Dragon Age 2 on Mac

Dragon Age 2 is a captivating role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. In this game, you play as a warrior named Hawke, who rises to power in the midst of political turmoil in the fantasy world of Thedas. There is a support for Dragon Age 2 on Mac, but, according to the information on the EA website, the game will only run on macOS versions that support 32-bit applications. That’s why we have some solutions that can help you enjoy this title on any macOS and, in the next paragraphs, you can learn more about them.

Can you play Dragon Age 2 on Mac?

There is a native way to play Dragon Age 2 on Mac, but only if your macOS version supports 32-bit applications. So, you cannot download the game and install it like you would do with other Mac-supported games if your Mac doesn’t meet these requirements. Nevertheless, we have discovered some workarounds that you can use to play the game on your Mac. You will find all the necessary information to get started with playing Dragon Age 2 on your Mac in the next lines.

What about playing Dragon Age 2 on Mac M1?

Playing Dragon Age 2 on a Mac M1 requires additional effort due to limitations in the native macOS support. Nevertheless, you can still run the game on your system using a third-party emulator. Stay with us as we explain the essential steps to get you started.

How to download Dragon Age 2 on Mac?

To download Dragon Age 2 on your Mac and dive in the immersive world of the game, you have the option to install Windows on your machine. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the process. Our detailed guide offers you a comprehensive overview of all the necessary steps you need to take to get Windows up and running on your Mac, so you can start playing Dragon Age 2 and other Windows-only games without any hassle.

How to play Dragon Age 2 on Mac

If you’re an ardent fan of Dragon Age 2 and own a Mac, you can play this game on your Mac with just a few simple steps. By following the instructions outlined in this guide, you can install Windows on your Mac and get started with the game in no time. To enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, you need to download and install a reliable virtualization tool, which will enable you to create a virtual environment for Windows on your Mac. With this virtual environment, you can run Windows applications, games, and software, including Dragon Age 2, on your Mac. Our step-by-step guide provides you with detailed instructions on how to install Windows on your Mac, along with the essential virtualization tools that you need. Once you have completed these steps, you can play Dragon Age 2 on your Mac and experience the thrill of exploring the magical world of Thedas.

Play Dragon Age 2 with Xbox Game Pass

If you’re looking to play Dragon Age 2, then you must first get your hands on it. We’ve got you covered with two ways to obtain it – through an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription or by buying it separately. Although both methods will grant you access to the game, we highly recommend subscribing to the Game Pass Ultimate plan since, in addition to Dragon Age 2, you’ll also have access to a vast collection of other popular titles, all for a nominal monthly fee. Furthermore, this subscription also provides you with the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which enables you to play most of the games included in the Game Pass directly within your browser. Follow our guide below to learn how to subscribe to the Game Pass Ultimate plan and gain access to hundreds of popular gaming titles.

Step 1. Take the first step towards experiencing the thrilling world of Dragon Age 2 on your Mac by clicking the link below and selecting the Join button. This will give you access to the game and other titles through Xbox Game Pass. Subscription prices may vary based on your chosen plan.

*Note: Note: You can play Dragon Age 2 through Game Pass with the following methods: Parallels, Boot Camp, Xcloud (Game Pass’s proprietary cloud gaming service, only available with Ultimate).

Step 2. After signing up for Xbox Game Pass, activate your subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Plan, granting you access to hundreds of games across various genres.

Step 3. You’ll need to create a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one. Just follow the prompts to complete the process, and you’ll be one step closer to playing Dragon Age 2 on your Mac.

Step 4. Log in and use the search function to find the game. Next, go to its page and either click Play With Cloud Gaming (if available) or click Install To. Keep in mind that if you select Install To, you’ll be downloading the Windows version of the game. To be able to play that version of Dragon Age 2 on Mac, you’ll need to get Windows OS running on your macOS. Below, we’ve provided two guides for possible methods to get Windows on your Mac.

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Play Dragon Age 2 on Mac with Parallels

If you want to download Dragon Age 2 on Mac and play it locally, you can install a Windows Virtual Machine on your macOS with Parallels. Here is the detailed guide for this method.

Play Dragon Age 2 on Mac with Boot Camp

Intel Mac users can also install Windows using Boot Camp Assistant and then download the game in the Windows partition. Here’s our detailed guide on how to do it:

Dragon Age II Review

Dragon Age II is an action-packed role-playing video game published by Electronic Arts. The game is the second main entry in the Dragon Age series and takes place in the fictional world of Thedas. The story of the game follows Hawke, a survivor of the Blight that occurred in the previous game, Dragon Age: Origins and his rise to power and status as a champion of Kirkwall, a city-state located in the Free Marches, a neighboring region to Ferelden, the setting of the previous game.


The world of Dragon Age II is darker and more chaotic than its predecessor, with political and social tensions rising in the face of increasing violence and danger. The game features a narrative structure that is framed as a retrospective by Varric Tethras, a dwarf rogue who is one of Hawke’s companions. Varric’s narration provides a unique storytelling experience that adds depth to the characters and world-building of the game. The game is divided into three acts, each of which covers a significant period of time in the life of Hawke.


Dragon Age II offers a rich and varied gameplay experience, with a focus on player choice and customization. Players take on the role of Hawke, who serves as the game’s protagonist and play from a third-person perspective.

The game features a dialogue system that allows players to choose responses during conversations with non-playable characters. These choices can affect the story’s outcome and the player’s relationship with the characters.

Players can customize their character’s appearance, class, and abilities. This allows for a more personalized gameplay experience and adds replay value to the game.

The game also features a companion system, where players can recruit and interact with various characters throughout the game. These characters can be used in combat and have their own personal quests and storylines.

Crafting is another essential element for survival in the game, as it allows players to create powerful equipment and healing items. They can gather resources and craft various items, such as weapons, armor, and potions.

Dragon Age II features a variety of quests, including main quests, side quests, and companion quests. These quests offer a wide range of challenges, from combat encounters to puzzle-solving and exploration that can provide additional rewards and help to flesh out the game’s world and characters.


The combat system in Dragon Age II is more action-oriented than its predecessor, with a faster-paced, visceral feel. The player can engage in real-time combat, utilizing a combination of melee and ranged attacks, as well as magic. He has direct control over their character and can switch between party members on the fly. The combat also features a new “tactical camera” mode that allows players to pause the action and issue orders to their party members in a more strategic manner. One of the key features of the combat system is the ability to combo different abilities together. These combos can be devastating when executed correctly, allowing the player to take down even the toughest enemies.

Graphics and sound

Dragon Age II’s graphics and sound design are some of its strongest aspects, contributing to the game’s immersive and engaging experience.

The game features beautifully crafted environments that showcase the architectural styles of the various factions in the game. The art direction, color palette, and lighting work together to create a distinct visual style that is both visually striking and thematically appropriate.

The character models are also impressively detailed, with each character having a unique appearance and design. The game’s cutscenes are especially impressive, featuring a cinematic quality that draws the player further into the game’s world.

In terms of sound design, Dragon Age II excels in its use of voice acting and sound effects. Each character has a unique voice and personality, making them feel like real individuals with their own motivations and agendas. The sound effects are also impactful, with weapon strikes and spell effects sounding particularly satisfying. The game’s soundtrack is composed of sweeping orchestral pieces that help to further immerse the player in the game’s world.


Dragon Age II is a fantastic RPG that builds on the strengths of the original game while introducing new and innovative gameplay elements. The game’s story, characters, and combat system all work together to create a deep and immersive experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end and allow them to build and shape their own story within the rich and detailed world of Thedas.