Stardew Valley on Mac

If you are eager to play Stardew Valley on Mac, then the easiest and simplest option is to download the native version of the game from Steam. This beloved indie game has a native version for Apple machines, meaning that there’s no need to implement workarounds in order to enjoy it on your computer. However, there are several alternative methods to play Stardew Valley on Mac, namely, cloud gaming platforms such as Boosteroid, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and GeForce Now. These platforms also let you play many other games on your Mac, most of which aren’t even supported for Apple computers. Whichever method you choose to use, you can find them all explained further down this page.

Can I play Stardew Valley on Mac?

Yes, you can play Stardew Valley on Mac. The game has a macOS version available, allowing you to enjoy the game directly on your Mac computer.

How to get Stardew Valley on Mac?

To get Stardew Valley on your Mac, follow these steps:
1. Open a web browser and go to the game’s page on the Steam store (
2. On the Steam store page, click on the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to purchase the game.
4. Complete the purchase process by following the instructions provided.
5. After the purchase is complete, you can download and install Stardew Valley on your Mac using the platform’s installation process.

Does Stardew Valley work on Mac?

Yes, Stardew Valley is compatible with Mac. The game has a macOS version, allowing it to run smoothly on Mac computers.

Are there Stardew Valley mods for Mac?

Yes, it is possible to install mods for Stardew Valley on Mac. The process may vary depending on the modding tools or platforms you use. One popular tool for managing Stardew Valley mods on Mac is “SMAPI” (Stardew Modding API). You can visit the official SMAPI website ( for instructions on how to install and use mods with Stardew Valley on Mac.

Is Stardew Valley cross platform?

Yes, Stardew Valley supports cross platform play in certain scenarios. Cross-platform multiplayer is available between PC and Mac versions of the game. This means that if you are playing Stardew Valley on Mac, you can play with friends who are playing on a PC, and vice versa. However, cross platform play is not supported for all platforms, such as consoles or mobile devices.

Is there Stardew Valley for Mac?

There is a Stardew Valley for Mac version that Apple users can download from Steam. The game is also available in the Apple App Store, but it’s only supported for iOS and iPadOS, meaning that you cannot download the game from there and play it on your Mac. As for the Steam version, to get it, you’ll first need to purchase it, then download and install the macOS Steam client, open the app, and log in to access your library. All that’s left to do to get Stardew Valley for Mac is to find the game, click Install, and approve the installation. After a little, the game will be ready for you to start playing.

Stardew Valley MacBook compatibility

There is full Stardew Valley MacBook compatibility, as the game can be easily be played on both Intel and Apple Silicon machines. The macOS version of the game is native to Intel Macs and Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation layer seamlessly brings the game to M1 and M2 Mac models. Note that you don’t need to do anything to get Rosetta 2 other than to agree to its installation if you see a prompt for it when starting the game. As already mentioned, in addition to the full Stardew Valley MacBook support, the game is also available in multiple cloud gaming platforms, giving you extra options to play it on your Mac.

Stardew Valley Mac download options

As we mentioned, to perform a Stardew Valley Mac download, it’s enough to install Steam on your Mac and then download the game through it. Currently, Steam is the only place where the game is available for Mac. However, you can check its page on the Humble Bundle store, from where you may be able to purchase its Steam version at a discount. Note that if you choose to play the game using cloud gaming, you won’t need to perform a Stardew Valley Mac download as then the game will be streamed over the Internet to your machine. Still, the game is very small (about 500 MB) and has low system requirements, so pretty much any Mac released in the past decade should be able to run it hassle-free.

How to play Stardew Valley on Mac

There are two viable ways to play Stardew Valley on a Mac. The first and most straightforward one is to simply get the game from Steam, following the instructions we have added below. The second method is the already mentioned use of a cloud gaming platform to stream the game. Since this game is really small and has very low system requirements, even weaker and older Macs shouldn’t have any problems running it, so there’s typically no reason to use cloud gaming to play Stardew Valley on Mac. If, however, you’d also like the opportunity of being able to play other, more demanding games on your Mac and/or games that aren’t supported for macOS, then the cloud gaming option becomes very viable.

How to download Stardew Valley on Mac through Steam

  1. To download Stardew Valley on Mac through Steam, first go to the store’s site and log in (or register if you don’t already have a Steam account).
  2. Next search for the game, open its Steam page, click Add to Cart, then click Purchase for myself, and enter the required payment details to finish your purchase. Alternatively, you can purchase the game from the CD Keys link available below and get the game at a discount.
  3. Next, click Install Steam from the top and download and install the macOS version of the Steam client.
  4. Launch the Steam client, log in, and go to your games’ library.
  5. Find the game, click Install and then click Next to download Stardew Valley on your Mac. Once the process completes, you can click Play to start Stardew Valley.

Play Stardew Valley on Mac with Boosteroiod

Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform that allows you to run different games on their servers and stream them to your Mac. This is a great option especially if your Mac is an older one, doesn’t have enough disk space for downloading and installing games or doesn’t meet certain system requirements. You don’t need to set up anything to play, and after you register, you can have access to a rich Library of top-rated games. Here is how to play Stardew Valley on Mac with Boosteroid:

1. Click on the button below and go to the Boosteroid website, then sign up using your email address.

2. Log in to your account and click on your profile name in the top-right corner, and select the Subscribe option.

3. Choose a payment method and subscription plan from the available options, and provide the necessary payment information to start your Boosteroid subscription.

4. Use the search icon at the top of the website to search for “Stardew Valley.” Then select the game from the search results and click on the Play button.

5. Agree to link your Steam Store account to Boosteroid by clicking “OK, let’s go.”

6, After the initial loading, enter your Steam Store login details. Stardew Valley will start loading in a few seconds, and you can begin playing the game.

7. For a more immersive experience, set your browser to Full-Screen mode and hide the toolbar, which will only appear when you bring the pointer to the top of the screen.

Play Stardew Valley on Mac with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming (XCloud) is another cloud platform that features Stardew Valley in its library. To get access to the platform, you’ll need to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, which also allows you to play hundreds of other games included in the subscription plan without needing to own them. Like Stardew Valley, most of these games are available in the XCloud service, so you don’t need to worry about macOS compatibility. Here’s how to get your Game Pass Ultimate subscription and play Stardew Valley through the XCloud platform:

1. Begin by following the link below. Click ‘Join’, and log in with your Microsoft account (or create one now if you don’t already have an account). Then choose the Game Pass Ultimate Plan, and input the necessary payment details to start your subscription.

  • We recommend using XCloud through the Google Chrome or the Mozilla Firefox browsers for best experience.

2. After subscription, click the Game Pass menu, then click on Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)​, and search for the game in the search bar. Now is the time to connect a game controller to your Mac if you have one.

  • If you don’t have a controller, add this extension to your browser and enable it.

3. Finally, click Play to start the game. If you are using the aforementioned extension, click in the center of your screen to start using it.

Play Stardew Valley on Mac with GeForce Now

The next cloud gaming service that allows you to stream Stardew Valley over the Internet is Nvidia’s GeForce Now. For more detailed instructions on how to use GeForce Now, click on this button:

Games Like Stardew Valley

With a game as universally adored as Stardew Valley, it’s no surprise that the developers have made it accessible to as many players as possible. So, whether you’re an experienced farmer or about to plant your first crop, Stardew Valley on Mac offers a rewarding, engaging experience.

If you love this title and want to explore more games in the same vein, consider checking out titles like Coral Island, Harvestella, Farthest Frontier or Farming Simulator. They offer similar relaxing gameplay mechanics, charming worlds, and heartwarming stories.

Stardew Valley Review: A Harvest of Whimsy for Mac Users Everywhere

Ah, the sweet, gentle pitter-patter of rain on a tin roof, the thrill of discovering a new crop sprouting from the soil, and the sheer joy of turning a cluttered patch of land into a thriving farmstead. Such is the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, a game that offers Mac users an escape into the idyllic life of farming, mingling with townsfolk, and perhaps a hint of magical realism. So, as your friendly neighborhood game reviewer, I took it upon myself to dive deep into Stardew Valley on Mac to find out what makes it the apple (or should I say ‘crop’?) of so many players’ eyes.

Pixelated Paradise

Firstly, let’s talk about aesthetics. At first glance, the pixel-art design might make you reminisce about the 90s era of gaming. But within minutes, it becomes apparent that the rich and vibrant colors, intricate designs, and overall visual appeal of Stardew Valley are anything but dated. Every season brings a fresh palette, with blooming cherry blossoms in spring and golden-hued leaves in fall. For a game that’s as much about soaking in the surroundings as it is about activities, Stardew Valley Mac version doesn’t disappoint. It’s pixel perfection.

Farm, Fish, Forage, and…Fight?

The primary objective is simple: turn Grandpa’s old farm into a bustling agrarian utopia. But there’s a delightful twist. Beyond just planting potatoes, you can fish for the wildest catch in serene lakes, delve deep into mysterious caves battling creatures, and even forage rare materials in the wild. The variety ensures that monotony is a term you forget while in Stardew Valley.

But farming isn’t just throwing seeds to the wind and hoping for the best. No siree! It’s about strategizing crop layouts, maximizing profits, and perhaps even wooing a fellow villager or two with the perfect pumpkin during the Stardew Valley Fair.

Quirky Inhabitants & Engaging Storylines

If you think the game is all about silently tilling the soil and watering plants, you’re in for a surprise. The heart of Stardew Valley lies in its community. The Pelican Town is bustling with diverse personalities, from the enigmatic wizard to the hardworking blacksmith. Engaging with them isn’t just about a quick chat; it’s about immersing in their unique stories, challenges, dreams, and the occasional town drama. Stardew Valley on Mac makes social interactions delightful, occasionally serving a dose of humor so sharp you’d wish you wore protective farming gloves!

Catered for Mac Users

Stardew Valley Mac version is smooth, responsive, and perfectly adapted for the platform. The game understands its audience, ensuring that Mac users don’t feel left out in the cold, much like how a farmer wouldn’t leave their crops unattended in winter. There’s an undeniable seamlessness in gameplay, whether you’re fishing by the riverside or chasing down a runaway chicken.


Stardew Valley isn’t just a game; it’s an experience. It’s the comfort food of the gaming world, where every bite (or byte) offers warmth, satisfaction, and perhaps a touch of nostalgia. The intricate dynamics of farm management, combined with the allure of exploration and relationship-building, make it a delightful package.

It’s no exaggeration to say that playing Stardew Valley on Mac is like brewing the perfect cup of morning coffee – it’s warm, comforting, and gives you just the right jolt to begin your day. If you’re searching for a game that balances relaxation with challenge and monotony with surprise, then Stardew Valley is the pixelated paradise you’ve been seeking.

So, Mac users, grab your digital pitchforks, don that straw hat, and immerse yourself in a world where the biggest challenge might just be choosing between a potato and a parsnip. Happy farming!