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Multicore Eroding Moore’s Law 

Do you seek ever increasing speed from your computers? Do you think multicore chips are a sign of a healthy chip industry? In major trade journals, most articles on the subject seem to uncritically accept multicore as the processor solution moving forward, without suggesting any viable alternative. Meanwhile, the chipmaker giants,…


Statistics Supercomputing on a Mac with R and LAM/MPI 

Introduction R is a venerable, free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It has a large user community and an impressive number of available add-on packages. Notable among these is the Bioconductor family of packages, which constitute a comprehensive statistical computing environment for bioinformatics (with a focus on microarray data). Fortunately R…


Slides WWDC07 Scicomp@cam talk 

Two weeks ago I was invited to give a talk at the first meeting of the SciComp@Cambridge group. On my website I have posted the slides of this talk, in which I gave an overview on what was newly introduced for developers at the WWDC07 Security Event (for as far as could be…


Xcode/gFortran Plugin Update 

A while back we introduced an Xcode/gFortran plugin and various installers that resulted from one of our contests. We’ve now updated the plugin to work with the latest gfortran from fellow MacResearcher Gaurav Khanna’s site (August 2007 build). The installer includes: * gFortran PPC (August 2007)* gFortran Intel (August 2007)* gFortran Plugin for…


Cocoa for Scientists (Part XI): The Value in Keys 

In the coming tutorials, I plan to introduce Cocoa Bindings and contrast it with the ‘traditional’ outlet/action approach to app development. But in order to understand how Bindings work, you first need to know about the underlying Cocoa technologies, namely, Key-Value Coding (KVC) and Key-Value Observing (KVO). In this short…