High On Life on Mac

High on Life is a humorous first-person shooter set in a science fiction universe where guns can talk. The game features action-adventure and metroidvania (non-linear exploration) elements and pits players against a nefarious extraterrestrial cartel that has invaded Earth with the intention of using its human population as a drug source.


Players take on the role of bounty hunters tasked with saving humanity from the invaders. Instead of being equipped with classical guns, however, they shoot with special weapons known as Gatlians that can converse with them and respond to their actions in a funny way.

Each Gatlian has unique abilities and a personality that allows for specific attack methods. These weapons are not just useful in battle, but also outside of it for things like puzzle solving and getting access to certain locations. Players can upgrade their abilities by opening chests scattered around the game’s map.

Throughout the game, the player is tasked with eliminating specific aliens. In order to do so, they must first gain access to the alien’s lair and then engage in a boss battle with it.

As they progress through the game, players can gradually unlock new locations and acquire more Gatlians to add to their arsenal. They can also come across map areas where they can interact with hilarious non-playable characters.

Sound and game design

High on Life impresses with good voice acting and humorous dialogues. The funny atmosphere is supported by a goofy techno-music background. In terms of visuals, the game looks colorful and tends toward the cartoon art style.


The game can be described as a comedy adventure where players can traverse different terrain, face a variety of alien enemies, collect loot, and have funny conversations with unique characters while playing as a hero that can save the world.

Can you play High on Life on Mac?

Since there is no official Mac OS version of High on Life, we will explore the workarounds that fans will need to use in order to play this fun game on a Mac.

If you are into cloud gaming, you can play High on Life with Boosteroid – a rich cloud gaming platform that supports streaming games in your browser and playing them on a Mac without installing them.

If you own a Mac and want to play Windows games locally on your macOS, installing Windows using Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant is a convenient option. Once that’s done, you can download High on Life for Windows on your Mac and start playing right away.

You should know, however, that Apple’s Boot Camp Assistant is only compatible with Macs that have an Intel CPU, while Parallels works with both Intel-based and M1 Based Macs.

Below you can read more on how to use each of these methods before attempting to run High on Life for Windows OS on a Mac.

How to download High on Life on Mac?

First, a Windows virtual machine must be created so that High on Life can be downloaded onto a Mac. Games that aren’t developed specifically for Macs can still be played in a virtual machine using a Windows virtualization program like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant.

High on Life can be downloaded and installed on the Windows OS virtual machine after downloading it from a gaming store, just like you would do with any other Windows game.

How to play High on Life on Mac?

To play High on Life on Mac, you need to first get the game:

After that, you need to select a method to play:

Cloud Gaming
– No set-up required – Register and Play
– Access to a Library of over 70 top-rated free Games
– Smooth performance
– Compatible with M1 and Intel Macs
– Monthly Fee
– Requires a Decent Internet Connection
– No Free Trial
Parallels Virtual Machine– Easy Set-up
– Adequate Performance
– Play almost any PC game
– Windows 11 environment
– Compatible with M1 and Intel Macs
– 14-day free trial
– Yearly Fee
BootCamp– Free to use at any time
– Windows 10 Environment
– Painful Setup
– Mediocre Performance
– Only Compatible with Intel Macs

How to play High on Life on Mac M1?

High on Life can be played on Mac M1 via cloud gaming with Boosteroid or with the help of a Windows virtual machine created with Parallels. More details for each of the methods can be found in the instructions below.

Remember that the gaming solutions we suggest are workarounds and that won’t give you the same gaming experience as if you were playing on a Windows PC. But even though High on Life isn’t officially supported on Mac, you can still have an adequate gaming experience with it by using Boosteroid or a virtual machine.

Play High on Life on Mac with Boosteroid

You can play High on Life in the cloud with only a Mac and a Boosteroid account. Using Boosteroid for cloud gaming has several advantages. One of these advantages is the ability to play without the need to download or install anything beforehand. More importantly, no data deletion is required to make space on your Mac’s hard drive. And any Mac will do, regardless of its hardware specs. Cloud gaming is only as good as the speed and reliability of your internet connection.

These are the steps you must do in order to live stream the game using Boosteroid:

  • To begin using Boosteroid.com, you must first register for an account.
  • After that, click your user name to access your account settings.
  • To activate your Boosteroid subscription, choose to Subscribe from the main menu. Next, select a subscription plan and provide your billing information.
  • After you have activated your subscription, type “High on Life” into the search bar and select it.
  • At this point, the Boosteroid page for the game should load.
  • Hit the play button and Boosteroid will prompt you to log in using your Steam account. Don’t hesitate to hit the OK button.
  • Enter your Steam ID and password on the Steam login screen.
  • Please be patient while the game takes a moment to load. If the game doesn’t start up immediately, open it from your Steam library and click “Play”.

Play High on Life using Parallels

  • If you want to play High on Life on a Mac (both Intel or M1-based), you’ll need to visit the Parallels website and download the virtualization software’s setup file.
  • The installation file for Parallels virtualization software should then be executed and the program should be installed on your Mac.
  • Once you have Parallels installed, launch it and click the “Install Windows” button to begin setting up your Windows environment.
  • In order to log into the freshly created Windows VM, a Parallels profile will be needed. You can create a new account or log in using any of the options provided by the software.
  • Next, download High on Life for Mac from your preferred gaming store, and use the store client to install the game on your Windows OS.

This full Parallels Guide can give you more detailed instructions on Parallels, in case you need assistance in setting up the program.

Play High on Life on Mac using Boot Camp Assistant

  • You can use Boot Camp Assistant, a built-in software for Intel-based Macs, to set up a Windows partition on your Mac OS by downloading a Windows 64-bit ISO file from Microsoft’s website and saving it on your Mac.
  • Once the ISO file has been saved, you can launch Boot Camp Assistant from your Mac’s menu by selecting Applications > Utilities.
  • Then choose Continue and insert the downloaded ISO image.
  • You will be prompted to create disk partitions for each OS. After making room on your hard drive for macOS and Windows, select the Install button.
  • Your Mac will restart and the Windows 10 installation will begin.
  • To complete the OS installation and make the necessary settings, just follow the on-screen prompts and use Boot Camp Assistant to install any required drivers.
  • After you’ve got Windows set up on your Mac, you can get High on Life from your preferred gaming store and install it with the store client in the same manner that you would install a Windows game.

If you need more detailed instructions, check our Complete Boot Camp Assistant guide.