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Show Battery Percentage MacOS Big Sur

Instruction to show battery on Big sur

Apple’s latest Mac OS “Big Sur” took a step backwards on their “user experience” when adjusting the battery indicator from a simple icon to showing percentages. The instructions below work for an type of Mac that is running on MacOS Big Sur

How To show Battery Percentage on Mac OS Big Sur

  1. From the menu bar click on System Preferences
  2. Click over Doc & Menu Bar icon
  3. Go to Battery tab
  4. Mark Show Percentage check box

Useful Battery options on Big Sur

Extend Battery life  

Show battery health 

You can check the health of your battery in Battery preferences or the Battery status menu:

Show Battery Icon

If you would like to switch back to the battery icon, you can use the instructions above to revert back. 

Show Time left to Full Charge

While charging your macbook go to the battery icon, there it will show an estimation of the time it will take to fully charge

Run diagnostics

When in doubt run Big Sur’s built-in diagnostics that are available on your Macbook to troubleshoot issues. Learn how to use Apple Diagnostics on your Mac.

Big Sur with M1 Silicon Battery 

The percentage of macs on the new M1 chip will dramatically rise during the upcoming year. So far most reviews have shown a dramatic rise in battery life. Techcrunch has released an in-depth review on battery life with the new chip. 

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