Code Vein on Mac

Code Vein is an open-world action role-playing game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future. The game is played from a third-person perspective, and its mechanics are inspired by those of the Dark Souls games.


The player takes on the role of a “Revenant”, an undead with unique abilities, who sets off on a journey that involves both saving the world and discovering a mystery. The story is revealed in cutscenes, and every plot line is shrouded in mystery. As the player advances, he slowly gains an understanding of what has happened and how it is connected to the characters, places, and events he sees.


Code Vein’s gameplay is predominantly based on dungeon-crawling. Throughout the game, players are searching for keys, using maps, taking on bosses, and opening doors. The character is traversing the world’s underground caverns and abandoned cityscapes and slashing their way through waves of enemies (called the Lost) in typical Souls-like fashion.

Combat is precise, requiring you to play cautiously, dodge often, and carefully select your moments to make a strike. As the player progresses in the game, they can unlock weapons with unique movesets that can be used against more powerful enemies.

Character customization

The game gives you virtually unlimited freedom to create your character by customizing their looks and changing their class (also known as “Blood Code”) at any time during the game. Each Blood Code has its own unique stats that increase as you level up, as well as unique weapons that range from giant swords to more unusual magic-powered tools.

A set of unique skills known as Gifts is available to you when you join a particular class, and when you use those Gifts in conjunction with a specific set of equipment, you can give your character a unique playstyle.

Visuals and sound

The game’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi story develops in an anime horror atmosphere. The design of the characters follows the same anime horror style. The visual effects, especially the ones during combat, are very well done. Each weapon has its own set of animations that set it apart from the others.

The music fits the game’s tone perfectly. The voice acting is of good quality. Some of Code Vein’s fully voiced and animated cutscenes can leave players unexpectedly moved. The developers have added a variety of voice samples to choose from when customizing your character, which gives more personality to the hero you play with.

Can you play Code Vein on Mac?

Mac users can play Code Vein but they need alternative solutions, such as cloud gaming and Windows virtualization software that make playing unsupported games on a Mac possible. This is because Code Vein does not have an official Mac OS version that can be installed and played natively.

The first option that we would like to offer you is to use cloud gaming to stream Code Vein on your Mac. Boosteroid currently has the game in its library and allows you to play Code Vein in your browser without downloading and installing anything. In order to use the service, you only need to have an account and a subscription and you should be good to go.

Another way to play Code Vein on your Mac machine is to use Windows virtualization programs like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant and download the Windows version of the game on your Mac with Steam.

Of course, we need to mention that both of these solutions are workarounds that allow you to run games that don’t have official Mac support on a macOS but they cannot guarantee a gaming experience identical to the one you can get from playing on a Windows PC.

How to download Code Vein on Mac?

You can download Code Vein on your Mac with Steam, but for that you first need to create a Windows virtual environment where the game can be installed and played.

Our recommendation if you decide to install Windows OS on your Mac is to use programs like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant, as these are two reliable Windows virtualization programs that can give you a relatively good gaming experience and are not complex to install.

Boot Camp Assistant, in particular, is a powerful Windows virtualization tool, but you should know that it is only compatible with Intel-based Macs, whereas Parallels is a Windows virtualization solution that works with both Macs with Intel and M1 processors.

How to play Code Vein on Mac?

If you want to play Code Vein, you first need to get the game.

After that, you need to select between the methods listed below:

MethodsWho is it for?
Cloud Gaming
For those who want smooth performance with the ability to casually play all games with the highest visual quality in a matter of minutes.
BootCampFor those who don’t mind sacrificing visual fidelity and performance to get a native experience.

Parallels Virtual MachineFor those willing to let their mac run hot in order to get adequate performance in a native experience

How to play Code Vein on Mac M1?

Code Vein can be played on Mac M1 either by using cloud gaming service like Boosteroid and streaming the game with it or by using Parallels to install a Windows virtual machine on which you can download and install the game.

The cloud gaming solution does require a stable internet connection in order to enjoy the game without any major issues, but on the positive note, it does not require you to download and install the game locally, which saves you time and disk space.

The Windows virtualization software can help you run unsupported games on Mac M1, but you need to first install a Windows virtual machine and only then can you download and install the game you want to play in order to enjoy it.

Play Code Vein on Mac with Boosteroid

You can play Code Vein on Mac (M1 and Intel models) with Boosteroid. Read our detailed guide.

Play Code Vein on Mac with Parallels

You can play Code Vein on Mac (M1 and Intel models) by installing Windows on your Mac with Parallels. Read our detailed guide.

Play Code Vein on Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

You can play Code Vein on Mac (Intel models only) by installing Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant. Read our detailed guide.