Why Students Prefer MacBook Over Windows PC for Writing an Assignments



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A student in high school and college  would benefit from having a laptop for a variety of reasons, since it is an extremely helpful educational tool that can be used for schoolwork. Two of these reasons are that it allows for flexible and speedy research right there and then, and that it is portable enough for a student to use even while they are moving about.

It’s interesting to note that seventy-one percent of American college students, according to the research, prefer a MacBook to a Windows PC. Although it may sound strange at first, when put into a practical context, it really makes a lot of sense. 

There is no denying that MacBooks are costly. You may expect to pay two times as much for a standard MacBook as you would for a top-tier Windows laptop. Uni students, however, prefer Macs to PCs. In what way is that so? Why don’t we make an effort to find out? 

Improved Safety and Privacy for Your Assignments

The widespread use of Windows is a major contributing factor to the prevalence of security vulnerabilities inside the operating system. Windows is the most popular operating system, used by about 90% of all computer users. Only a small percentage (about 10%) of people use Macs. This indicates more hackers are targeting Windows PCs than Macs. 

Windows also has a better ecosystem for programmers. This allows for unhindered inspection of its inner workings. For Windows, this is a security risk. However, Apple’s MacBooks are prohibited from doing the same. Because of this, developers are unable to learn as much as they would like to by exploring the inner workings of the system.Long-term, however, this improves the safety of these computers. 

With a Macbook, you can be sure that nobody will access the thesis you are working on. You can be sure that it’s impossible to see your research results if you keep them on Mac. In other words, all the college papers you are storing on your laptop will remain only under your control. What’s more, if you go to special websites to get an assignment help from academic experts, your instructors will never know it. Your browsing history will always remain confidential. 

Classy Appearance, Convenient Portability 

Apple’s devices are often regarded as being among the most aesthetically pleasing on the market. The MacBook fits that description, too. Newer MacBooks maintain Apple’s trademark thin profile. It’s elegant, modern, and quite pleasant to hold in one’s hands. Apple’s MacBook was made with today’s youth in mind. It seems as though the entire structure was designed to seem like it came from the future. A MacBook is one of the many items that might attract attention. 

Easy portability is another benefit of its ultra-light design. There is a difference of about two pounds between the MacBook Pro and the Air. The thickness is also an interesting feature to consider. When measured from edge to edge, a MacBook’s thickness is only a hair over an inch. 

These lightweight MacBooks are convenient for students to take anywhere on campus or off. They can establish a workspace in any comfortable location by placing their Mac on their laps and getting to work. No matter who builds your Windows PC or laptop, you will not experience the same level of sophistication and ease of use. 

Ideal for applications that need rapid processing time 

Due to their superior speed and processing capability, MacBooks are preferable over Windows computers for executing demanding programs. Windows-based PCs and OSes are generally sluggish. That’s because Microsoft uses a cookie-cutter method to design these platforms. What this means is that they create a single system to do several functions. 

That’s not something Apple does. Apple uses cutting-edge processors and memory modules in its MacBooks, making them very quick. 

This means that the MacBook Pro is perfect for those studying the creative and technical fields. The Air, meanwhile, is ideal for more regular use. However, due to Apple’s refusal to reduce the power of any device’s processor, even resource-intensive programs may be used with ease. 

This being stated, it’s not hard to understand why MacBooks are a better option than Windows PCs for students. Not only do they look nicer, but they’re also more functional. Apple MacBooks are far more trustworthy than their cheaper PC counterparts, although they do come at a higher price. With this in mind, it is simple to understand why more than half of all college students in the US would choose a MacBook over a Windows computer.

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