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Mac How To, reviews

Burnout Paradise (Mac) 

Burnout Paradise on Mac Burnout Paradise is a racing video game released in 2008 as part of the Burnout series. The game features an open world and is set in a fictional “Paradise City”,  in which players can compete in different types of high-speed car races. Over the years, a…

Mac How To, reviews

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Mac) 

Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Mac Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter released in March 2010 as a direct sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company. The game features innovative vehicle combat and a destructible environment that gives players surprising battlefield moments. The events in the game are set in…

Mac How To, reviews

Forspoken (Mac) 

Forspoken on Mac Forspoken is an action role-playing game that puts players in the shoes of a young girl named Frey who gets lost in a dangerous fictional land known as Athia. Getting back home is the ultimate objective of the character, and she has to use some special magic skills…

Mac How To, reviews

Battlefield Hardline (Mac) 

Battlefield Hardline on Mac Battlefield Hardline is a first-person shooter that focuses on strategy, speed, and story. The game is the first in the Battlefield series to include non-military conflict, and instead of diving players into the center of a brutal war, it invites them to experience thrilling chases between…


Best Free Mac Games (2023) 

We recently made a video that covers a new list of free mac games that you can play in 2023 Although gaming on Mac is not always easy due to the lack of macOS versions for the majority of computer games, there are still quite a few highly-popular gaming titles…

Mac How To, reviews

BattleTech (Mac) 

BattleTech on Mac BattleTech is a deep tactical war video game in which players command mecha (large robots, generally represented as humanoid walking vehicles, operated by human pilots) in a futuristic setting. The video game was based on a board game with the same name, which was the inspiration for…

geshin impact mac
Mac How To, reviews

Genshin Impact (Mac) 

Genshin Impact on Mac Genshin Impact is one of the most wildly popular titles to launch in recent years, even going so far as to break the historical video game record for first-year revenue. But, as is unfortunately often the case, Mac gamers were left hanging, even though the game…


The VPN we’ve been using on our macs 

Online gaming is fast and convenient, but with all sorts of security dangers lurking everywhere on the web, it’s important to think about reliable protection. Turning to a virtual private network (VPN) can give you that extra layer of protection by routing all your web traffic through an encrypted connection….

Mac How To, reviews

Alice: Madness Returns (Mac) 

Alice: Madness Returns on Mac Alice: Madness Returns is a 2011 single-player action-adventure game released as a sequel to American McGee’s Alice of 2000. The game takes players to a twisted Wonderland where they have to reveal secrets, fight enemies, and face various challenges to understand the roots of Alice’s…