Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac

Venturing into the world of Watch Dogs: Legion provides an immersive and engaging gaming experience. However, despite the game’s popularity, there is no official version for Watch Dogs Legion on macOS. This lack of native support might seem like a deal-breaker, but there are various methods to overcome this barrier and get Watch Dogs: Legion running on your Mac. In this article, we’ll explain these methods, providing you with a detailed guide on how to play Watch Dogs: Legion on your Mac.

Can you play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac?

Owing to the absence of official macOS support, playing Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac isn’t a walk in the park. But that’s not to say it’s impossible. By using virtualization software like Parallels or Boot Camp, you can create a Windows environment on your Mac, allowing you to run the Windows version of Watch Dogs: Legion. Another avenue is cloud gaming services like GeForce Now, which streams the game to your Mac from a remote server. While these methods involve additional steps, they present viable alternatives to native macOS gaming.

What about playing Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac M1?

If you are an owner of a new Apple Silicon Mac, there are ways to run Watch Dogs: Legion on your Mac M1/M2 machine. Parallels can be used to create a Windows environment on your Mac M1 for installing the Windows version of Watch Dogs: Legion. GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service that supports Mac M1, provides another way. It can be used to stream Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac M1, eliminating the need for additional software installation.

How to download Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac?

Downloading Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac requires creating a Windows environment on your device with virtualization software like Parallels or Boot Camp. Once this environment is created, you can buy and download the Windows version of the game from an online store. Another option is subscribing to GeForce Now, which lets you play the game without installing it on your Mac.

How to Play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac

To play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac, you have two options. Use virtualization software to create a Windows environment on your Mac and run the Windows version of the game. Or, stream the game to your Mac using GeForce Now. Of course, to do that, you first need to purchase the game. You can get it on Steam, or Epic Games, or check for a discount from CD Keys and then create a virtual machine on your Mac with the help of the virtualization programs below:

Play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac with Parallels

If you want to download “Watch Dogs Legion” on Mac and play it locally, Parallels is a suitable choice. This software allows you to install a Windows Virtual Machine on your macOS, paving the way for the installation of the game. This is an excellent solution for both Intel-based and M1-based Macs.

Play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac with Boot Camp

For those using Intel-based Macs, Boot Camp Assistant is another handy tool. It allows you to install Windows on a separate partition on your Mac, enabling you to switch between macOS and Windows as needed. After installing Windows with Boot Camp, you can download and install Watch Dogs: Legion within your Windows partition.

Play Watch Dogs: Legion on Mac with GeForce Now

Another convenient method is to use the cloud gaming service GeForce Now. The benefit of this method is the elimination of the need for local installation on your Mac. It lets you play Watch Dogs: Legion on your Mac by streaming it from a powerful remote server. This solution saves you from taking up valuable disk space and allows you to enjoy the game even if your Mac doesn’t have the most powerful hardware.

Watch Dogs: Legion Review

In Watch Dogs: Legion is an action-adventure game where you become part of an underground resistance fighting to liberate London from a surveillance state and executing daring missions. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, this game takes the Watch Dogs series to new heights, offering a unique gameplay experience that revolves around recruiting and playing as any character you encounter in the open-world setting.

A Revolutionary Gameplay Concept:

The standout feature in this game is the ability to recruit and play as any character you encounter in the game world. Gone are the days of having a single protagonist; now, you have the power to build your resistance team from a diverse roster of characters, each with their own skills, abilities, and backstories. Whether it’s a skilled hacker, a street-savvy brawler, or a drone expert, the choice is yours. This innovative gameplay concept adds a layer of depth and strategy, making every playthrough a unique experience.

A Vibrant and Dynamic Open World:

London is the main place where the events of the game develop and it looks captivating and immersive in Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft has recreated the iconic landmarks, streets, and neighborhoods of the city in a great way, providing players with a stunning open-world playground to explore. From the bustling streets of Camden Market to the towering skyscrapers of the City of London, every corner of the city feels alive with its own distinct atmosphere and secrets to uncover. You will be amazed by the attention to detail and the dynamic day-night cycle that affects the city’s activities and inhabitants.

Gameplay With A Focus On Hacking and Stealth:

As a hacker, your primary tool in Watch Dogs: Legion is your ability to manipulate the interconnected systems of the city. Whether it’s hacking into security cameras, hijacking drones, or overriding traffic lights, the power to control the city’s infrastructure is at your fingertips. As you play, you’ll have to combine your hacking skills with stealthy takedowns and strategic planning to infiltrate enemy strongholds and complete missions. The game offers a satisfying blend of action-packed combat and brain-teasing puzzles, giving you the freedom to approach challenges in your own unique style.

Recruit, Customize, and Upgrade:

Building your resistance team is a key aspect of Watch Dogs: Legion. With the “Play as Anyone” feature, you can recruit and play as any NPC in the game, each with their own abilities and skills. This allows you to engage in dynamic recruitment missions, convince potential allies to join your cause, and unlock their full potential. Additionally, the game offers a deep customization system, allowing you to tailor your characters’ appearance, skills, and loadouts to suit your playstyle. You can earn experience points to level up your recruits and unlock new abilities, making them even more formidable assets in your fight against oppression.

Engrossing Storyline and Side Missions:

Watch Dogs: Legion presents a gripping narrative that delves into the dark underbelly of a near-future London. You play as part of DedSec, the hacktivist group fighting for justice, and throughout the game you uncover a conspiracy that threatens the city’s freedom. Alongside the main storyline, the game is filled with engaging side missions and activities, offering hours of additional gameplay and opportunities to further explore the richly detailed world. From rescuing hostages to infiltrating high-security facilities, every mission adds depth to the overall narrative and provides a sense of progression.


Watch Dogs: Legion is a game that pushes the boundaries of open-world gameplay, offering a revolutionary experience where every character matters. The ability to recruit and play as anyone provides endless possibilities and a refreshing take on storytelling. Whether you’re infiltrating enemy strongholds, manipulating the city’s infrastructure, or uncovering a conspiracy that threatens London, this title has it all to keep you on the edge of your seat with its engrossing storyline and captivating missions.