Evil Genius 2 on Mac

Have you ever tought of world domination from the confines of your secret lair? Well, Evil Genius 2: World Domination lets you do just that. As a direct sequel to the 2004 original, Evil Genius 2 improves on its predecessor in every way, allowing you to live out your villainous fantasies. But what if your weapon of choice is a Mac? Can you still plan your ascent to power on this platform? Let’s find out if you can play Evil Genius 2 on Mac and what are the options.

Can you play Evil Genius 2 on Mac?

Unfortunately, Evil Genius 2 isn’t natively supported on macOS. But don’t worry, as there are ways around this obstacle. With a few workarounds, you can still build your criminal empire and play Evil Genius 2 on Mac. Let’s dive into the how-to.

What about playing Evil Genius 2 on Mac M1?

Apple’s M1 chip brings a new level of performance to Macs, but it doesn’t change the fact that Evil Genius 2 isn’t designed for macOS. However, there are some methods discussed below work that just as well on M1 Macs. So, don’t fret, you can still hatch your nefarious plots and play Evil Genius 2 on Mac M1.

How to download Evil Genius 2 on Mac?

The first step in your path to global domination is downloading Evil Genius 2 on Mac. The Windows version of the game can be purchased from platforms like Steam or CD Keys. You can also play it if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber.

How to Play Evil Genius 2 on Mac

Even though Evil Genius 2 is not compatible with macOS, there are still options available for Mac users who wish to play the game. However, it is important to note that using virtualization software or streaming services to play the game may not provide the same level of performance and gameplay experience as playing it on a dedicated gaming PC. Nonetheless, by following the instructions below, you can still play Evil Genius 2 on Mac and enjoy it to the maximum.

Play Evil Genius 2 with Xbox Game Pass

There are two ways to play Evil Genius 2 on your Mac: by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or purchasing the game from a reputable gaming store. We suggest choosing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate because it provides access to a wide range of popular titles, and most of them can be played through the included cloud gaming service without having to download them individually. Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Click the button below and select “Join” to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, which includes access to Evil Genius 2 and other games. Subscription prices vary depending on the plan you choose.

*Note: You can play the game through Game Pass using these methods: Parallels, BootCamp, Xcloud (Game Pass’s proprietary cloud gaming service, only available with Ultimate).

Step 2. After subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, you can select the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan to access a vast collection of games, including Evil Genius 2. The game is available for streaming via the cloud gaming service, which saves you from having to download each game separately. However, to proceed, you must have a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one already, you will be prompted to create one.

Step 3. To play Evil Genius 2, use the search feature within the cloud gaming service and choose “Play with Cloud Gaming” (if available) or “Install To.” If you select “Install To,” you will be downloading the Windows version of the game. To play the game on your Mac, you will need virtualization software like Parallels or BootCamp to run a Windows operating system.

Alternatively, you can purchase Evil Genius 2 from a reputable gaming store and download it directly to your Mac. You will also need virtualization software to set up a Windows operating system on your Mac to play the game. With this method, you can enjoy the game locally on your Mac without relying on cloud gaming services.

Please follow the guides before, for the method that you select:

Play Evil Genius 2 on Mac with Parallels

Parallels is a fantastic tool that lets you run a Windows environment on your Mac, making it a versatile machine capable of running Windows-exclusive games. Here’s how to set it up:

Play Evil Genius 2 on Mac with Boot Camp

Boot Camp is another effective way to run Windows on your Mac, but remember, it’s only available for Intel Macs. Here’s how you use it:

Play Evil Genius 2 on Mac with GeForce Now

There is an additional simple approach to play Evil Genius 2 on your Mac that involves having a GeForce Now account. Utilizing this cloud gaming service is a fast and efficient method for playing games without taking up disk space, as games are not required to be downloaded and installed on your Mac locally in order to operate. If you want to experiment with GeForce Now, be sure to click on the button below to access the comprehensive guide for this method.

Evil Genius 2 Review:

Are you tired of playing as the good guy in video games? Do you have a desire to conquer the world? Then Evil Genius 2 is the game for you! This real-time strategy game, developed by Rebellion Developments, allows you to build and manage your own evil lair, recruit henchmen, and carry out diabolical schemes to take over the world. And the best part? It’s available on Mac! In this review, we’ll dive into the gameplay, story, graphics, and sound of Evil Genius 2 and see if it lives up to its nefarious promises.


In Evil Genius 2, you play as an evil genius bent on world domination. You start by building your evil lair, which serves as your base of operations. You must construct various rooms, including a control room, barracks, and training rooms for your henchmen. You also need to ensure your lair is well-defended, so you’ll need to set up traps and security systems to keep pesky do-gooders at bay.

Once your lair is up and running, it’s time to start carrying out evil schemes to gain power and influence. You can send your henchmen out to carry out missions, such as stealing priceless artifacts or sabotaging rival organizations. You can also conduct research to develop new technologies and weapons to aid your cause.

One unique aspect of Evil Genius 2 is the ability to recruit special henchmen with unique abilities and traits. These characters can help you carry out more complicated schemes and provide bonuses to your operations. However, be careful – if they become unhappy, they may turn against you!

Overall, the gameplay is engaging and addictive. There’s always something to do, whether it’s building new rooms in your lair, sending out henchmen on missions, or defending against attacks from your enemies.


The story in Evil Genius 2 is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless. You play as one of four evil geniuses, each with their own unique backstory and motivations for world domination. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter various enemy organizations and rival geniuses who will try to thwart your plans.

The game’s story is told through a series of objectives, which serve as a guide for the player. These objectives help move the story forward and provide a sense of progression as you gain power and influence. While the story isn’t the main focus of the game, it’s still an enjoyable aspect that adds to the overall experience.


The game features a colorful, cartoonish art style that fits perfectly with the game’s over-the-top tone. The various rooms in your lair are well-designed and full of detail, and the characters are animated with a lot of personality. The game also features some impressive visual effects, such as explosions and smoke, which add to the overall immersion.


The soundtrack full of ominous, villainous music that sets the mood perfectly. The voice acting is also top-notch, with each character having their own unique voice and personality. The sound effects, such as the cackling of your evil genius or the sound of traps being triggered, are also well-done and add to the overall atmosphere of the game.


In conclusion, Evil Genius 2 is a fun and engaging game that offers a unique take on the strategy genre. With its mix of base-building, management, and stealth gameplay, the game provides a thrilling experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end. The cartoonish visuals and humorous tone add to the game’s charm, making it a joy to play. For fans of the original Evil Genius and those looking for a fresh take on the strategy genre, this title is definitely worth playing.