Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a shooting video game with elements of action and adventure. The game is the sixth major installment in the Wolfenstein series, and it takes place in a fictional 1960s Europe where the Nazis have won World War II. The plot revolves around a character called William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, a military hero who is determined to prevent the Nazis from taking over the world.


Players take on the role of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, who has been a playable main character in all Wolfenstein games so far.

The game is split up into different levels, which are mostly explored on foot from a first-person perspective. The gameplay involves breaking into secret research facilities, underwater exploration, sneaking into heavily guarded weapon stashes, and fighting with high-tech Nazi squads.

The story is organized into chapters that must be completed in order to progress. The game’s storyline is affected by a moral choice made by the player in the prologue, with characters and events being changed based on that choice.


Players have access to a broad array of weapons in the game, which they may pick up off the ground or loot from fallen foes. Ammunition must also be scavenged from the ground or from enemies that have been killed.

Players may collect as many weapons as they can fit into their inventory. Some of these weapons allow for dual-wielding, giving them an advantage over their enemies. Players can modify their weapons in a number of ways via upgrades.


Combat is intense and immersive, with tough and realistic battles. In each level, players must defeat various enemies in order to advance the plot.

They can use melee attacks and explosives and can run, leap, and even swim to avoid strikes and navigate the environment. 

A cover system that allows players to lean around different objects can be used as a tactical advantage in combat to help them distract or kill enemies silently without being spotted.

Alternately, they can engage in direct battle, which often ends in a ferocious exchange of gunfire.

The player’s health is divided into sections that regenerate over time. If they lose a whole section, they’ll need to use a health pack to get back to full strength.

Game design and sound

The developers of the game have made extensive use of the id Tech 5 engine (a product of id Software) to render the game environment with stunning realism. The game doesn’t shine with dynamic lighting effects, but, on the other hand, the static lighting is really good, which makes objects in the world look authentic.

The music in the game is given a lot of attention by the development team. The soundtrack is inspired by music from the ’60s. The sound effects during combat are genuine enough to convince you that you are right in the center of the action.


Wolfenstein: The New Order is a shooter that combines action-packed combat, drama, and intrigue in an interesting narrative. The game does not support multiplayer, but it has got everything that you need for an ultimate first-person adventure.

Can you play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac?

Mac owners who want to play Wolfenstein: The New Order on their machine may be glad to learn that the game can run on a Mac. However, a macOS version of the game is not officially available. Due to this, players of Wolfenstein: The New Order will need to resort to some workaround ways to play the game on their Mac.

A quick and convenient option is to use a virtualization program like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant to run Windows on a Mac and then download and install the Windows version of Wolfenstein: The New Order. More details about this method and the programs that can help you can be found in the links below.

How to download Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac?

It is necessary to run a Windows virtual machine on your Mac in order to install Wolfenstein: The New Order and play it. Using Windows emulation software like Parallels or Apple’s Boot Camp Assistant (for Intel Macs only) makes the installation a snap, even if it may appear hard at first.

Once you have created a Windows environment on your Mac, you can purchase Wolfenstein: The New Order from a gaming store and install it using the store’s client just like you would do when you install games on a Windows PC.

How to Play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac?

You can play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac after you install Windows on your Mac via Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant.

First, however, you will need to get the game.

Next, you need to choose a method to play:

MethodsWho is it for?
BootCampFor those who don’t mind sacrificing visual fidelity and performance to get a native experience.

Parallels Virtual MachineFor those willing to let their mac run hot in order to get adequate performance in a native experience

How to play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac M1?

You can play Wolfenstein: The New Order on your Mac M1. All you need is a Mac and a virtualization program like Parallels to run Windows in a sandbox on macOS and play the game there. Using this method, you can download and install Windows games directly on your Mac and enjoy them as if you are using a real Windows PC.

Remember that you can’t use Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows on a Mac M1 since it isn’t compatible with the M1 CPU architecture.

If you need additional information about the program we discussed, feel free to visit the links listed below.

Play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac with Parallels

You can play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac (M1 and Intel models) by installing Windows on your Mac with Parallels. Read our detailed guide.

Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

You can play Wolfenstein: The New Order on Mac (Intel models only) by installing Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant. Read our detailed guide.