Еthics Policy

Ethics Policy

Our work ethics have always been based on protecting our sources, being honest as journalists, and giving our readers the information they need to make informed decisions. All of our editorial staff are required to abide by this.

Editorial independence

Under no circumstances should we be obligated to report a story in a specific way or support a certain viewpoint that would contradict our own research and judgment.

Reporters are not allowed to cover businesses in which they have financial or other conflicts of interest.

Publications about upcoming products, projections, forecasts, or leaks would be explicitly labeled as such and given a tag that reflects their calculated legitimacy.

We may request and obtain review samples from the manufacturer for the sake of testing; however, we will disclose any such requests in the review’s introduction, and they will have no bearing on the publication’s findings or conclusions.

Any sponsored material must be labeled as such and must come with a disclaimer (an “Ethics disclaimer”) warning users that the content was not written in-house.

Verification of facts

Before being published, all articles undergo a thorough fact-checking procedure, known as the “four-eyes” process, in which at least two senior staff members check the story and provide feedback.

The editorial team will do their best to verify any claims made in a publication that includes projections, upcoming products, forecasts, or leaks.

Protecting sources

SSMN LTD. employees may often interact with named or anonymous industry sources. In order to keep our sources safe, we must adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) aimed at protecting their privacy and the confidentiality of their conversations.

When an SSMN LTD. reporter agrees to keep a source anonymous, whether the conversation takes place “on background”, “off the record,” or “on the record,” that agreement will not be violated and will be respected in full.

Standards of Professional Conduct

The editorial staff at SSMN LTD. does the best in their professional ability to pursue the truth, protect sources, decrease the likelihood of damage to any party, and ensure the greatest degree of accuracy in all of our work.

Personal Investing

We permit reporters to invest in companies they believe in; however, in such a case, any interest (or future interest happening within 30 days) must be clearly mentioned in every publication about the company that they are part of. The copy must also include a declaration and disclosure of any additional prospective interests.

Edits and Updates

If an error is found in a publication, our editorial team will quickly correct it or bring it up to date.

A note detailing the correction or update and the time it was made will be included at the very top of the article. We may need to replace the offending material with a revised one but be assured that any edits will be noted in the corrections log at the article’s introduction.

Without further notice, we reserve the right to include in published articles any subsequently discovered relevant updates (that do not differ from the argument presented in the original article but do contribute to it).

We reserve the right to remove any material if we determine that it violates intellectual property rights or if we receive a DMCA takedown notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Ethics Policy outlined in this document, please contact us at [email protected]