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Security TCBuild: A New Build Tool for Fortran 

Fortran 90 can include reasonably complex dependencies, which must be taken into account when building a multiple-file program. Unfortunately, most build tools either don’t support Fortran, or don’t help the developer much. A standard make file, for example, requires you to enter dependencies manually, or develop a script to do it for…


MacResearch: Science Related Requests for Apple 

Update: The Tri-Cameral meeting starts this Wednesday and to date we’ve only received ~30 responses. This is a perfect opportunity for scientists to get their requests heard by Apple. Apple takes these meetings very seriously. How seriously? Enough that they will send Bertrand Serlet, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering,…



Dear all, since updating to 10.6, I’ve been struggling with strange crashes in connection with LAPACK/BLAS routines used in my C++ code, when using the Apple LAPACK and BLAS. They are strange in this sense, that I get a “Bus error” in a reproducible fashion, however depending on whether optimization…