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pubg mac
Mac How To, reviews

PUBG (Mac) 

PUBG download: Mac workarounds Since the game still lacks macOS support, it’s necessary to employ a PUBG download Mac workaround to be able to play the game on an Apple machine. Another alternative that will simply remove the need to download the game in the first place is to use…

starfield mac cover
Mac How To, reviews

Starfield (Mac) 

Despite the lack of a confirmed release for Starfield Mac, enthusiasts hold high hopes, fueled by continuous advancements in cloud gaming technology and the recent introduction of the potent Apple Game Porting Toolkit. Bethesda’s much-awaited open-world RPG, Starfield, has yet to announce a Mac variant, leaving the community anticipating alternative…

Screenshot of Elden Ring on Mac
Mac How To, reviews

Elden Ring (Mac) 

Elden Ring on Mac Apple users eager to play Elden Ring on Mac have several ways of doing that despite the lack of a native macOS version for the game. It’s not surprising that the game didn’t receive a port for Apple machines, and it seems that it won’t receive…

play hogwarts legacy on mac
Mac, reviews

Hogwarts Legacy (Mac) 

Hogwarts Legacy on Mac In spite of the lack of a native macOS version, eager Apple users can still play Hogwarts Legacy on Mac through the methods we’ve shown here. The Boosteroid cloud gaming service, Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit in combination with CrossOver, as well as the always reliable (albeit…

Mac How To

How Does Immediate Connect Work – The Experts in Cryptocurrency Trading 

Staying ahead in cryptocurrency trading requires efficiency, precision, and adaptability. For better results, you should know more about automated crypto trading platforms. These platforms offer the best way to execute your trading strategies. Automated crypto trading platforms like Immediate Connect are software solutions designed to execute buying and selling orders…

sea of stars mac cover
Mac How To, reviews

Sea of Stars (Mac) 

Is Sea of Stars on Mac? Sea of Stars is not on Mac, but if you are eager to dive into this newly-released pixel graphics RPG adventure, we are here to show you multiple ways you can do that. On this page, we’ll cover methods, such as cloud gaming or…

game porting toolkit
Mac How To

Game Porting Toolkit 

Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit, based on the Wine translation layer, acts as a vital bridge between Windows and macOS platforms, allowing for a diverse range of unsupported game titles to be accessed on a Mac. Essentially, this toolkit mirrors the functions of CrossOver, the renowned compatibility application that facilitates Windows…

blasphemous 2 mac
Mac How To, reviews

Blasphemous 2 (Mac) 

Is Blasphemous 2 on Mac? Blasphemous 2 is not on Mac, yet we can show you several great workarounds that will let you play this game on your Apple machine. Like many other titles, the sequel to the praised indie game Blasphemous, hasn’t been ported to macOS (even though the…

armored core 6 mac cover
Mac How To, reviews

Armored Core 6 (Mac) 

Is Armored Core 6 on Mac? You can play Armored Core 6 on Mac, despite the game’s lack of native support, by using the workaround methods explained below. Obviously, no one expected a FromSoftware game to be natively available for Apple computers, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle that prevents…

GeForce Now
Mac How To

GeForce Now (Mac) 

GeForce Now MacBook compatibility Nvidia’s GeForce Now MacBook app provides a great way to play games on your Mac that would otherwise not run on it, be it because they aren’t supported for your system or because your Mac’s hardware specs are too low. This is a cloud gaming app,…

play age of empires on mac
Mac How To, reviews

Age of Empires 4 (Mac) 

Table of Contents: Although there isn’t an Age of Empires 4 Mac version, the latest entry to the renowned RTS gaming series can be played on Apple computers in several ways that will be shown here. Even though the game isn’t officially supported for Mac machines, there are viable workarounds,…