Holes in Spaces Review for Mac



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With Time Machine and Spaces, Leopard has the whole space-time continuum covered. Or has it?

Spaces was for me the feature I was most looking forward to in Leopard. I have used virtual desktops for several years, and I have come to depend on this feature for a lot of what I do. When switching between different types of tasks, I simply switch desktops, where each has a different set of windows. I was really thrilled that virtual desktops were going to be part of the OS itself: no more hacks, no more little incompatibilities and workarounds, and on top of that, a beautiful and slick user interface to navigate your Spaces. One month ago, I finally installed Leopard and gave Spaces a try. But after a few days, I could not take it anymore and I had to switch back to my 3rd-party virtual desktop application…

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