Goose Goose Duck on Mac

Goose Goose Duck is a free-to-play massively multiplayer social deduction game in which players try to reveal the hidden role of the other players in the game while at the same time trying to complete their own mission. The title is viewed as an alternative to the well-known game Among Us because its gameplay follows the same format, but contrary to popular belief, Goose Goose Duck has some specific tweaks that make for a completely different experience.

For instance, Goose Goose Duck allows for up to 16 players to play online, while Among Us allows for just 10. Another major difference is that in this game, the in-game voice chat is an integral part of the gameplay. Thus, the developers have introduced a voice communication option, which eliminates the need to resort to third-party voice communication applications when you are playing, as is the case with Among Us.


Players become part of a crew of geese that has to take care of the starship SS Mother Goose, which has been sent on an exploration voyage by the technologically advanced goose race. Some of the crew members, however, are not really geese but ducks, pretending to be geese, whose mission is to sabotage the ship.

There is a list of tasks that the geese need to perform, which is visible to everyone on the screen. If you play on the geese’s side, you win the game by performing all of your assigned tasks without being killed by a duck. However, if you play as a duck in disguise, you can win by killing the geese without being seen and by sabotaging their tasks.

The game gives players access to both a private and a public gaming lobby. There are also different game modes and maps to choose from, which add great replay value.

There are plenty of different customization options that allow players to make their goose as unique as they like. The successful completion of tasks unlocks more cosmetic options.


If you enjoy playing social deduction games, in which the gameplay is based on uncovering the players’ hidden roles, Goose Goose Duck is a great title to give a try. The game is designed with wonderful retro graphics and offers plenty of casual fun while also requiring strategic thinking and good cooperation with your fellow players.

Can you play Goose Goose Duck on Mac?

Goose Goose Duck can be played on Mac directly, without the need for any complex software installation or workarounds. This is because the game has an official macOS version and all that Mac users have to do is download it from Steam and install it on their system.

However, if, for any reason, the Mac version of Goose Goose Duck doesn’t run well on your Mac or you have issues with installing it but you still want to enjoy the game with your friends, you can run it by installing the Windows OS version of the game on your Mac with Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant.

How to download Goose Goose Duck on Mac?

The Goose Goose Duck version for macOS can be downloaded and installed on your Mac (be it with an Intel or an M1 processor) from Steam. To play Goose Goose Duck, you have to have a Steam account and a Steam client. You also have to complete the instructions that are shown during the game’s installation process. Of course, please first take a look at the system requirements from the game’s developer to make sure that you have enough disk space and the needed tech specs for a smooth play.

In case you are having issues with installing the native version of the game and running it on a Mac, you may want to turn to a workaround where you can install the Windows OS version of the game on your Mac with Windows emulation software like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant.

How to play Goose Goose Duck on Mac?

You can play Goose Goose Duck on Mac if you install the native macOS version of the game.

First, however, you’ll need to get the game.

MethodsWho is it for?

Native version
For those who want to download and play the game locally to get a native experience.
Parallels Virtual MachineFor those willing to let their mac run hot in order to get adequate performance.
Boot Camp AssistantFor those who don’t mind sacrificing visual fidelity and performance to play the game.

How to play Goose Goose Duck on Mac M1?

Goose Goose Duck can be played on a Mac M1 as soon as you download the native Mac OS version from the Steam store and install it on your machine. Playing the game does require some space on your system, so make sure you have enough of that and check that your Mac meets the recommended system requirements for a good gaming experience.

Play Goose Goose Duck on MacOS with Steam

  • To install and play Goose Goose Duck, a Steam account is required. If you are a new gamer without an account for this gaming store, head to the Steam website and create one. If you have an existing account, just log in.
  • Next, you need to use the Steam client for your Mac to play the game. The Steam Client can be downloaded by clicking the Install Steam button upper right.
  • Follow the instructions of the installer on the screen, launch the Steam client, and search for Goose Goose Duck in the Store.
  • Next, add the game to your Steam Library and click on Install.
  • Wait for the game to be downloaded and installed, and once this is done, access it from your Steam Library and play.

If the native version of the game doesn’t run well on your Mac, there is an alternative way to play via Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant. In case you want to learn more, you can check the instructions below.

Play Goose Goose Duck on Mac with Parallels

You can play Goose Goose Duck on Mac (M1 and Intel models) by installing Windows on your Mac with Parallels. Read our detailed guide.

Goose Goose Duck on Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

You can play Goose Goose Duck on Mac (Intel models only) by installing Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant. Read our detailed guide.