Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom on Mac

Calling all Mac gamers! If you thought the excitement of playing the highly anticipated Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom was exclusive to Nintendo Switch owners, you’ll be thrilled to hear there’s a way for Mac users to join in on the fun, too. Although there isn’t a native macOS version of the game, we’re here to guide you through a method of emulation that can help you play Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom on Mac.

Zedla Tears Of The Kingdom on Mac

Zelda for macOS

It’s true that the world of Hyrule, brought to life in the enthralling Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, has been designed with Nintendo’s platform in mind. Yet, despite the lack of a Zelda for macOS release, Mac gamers can still journey through the game’s vibrant world by harnessing the power of a Nintendo Switch emulator. The method of emulation, basically, replicates the functionality of the Nintendo Switch on your Mac, so you can play its games without needing the actual console. This is a bit of a workaround, but for the love of gaming, it’s worth it!

Zelda for macOS

Zelda on Mac M1

If you’re rocking a Mac with the latest Apple silicon chip, you might be wondering about its ability to run Zelda on Mac M1. The Apple silicon chips are impressive in terms of power, but they can’t directly run the game. However, you can still enjoy Zelda on Mac M1 by using an emulator that works for Nintendo Switch games. In fact, thanks to the M1 chip’s power and efficiency, you might even notice smoother gameplay and faster load times when playing Zelda on Mac M1.

Zelda on Mac M1

Is there a Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Emulator?

Indeed there is a Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Emulator that you can use and its name is Ryujinx. This emulator for the Nintendo Switch is the key to unlocking the fun of Zelda: TOTK on Mac. As an open-source project, Ryujinx is continually updated and improved by a community of passionate developers. You can access the Tears of the Kingdom emulator download file from the official Ryujinx website.

Play Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom on Mac

Before we proceed, let’s make it clear that you’ll need a game file for Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom to use with the method that we will describe below. This can be obtained from your own Nintendo Switch console, following guidelines available online for safe and legal extraction.

We promote legal gaming practices, so if you want to play Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on your Mac, you’ll need to ensure you own the game legally and have a jailbroken Nintendo Switch to obtain the necessary game files. We won’t provide any links to these files, but we’ll explain the steps involved.

To start, download the Ryujinx emulator, which is regularly updated by its developers. Make sure to get the latest version. Install the emulator on your Mac after downloading it. Then, you’ll need to acquire the game files from your jailbroken Nintendo Switch. This part can be a bit complex, but there are plenty of online resources available to assist you with the process. As soon as you have the game files, follow the instructions below. To help you with the process of running Zelda: TOTK on Mac, we’ve put together a straightforward guide on how to play Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom on Mac using the Ryujinx emulator:

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom on Mac using the Ryujinx emulator
  1. Visit the official Ryujinx website and download the latest version of the Ryujinx emulator for Mac.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the file and move the Ryujinx application to your Applications folder.
  3. Set Up Firmware and Prod Keys: Obtain the title.keys and prod.keys files from your Nintendo Switch and place them in the correct location on your Mac system folder.
  4. Install Firmware: In Ryujinx, go to Tools > Install Firmware > Install a Firmware from a Directory. Navigate to your downloaded firmware folder and press Open, then confirm the installation.
  5. Add Game Library: In Ryujinx, go to Options > Settings > Game Directories and add the folder containing your Switch game files.
  6. Update Game: Right-click on the game in your library and click Manage Title Updates. Add the latest update file for the game.
  7. Download and Apply FPS Patch: Download the 30fps and 60fps patches from the provided link. Extract the files and copy the patch you want to use. Right-click on the game in your library, click Open Mods Directory, and paste the patch into this folder.
  8. Pair a Controller: Put your controller (e.g., a Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller) into pairing mode. In your Mac’s System Settings, go to Bluetooth and connect to your controller.
  9. Set Up Controller in Ryujinx: In Ryujinx, go to Options > Settings and select your controller as the input device for Player One.
  10. Play the Game: Double-click on the game in your Ryujinx library to launch it.

Remember, using an emulator involves some legal considerations. It’s important to only use game files you’ve legally obtained from your own Nintendo Switch console. Also, note that performance can vary depending on your specific Mac hardware and the current state of the Ryujinx emulator.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review

Diving back into the fantasy realm of Hyrule has never felt more exciting than with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This Nintendo game exceeds expectations, offering a deeply immersive narrative, well-crafted environments, and groundbreaking gameplay mechanics that make it an action-adventure like no other.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Review

The World of Hyrule

In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, you play as the beloved hero, Link, and are set to traverse the Kingdom of Hyrule, a realm filled with inspiring locations – from dense forests and majestic mountain ranges, to endless deserts and small coastal villages. Every corner of this vast world vibrates with life, brimming with intricate side quests, hidden treasures, and intriguing characters, each bearing unique tales. Hyrule is a world full of surprises, inviting you to test your skills.

Combat Mechanics

The combat system in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom is as flexible as it is electrifying. Whether you wield a variety of weapons, harness the power of magic, or raise your shield, each confrontation is a dynamic encounter, demanding strategic foresight. The boss encounters are particularly captivating, testing your blend of skills, tactics, and environmental perception to the limits.

Intricate Puzzles

The Zelda games are famous for their complex puzzles, and Tears of the Kingdom is no different. The puzzles in the latest installment are cleverly integrated into the game’s story, constantly challenging your problem-solving abilities. Some puzzles might leave you scratching your head for a while, but the feeling of triumph that accompanies their solution is truly unmatched.

Sound design

The auditory landscape of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation. The familiar tunes intermingled with fresh compositions blend with the diverse environments, encapsulating Hyrule’s atmosphere. The sound effects of the rustling leaves and the clashing blades serve to increase the immersion, taking you deep within the game’s reality.


Visually, Zelda: TOTK has everything that is needed to catch your attention. The game’s vibrant color palette, intricate character designs, and the overall aesthetic of the world of Hyrule craft a mesmerizing visual atmosphere. Every landscape—from the sunlit and the green fields to the ominous, shadow-strewn dungeons, the game looks like a work of art in motion, a visual feast to be savored.


The spirited community that revolves around Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom serves as a testament to its impact. The community of fans, ever-ready to share experiences, strategies, and discoveries, has transformed the game into a social nexus for players across the globe.


Whether you are an old fan of the Zelda games, or you are new to the franchise, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom promises an indelible experience for your gamer’s heart. It brings us back to the realm of Hyrule, a world steeped in lore and wonder, and teeming with epic adventures to break the barriers of traditional action-adventure games by providing an immersive storyline, intricately designed environments, and innovative gameplay mechanics.