Doom 3 on Mac

Doom 3 is technically available on Mac, but we recommend playing it through alternative methods, such as Parallels, CrossOver, or Xbox Cloud Gaming, like is shown below. The reason is that getting the native macOS version and getting it to run is quite finicky, so it’s simply easier to use one of the aforementioned workarounds

Can you play Doom 3 on Mac?

You can play Doom 3 on Mac (M1,M2, Intel) in a number of ways, including natively, but the two methods we think are the most hassle-free are to use XCloud gaming or CrossOver, as you’ll see from our guides. Parallels is also a viable option, and so is Boot Camp, for those of you who are using an Intel Mac. And finally, if you don’t mind spending spending quite a bit of time to get the game to run natively, you can also try the dhewm3 port, which lets you download and play Doom 3 natively on your Mac.

How to download Doom 3 on Mac

To download Doom 3 on Mac, be it an Intel or M1/M2 model, we recommend doing it through CrossOver, which will be explained in our guide. You can also download the game in a Parallels virtual machine or in a separate Windows partition on your Mac, created with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. Also, as we mentioned above, the dhewm3 port lets you run the game natively, but is by far the most elaborate and time-consuming of all the methods.

How to Play Doom 3 on Mac

The easiest way to play Doom 3 is to use the XCloud or the CrossOver methods we’ve shown on this page. Other ways to run this game on an Apple machine are through Parallels, Boot Camp, and the dhewm3 port.

For the CrossOver, Parallels, and Boot Camp methods, you’ll need to first purchase the game:

Play Doom 3 on Mac with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Doom 3 can be played on your Mac through Xbox Cloud Gaming, a feature that is included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Plan subscription. With a monthly fee of $14.99, this subscription offers access to hundreds of games, including many of the latest titles, without requiring separate purchases for each game. By providing a cost-efficient way to play games on your Mac, this service is a great option for gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite titles without breaking the bank.

Using XCloud Gaming instructions

  1. Click the link from above, select the Join button, and then opt for the Game Pass Ultimate plan.
  2. Either sign up with your Microsoft account, or register now if you don’t have an account, and provide any payment details that might e required to start your subscription.
  3. Install either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your Mac as they are best optimized for XCloud gaming and open the service in them.
    • Install this extension in the browser if you don’t have a game controller.
  4. Search for the game on the XCloud page, click on its tile, and select Play. Click in the middle of your screen to turn on the mouse and keyboard controls from the extension if you aren’t using a controller.

Play Doom 3 on Mac with CrossOver

Play Doom 3 on Mac with Parallels

Play Doom 3 on Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

Play Doom 3 on Mac through the dhewm3 port

About Doom 3

DOOM 3 is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and released in 2004. The game is a reboot of the original Doom game and takes place in a dark and sinister research facility on Mars, where the player takes on the role of a marine tasked with investigating strange occurrences and fighting against hordes of demons.

The game was accessible from the Mac App Store but was removed shortly after due to its incompatibility with macOS 10.15 and later. Currently, those who want to play Doom 3 on macOS need to use the dhewm3 source port.


DOOM 3 is set in the year 2145 on Mars, in a research facility run by the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). The UAC has been experimenting with interdimensional travel and has opened a portal to Hell, unleashing demonic forces upon the facility. The player plays as a space marine who has been sent to Mars to investigate the strange goings-on and to close the portal to Hell.

Throughout the game, he must navigate the dark, creepy halls of the Mars facility, fighting off demons and other supernatural enemies. The action takes place in a futuristic, science-fiction setting, where a number of advanced technologies, including interdimensional portals and robotic security systems are used.


In terms of gameplay, Doom 3 continues the fast-paced and intense action that the series is known for, but introduces new elements such as flashlights and limited ammo, which add a greater emphasis on survival and resource management.

The game’s levels are designed to be more linear than the previous Doom games, with a greater focus on story and character development.

Combat and survival take a central place throughout the whole game. Players must navigate the dark, creepy halls of the Mars facility, using a combination of weapons, puzzle-solving skills, and quick reflexes to defeat their enemies.

Some of the weapons featured in the game include the classic DOOM weapons, such as the shotgun and BFG 9000, as well as new weapons like the flashlight and chainsaw. The game also features a number of enemies, ranging from demons to corrupted scientists and military personnel.

Graphics and sound

Doom 3 is praised for its tense atmosphere, created through effective use of lighting and sound effects. The game features improved graphics and a more horror-based setting compared to its predecessors, with a heavy emphasis on suspense. The Mars facility is depicted as a dark, foreboding place, full of shadows and creepy sounds, and the demonic enemies that the player encounters only add to the feeling of unease.


Doom 3 is considered a classic of the first-person shooter genre, and is still enjoyed by many players today. Its mix of fast-paced action, tense atmosphere, and challenging gameplay make it a must-play for fans of horror games.