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Mac How To, reviews

Visage (Mac) 

Visage on Mac Visage is a psychological horror game, released in 2020, that invites you into a 1980s suburban house full of paranormal activity.  The game is played from a first-person perspective. The player takes control of Dwayne Anderson, a resident of the mysterious house who is being haunted by…

Mac How To, reviews

Prodeus (Mac) 

Prodeus on Mac Prodeus is a first-person shooter video game created using modern rendering techniques. The player takes control of a corrupted agent who needs to destroy a mysterious evil creator named Prodeus and all the enemies that get in the way. You start the game by passing through different…

Overwatch 2 characters
Mac How To, reviews

Overwatch 2 (Mac) 

Overwatch on Mac Overwatch 2 is a first-person game that comes as a standalone sequel to 2016’s Overwatch. The game features several notable updates. One of the first such updates that fans will notice is in the free-to-play multiplayer PvP mode. The number of players on a team in Overwatch…

Omega Strikers goal
Mac How To, reviews

Omega Strikers (Mac) 

Methods Specifics Who is it for? Cloud Gaming(click a link to go to the respective guide) 1. Play immediately. 2. Good performance, but only with good internet. 3. Multiple plans and platforms to choose from. 4. Can be run on browsers and all android devices. For those who want smooth…

download and play fortnite on mac
Mac How To, reviews

Fortnite (Mac) 

Fortnite on Mac Fortnite is a popular free-to-play multiplayer action game that can be played on Mac in several ways. Cloud gaming services like Boosteroid and GeForce Now can help you play Fortnite on Mac, and you can also play the game by installing Windows on your computer. Despite having…

FIFA 23 Box Art
Mac How To, reviews

FIFA 23 (Mac) 

FIFA 23 on Mac FIFA 23 is the latest football (soccer) simulator game from the FIFA series, and it can be played on Mac using workaround methods. FIFA 23 is the 30th installment in the long-standing FIFA gaming series, and it is the last FIFA game to be developed by…

Ion Fury shooting
Mac How To, reviews

Ion Fury (Mac) 

Ion Fury on Mac Ion Fury is a first-person shooter video game inspired by shooters from the 1990s. The game gives players hours of action and exploration. Old fans of this genre would appreciate the hallmarks of Ion Fury, which are true to a classical ‘90s FPS game. There is…

Metal Hellsinger Demon
Mac How To, reviews

Metal: Hellsinger (Mac) 

Metal: Hellsinger on Mac Metal: Hellsinger is a first-person shooter video game where metal music and killing monsters are connected – quite literally. The gameplay is based on music controlling the action in such a way that the player must use the beat to defeat demons. To excel, you have…

The Sinking City Box Art
Mac How To, reviews

The Sinking City (Mac) 

The Sinking City on Mac The Sinking City is a role-playing game that can be played on Mac through cloud gaming and Windows emulation. The easiest way to play The Sinking City on Mac is to stream it with Boosteroid, but you can also play it using Parallels and Boot…

Batman fight
Mac How To, reviews

Batman: Arkham Knight (Mac) 

Batman: Arkham Knight on Mac Batman: Arkham Knight is a video game in the action-adventure genre, released in 2015 as a sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins. It is the fourth major entry in the Arkham video game series, based on the DC Comics titular character. The primary plot of the…

Chivarly 2 character
Mac How To, reviews

Chivalry 2 (Mac) 

Chivalry 2 on Mac Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer hack-and-slash action game, a sequel to Chivalry, played from a first-person or third-person perspective. As a new feature in the series, the game can be played either on foot or on horseback, giving the players a more immersive experience. Classes and…