Dead Island 2 on Mac

Dead Island 2 is an action role-playing video game that invites players in a zombie-slaying adventure. Although it doesn’t come with official macOS support, Mac enthusiasts can still plunge into the game’s challenging world by employing alternative techniques. This guide sheds light on the methods to play Dead Island 2 on your Mac.

Can you play Dead Island 2 on Mac?

Even though the game creators haven’t provided native macOS support, it’s still possible to play Dead Island 2 on your Mac using cloud gaming or Windows emulation software. Read on to discover instructions for creating a cloud gaming account or a Windows environment on your device.

What about playing Dead Island 2 on Mac M1?

Regrettably, Dead Island 2 lacks native support for Mac M1. Nevertheless, you can explore alternative approaches to play the game on a Mac. Our guide below offers comprehensive instructions for that.

How to download Dead Island 2 on Mac?

To download Dead Island 2 on your Mac, you need to create a Windows environment. Specialized emulation tools can assist you in accomplishing this, but make sure you select a program that’s compatible with your Mac’s processor. After choosing the right emulation software, download the Windows version of Dead Island 2 from a game store, install it, and begin playing.

How to Play Dead Island 2 on Mac

Currently, there are several ways to enjoy Dead Island 2 on your Mac. You can opt for a subscription service like Boosteroid or Xbox Game Pass to access the game, and then set up a Windows operating system on your macOS through virtualization software. Refer to the guide below for step-by-step instructions to implement these methods.

Play Dead Island 2 on Mac with Boosteroid

If you prefer not to partition your hard drive and install Windows on your Mac, you can consider using cloud gaming services like Boosteroid as an excellent alternative. With this platform, the game is run on their servers and streamed directly to your Mac. Follow the instructions below to get started:

1.To begin, click on the button labeled “Play with Boosteroid” below to visit the Boosteroid website. You have the option to either create a new account or log in using your Google Account credentials.

2. Access your profile details by clicking on “My account” located at the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Proceed to activate a plan of your choice under the “My subscription” tab to begin using Boosteroid.

4. Once your Boosteroid subscription is active, enter the name of the game you wish to play in the search field.

5. On the game’s dedicated Boosteroid page, click the “Play” button to launch the game.

6. Finally, link your Boosteroid and Epic Games Store accounts and play.

Play Dead Island 2 with Xbox Game Pass

If you need a way to play Dead Island 2 on your Mac, look no further; we have a solution. First, access the game by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, granting you not only Dead Island 2 but also a vast selection of other popular games. The subscription also includes the handy Xbox Cloud Gaming service, enabling you to play most games in the Game Pass library directly in your browser without downloading or installing them locally.

To begin your adventure with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Click the button below and select the “Join” option to subscribe.

*Note: You can play the game through Game Pass using these methods: BootCamp, or Xcloud (Game Pass’s proprietary cloud gaming service, only available with Ultimate) in case the game is available there.

Step 2. After successfully subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, activate your subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Plan.

Step 3. You’ll require a Microsoft account to proceed; if you don’t have one already, you’ll be prompted to create one.

Step 4. After logging in, use the search feature to find Dead Island 2. Once you locate the game, navigate to its page and click on either “Play With Cloud Gaming” (if available) or “Install To.” If you choose the latter, you’ll be downloading the Windows version of the game, which necessitates a Windows virtualization tool to run.

If you prefer to purchase the game separately, you can get it from Epic Games and then create a virtual machine on your Mac using the virtualization program mentioned below:

We have provided a guide below to get Windows on your Mac.

Play Dead Island 2 on Mac with Boot Camp

Intel Mac users can set up Windows using Boot Camp Assistant and then download the game in the Windows partition. Here’s our detailed guide on how to do it:

Sadly, Macs with an M1 chip cannot use Boot Camp because the program is designed to work exclusively with Intel-based Macs. The M1 chip utilizes a different architecture, rendering it incompatible with Boot Camp, but the cloud gaming method with Boosteroid works perfectly fine for them.

Dead Island 2 Review

Dead Island 2 is a gory, action-packed adventure game that transports players into the chaotic, zombie-infested world of Los Angeles. Gone are the days of fighting for survival on an isolated island; in this sequel, the city of angels has fallen victim to a zombie outbreak.

As the game unfolds, players find themselves among a group of survivors who have managed to board the last evacuation flight out of the city. Unfortunately, a crash-landing brings the group right back to the heart of the devastation. With six playable characters to choose from, players must decide on their strengths and weaknesses before embarking on their journey through the treacherous city.

The storyline in Dead Island 2 is not particularly groundbreaking, but it serves its purpose by guiding players through various missions and exploration opportunities. As the survivors traverse through different neighborhoods, mansions, hotels, and studio backlots, they will encounter a plethora of gruesome zombies, each requiring unique strategies to defeat.

The game’s primary focus is on melee combat, with weapons ranging from simple lead pipes to advanced elemental slicers. These weapons can be crafted and upgraded at workstations using items scavenged throughout the game. Players can enjoy the thrill of creating their own arsenal, such as a tire iron capable of electrocuting crowds of zombies or lightning-fast knuckle dusters that pack a serious punch.

Dead Island 2’s combat system offers a satisfyingly brutal experience, allowing players to target specific body parts on their undead foes. With dodge and block mechanics crucial for survival, the melee combat is both fun and challenging. The game truly shines when players are forced to adapt to using less powerful weapons after their go-to option breaks mid-battle.

The game offers a variety of side missions and objectives, adding to the overall depth and replayability of the experience. Players can choose to complete tasks such as rescuing an aging film star from his besieged mansion or performing unique kills for an aspiring influencer in a Hollywood-style hideout. Though the dialogue may not be award-winning, these side quests provide a welcome break from the main storyline.

Visually, Dead Island 2 does not disappoint.The vibrant, sun-soaked neighborhoods of Los Angeles are rendered with impressive detail, while the dark and eerie night-time scenes enhance the game’s horror atmosphere. The true stars of the show, however, are the gruesomely detailed zombies. The game’s dismemberment technology allows for an array of gory kills, from hacked limbs to decapitated heads, adding a gruesomely satisfying element to the gameplay.

In conclusion, Dead Island 2 is a highly enjoyable, blood-soaked adventure that successfully builds upon the legacy of its predecessor. While it may not offer groundbreaking storytelling or innovative gameplay mechanics, it delivers a thrilling, adrenaline-fueled experience perfect for fans of the zombie apocalypse genre. If you’re looking for a game that combines satisfying combat, exploration, and gore, Dead Island 2 is well worth your time.