Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac

There is no official support for Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac, therefore you’ll have to use a third-party app or a workaround if you want to play it on your computer. In this article, we will go through some of the workaround options available, such as Boosteroid Cloud Gaming and Parallels, that will allow you to play this and other games that weren’t originally designed for macOS on your Mac.

Can you play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac?

There is currently no way to play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on a Mac natively, as the game does not support the macOS operating system. The good news is that you can play Windows games like this one on a Mac with a little bit of work. The Boosteroid cloud gaming service is the easiest and the quickest option. Virtualization software, such as Parallels, is another viable alternative. Both of these solutions are great ways to play Windows games like Like a Dragon: Ishin! on a Mac, and the latter also makes it possible to run Windows programs in a separate window on your macOS.

You may also use Boot Camp to run Windows software on your Mac. With it, you can easily install Windows on your Mac, then boot the machine and start playing. The newest Silicon-based Macs cannot run Boot Camp, though, so the program can only be used with Intel-based Macs.

What about playing Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac M1?

If you want to play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on a Mac M1 machine, there are two solutions that you can use to enjoy the game. The first one that we suggest is to subscribe to Boosteroid, a reliable cloud gaming service that supports this and other great and popular games for live streaming. The second solution is to install Windows on macOS with the help of an emulator such as Parallels. The whole set of instructions for these two methods can be found below.

How to download Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac?

To download Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac, the user must first have Microsoft Windows installed on their Mac machine. It’s possible to do so in one of the following ways: create a new partition of your hard drive using Boot Camp Assistant (which is only supported on Macs with Intel processors) or utilize a third-party software solution.

How to Play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac

To play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac you need to select between subscribing to a cloud gaming platform or installing a Windows OS on your macOS. If you don’t know how to do that, please follow the steps below.

First, however, you will need to get the game.

Next, you need to choose a method to play:

Play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac with Boosteroid

1. Click on the button bellow to go to Boosteroid and create a new account or sign up with your existing Google profile.

2. After that, go top-right on the Boosteroid site and open your account page, select Subscribe, and choose a plan that best fits your gaming needs. Then, provide the required payment details to activate your Boosteroid subscription.

3. Use the search bar top right to search for the game and click on Install & Play.

4. Confirm to connect your Boosteroid account to Steam, enter your Steam credentials in the window on the screen, follow the steps that appear, and log in to start playing Like a Dragon: Ishin! through Boosteroid.

Play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac with Parallels

You can play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac (M1 and Intel models) by installing Windows on your Mac with Parallels. Read our detailed guide.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

You can play Like a Dragon: Ishin! on Mac (Intel models only) by installing Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant. Read our detailed guide.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Review

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is an action-adventure video game published by Sega. It is a part of the Yakuza series and is set during the Bakumatsu period in Japan, which was a time of political upheaval and social change. The game features a new protagonist, Sakamoto Ryoma, who is a historical figure in Japan that played a significant role in the events related to the Meiji Restoration, which led to the modernization of Japan and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy.


The gameplay of Like a Dragon: Ishin! is similar to other games in the Yakuza series, with action-adventure and RPG elements. The game is set in an open-world environment in two of Japan’s major cities, Kyoto and Edo (modern-day Tokyo).

Players take on the role of Sakamoto Ryoma, a samurai who is depicted as a member of the Choshu clan, a group that was opposed to the shogunate and sought to overthrow it. The game’s story follows Sakamoto as he navigates the political landscape and fights against enemies who seek to maintain the status quo.

The character can explore the game’s setting, engage in battles, and participate in a variety of side activities. Combat is real-time and takes place in an arena-like setting, with players using a combination of attacks and special moves to defeat enemies.

Players can use a variety of weapons, including swords and guns, and perform special finishing moves called “Heat Actions” to deal extra damage. The game also features a skill system, where the playable character can gain access to new abilities and attacks.

In addition to the main story, the player can also take part in a variety of side activities such as mini-games, sub-stories, and exploration of the game’s world, that help him earn rewards and experience points.

Visual and audio effects

Like a Dragon: Ishin! features detailed character models and environments that help to immerse players in its historical setting. The cities of Kyoto and Edo are faithfully recreated with accurate depictions of famous landmarks, buildings, and streets. The game also features realistic lighting and weather effects, such as rain and snow, which add to the game’s immersive atmosphere.

In terms of audio effects, a Japanese voice cast brings the characters to life with excellent performances. The game also includes a soundtrack that features traditional Japanese instruments and music styles, which help to enhance the game’s historical setting.

During combat, players can hear sound effects for various weapons and attacks, such as the clash of swords or the sound of gunfire. The game also features dramatic visual effects, such as slow-motion finishing moves and particle effects that enhance the impact of attacks.


Like a Dragon: Ishin! is a must-play for fans of the Yakuza series and anyone who enjoys action-adventure games with historical settings. The game’s attention to detail, engaging gameplay, and immersive atmosphere make it a standout title in its own right and a worthy addition to the franchise.