Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac

While gaming on Mac has come a long way, there are still games that are not natively supported on macOS, and Stranded: Alien Dawn is one of them. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this fantastic game on your Mac. In this article, we’ll explore workarounds that allow you to play Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac, so let’s dive in!

Can you play Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac?

Unfortunately, you cannot play Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac natively. However, you can still enjoy the game on your macOS using workaround solutions like Boot Camp for Intel-based Macs. This method require a bit more effort, but it is worth it if you’re eager to experience the game on your Mac.

What about playing Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac M1?

Speaking of playing Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac M1, you should know that many games are not designed to run on the Arm-based architecture of the M1 chip. This is because most games are developed and optimized for the x86 architecture, which has been the standard in the PC industry for decades. Additionally, game developers need to update their games to run on the M1 architecture. While Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation software can help some apps run on M1 Macs, it may not work for all games.

Of course, there are ways to run Windows and x86 applications on an Mac. For instance, Boot Camp is a tool that allows you to install Windows on a Mac and run Windows applications natively, but it relies on the x86 architecture, which is different from the Arm-based architecture used in the M1 chip, therefore, it is not officially supported on Macs with the M1 chip. So, if you’re a gamer who wants to play games on Mac, it’s best to consider using a Windows PC or a Mac with an Intel processor if you want to run games through Boot Camp.

How to download Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac?

To download Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac, you’ll need to download the Windows version of the game since there is no native veersion available for macOS,. You can purchase and download the game from the official Stranded: Alien Dawn website or other digital distribution platforms like Steam. To play the game on your Mac, you’ll need to set up a Windows environment with Boot Camp, which we’ll discuss in more detail below.

How to Play Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac

As mentioned above, playing Stranded: Alien Dawn on your Mac requires a workaround. Boot Camp is a program that allows you to run Windows alongside macOS on Intel-based Macs. Once you’ve set up Boot Camp and installed Windows, you can download and install the Windows version of Stranded: Alien Dawn and enjoy the game. But first, you need to get the game:

Play Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac with Boot Camp

For those who own an Intel-based Mac and want to delve into the exciting world of Stranded: Alien Dawn on Mac, it is possible to use Boot Camp Assistant to set up a separate partition on their Mac. This partition is dedicated to running Windows, and the game can be downloaded and played within this newly-created partition.

It’s important to note that this approach has certain limitations. Firstly, it only works for Intel-based Macs, which means that users who have newer devices with Apple’s M1 chip won’t be able to take advantage of this option. Secondly, while playing the game within the Windows partition can still be enjoyable, the performance and optimization may not match that of a dedicated gaming PC.

Despite these limitations, those who are up for the challenge can follow our comprehensive guide below, which provides all the necessary information and guidance to get started.

Stranded: Alien Dawn Review

Stranded: Alien Dawn is an immersive survival colony builder game that combines various elements to create an engaging and memorable gaming experience. With its unique scenarios and in-depth gameplay, Stranded: Alien Dawn will captivate players as they try to keep their colonists alive on an alien planet. In this review, we’ll explore what makes this game a must-play for Mac gamers and why it’s worth your time.

A Familiar Yet Unique Premise

Stranded: Alien Dawn starts with a premise we’ve seen before: keeping a group of colonists alive on an alien planet while facing challenges like food shortages, alien attacks, harsh weather, diseases, and personality conflicts. However, the game’s unique storytelling and gameplay elements set it apart from similar titles, providing players with an engrossing experience filled with disaster, survival, occasional comedy, and high-stakes rescues.

Crash and Learn: Varied Scenarios

The game offers a variety of starting scenarios, including a military base setup where players must protect their communication station from alien swarms or a frontier outpost scenario where players establish trade with orbiting ships to eventually buy the entire planet. The most engaging scenario, however, is the crash landing, which provides a true survival story. Players start with their survivors surrounding their burning spaceship wreckage and must quickly begin gathering resources, constructing shelters, and researching new technologies to ensure their survival.

Managing Your Crew: A Complex Challenge

The game’s complexity lies in managing your crew of survivors. Each colonist has different skill levels for activities like combat, construction, and crafting, as well as unique personality traits that affect their happiness and efficiency. Learning each colonist’s quirks is crucial for avoiding negative behaviors and ensuring your crew remains productive.

Stranded: Alien Dawn provides a flexible system for managing your crew, allowing you to set hourly schedules, prioritize tasks, and even take direct control of your colonists during critical moments. With a wealth of technology at your disposal, you’ll constantly be deciding what to research and build next to ensure the success of your colony.

Alien vs. Homesteader: Realistic Ailments and Conditions

Your colonists will face various ailments and physical conditions, some of which existed before their arrival on the alien planet. These quirks and conditions help transform your colonists into more than just anonymous figures; they become characters you genuinely care about or, at times, really dislike.

A Rare Ending in Survival Games

Stranded: Alien Dawn stands out for having an actual ending in its crash landing scenario. Players must build communication arrays to signal passing ships, sending their colonists to safety one by one. As your colony’s population dwindles, the game becomes more challenging and intense, making for a thrilling conclusion.

Adjustable Difficulty and Minor Issues

The game offers adjustable difficulty levels, ranging from peaceful modes with docile aliens and happiness bonuses to more challenging options with frequent disasters and increased insect attacks. However, the game’s procedurally generated maps could be more interesting, and colonist AI and pathfinding could use some improvements.


Despite its minor issues, Stranded: Alien Dawn is a fantastic survival colony builder game that offers plenty of complexity and engaging gameplay for Mac gamers. Its unique scenarios, in-depth crew management system, and captivating storytelling make it a must-play for fans of the genre.