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mac os bug sur unsupported on mac
Mac How To

Big Sur on Unsupported Mac 

Big Sur on unsupported Mac Installing Big Sur on an unsupported Mac can’t be done the regular way through System Preferences > Software update. However, if the machine’s not too old, there’s still a way to install Big Sur on an unsupported Mac using a specially developed patcher tool. Big…

102 error on mac
Mac How To

Error 102 Mac Solutions 

About Mac OS update error 102 Mac update error 102 is a relatively common problem with Mac computers that occurs when trying to update a certain apps in the Apple Store or when installing unauthored software. It can have more then one cause, including corrupted files, firewall issues, accumulation of…

Apple app store hacked malware

Malicious apps found in Apple’s App Store 

Nearly two percent of the most popular applications in the Apple App Store found to be malicious, according to an analysis from The Washington Post. Apple’s latest investigation into the App Store shows how common fraud is in the digital marketplace, as well as how much money the Cupertino-based company…

Apple Music Not Working on mac
Mac How To

Apple Music Not Working 

Apple Music is not working iOS and Mac Apple Music not working is a type of iOS/macOS issue that could have several causes. It can be related to the user’s inability to play certain songs, the total unresponsiveness of the app, or problems with some of the app’s features. For…