Initiative to help develop applications for scientific computing on the largest Xgrid powered computing grid. There will be more information in the coming weeks and months regarding projects we are working on and the benefit to the Mac using community. So stay tuned. In the meantime, the press release for the announcement is below:

MacResearch Partners with Dataseam
Advances Computing on World’s Largest Mac Grid.

MacResearch announced today that it has become a Participating Partner in Dataseam’s unique grid computing and education program. Now the world’s leading community of researchers using Mac OS X will have a direct association with the company running the world’s largest computing grid using Mac OS X.

MacResearch is always looking for unique applications of Mac equipment and software. Researchers in Kentucky have been tapping processing power from a grid with over 10,000 computers. Not only is the Dataseam Grid unique for its size, but also because the computers sit in over 135, K-12 schools across the state of Kentucky.

“Through our experience with OpenMacGrid, we believe distributive computing can change the way scientists approach their research,” said David Gohara, President of MacResearch. “Working with Dataseam will help us better understand how a large application of grid technology has changed the research, education and economic development dynamics in Kentucky.”

Researchers from the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center have been using the computation power with amazing results to search out new potential drug candidates for various types of cancer. As part of its not-for-profit mission, Dataseam also works with teachers and technicians to better use the computers in classrooms and help inspire students to study science, math, engineering and technology. (

“MacResearch provides access to some of the leading researchers in the world a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience with High Performance Computing,” said Henry Hunt Dataseam COO. “We are also eager to get people from their organization involved in education programs that will help our students become more interested in excelling in scientific fields.”

MacResearch is an independent non-profit organization representing researchers from around the world that use Mac OS X operating system and related hardware in their research. Through their web site, special events, and related blogs the organization helps researchers exchange ideas, build a community knowledge base, and collectively escalate the prominence of Apple technologies used in their scientific research.

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