Warzone 2 on Mac

Is Warzone 2 available on Mac? That is the question for many fans of the series and with a good reason. The game is among the most played military shooters, however it is not available on Mac. Since this is the case, playing this title on a Mac is a challenge that requires some workarounds. Fortunately, you can get past the fact that the game is not officially supported on MacOS and play Warzone 2 on Mac safely and legally. We will explain everything that you need to know in this article.

Table of Contents:

  1. Our recommended method to play Warzone 2
  2. Other methods to play Warzone 2
  3. Our review of Warzone 2
  4. Mac-related Warzone 2 topics

Can you play Warzone 2 on Mac?

You can play Warzone 2 on Mac, however, as the game is not officially available for macOS, you will need to resort to other solutions. Cloud gaming is the quickest and most convenient way to get started with this game on your Mac. You can play the game on Mac right now with the popular cloud gaming platform Boosteroid without even downloading it.

If cloud gaming is not the way you prefer to play Warzone 2 on Mac, but you’ll need to have Windows OS installed on your machine with the help of a program like Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant.

Can you play any Call of Duty on Mac?

The Call of Duty series (COD for short) has a number of releases for consoles and is very integrated into the Windows PC environment. However, the developers haven’t paid much attention to offering fans of the series a lot of options to play Call of Duty on Mac. Only seven of the main Call of Duty games that have been published up to this point are available for MacOS. The majority of these games are older titles, such as the original Call of Duty game and its successors in the Modern Warfare series. Mac users are unable to play games from the most recent generation, like Modern Warfare 2019, Warzone, and Black Ops: Cold War. At least, not natively.

So, if you want to play Call of Duty on Mac, please check out the list below. It contains all COD games that are currently compatible with macOS or have been approved for release on that platform in the past:

  1. Call of Duty (2003)
  2. Call of Duty 2 (2005)
  3. Modern Warfare (2007)
  4. Modern Warfare 2 (2009)
  5. Black Ops (2010)
  6. Modern Warfare 3 (2011)
  7. Black Ops 3 (2015)

How to play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on Mac M1?

There are two options to play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 on a Mac M1 – you can either stream the game with Boosteroid and play it in your browser or you can use Parallels to create a Windows Virtual Machine on which you can download and play the game. Unfortunately, you can’t use Boot Camp to play Warzone 2 on a Mac M1 since that software isn’t compatible with the M1 line.

Although running games locally on a Mac has its advantages, we believe that, for the vast majority of Mac users, the cloud gaming option is a better choice since it is faster, simpler to use, and avoids the overheating concerns that Mac users often encounter when running games.

How to Play Warzone 2 on Mac

You can play Warzone 2 on Mac with Boosteroid, or after you install Windows on your Mac via Parallels or Boot Camp Assistant.

First, however, you will need to get the game.

Recommended Method Boosteroid Cloud Gaming
Why we recommend Boosteroid over the other methodsBoosteroid has the best ‘bang for buck’ of all methods. It provides fast support for new big titles, hits a constant high performance level (60 FPS) that’s rarely achievable except for native mac ports, and with graphics options reserved for high-end PCs. It requires only a good internet connection.
GeForce Now is a higher-value alternative, but to achieve better results than Boosteroid, the service wants 6-month payments to subscribe to its highest tier. We recommend starting with Boosteroid, then switching to GFN later if you feel like it.
Methods like Game Porting Toolkit or Crossover will not give you a good experience in general and will drain your battery fast.
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Direct LinkTry Boosteroid

Using Boosteroid’s cloud gaming service, you can play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 with no additional software downloads or installations required. The game is not stored on your Mac’s hard drive, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not it satisfies the game’s minimum system requirements. All you need is a Boosteroid subscription and an active internet connection. The simple steps below will allow you to stream the game.

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  • The first step is to go to Boosteroid and create an account. You can use your Google account to login and save time:

  • Next, go to the top right corner of the Boosteroid page, click on Profile details and select My account.
  • Then, in “My subscription select a plan and proceed with the steps to activate it.
  • After your Boosteroid subscription is activated, you can go to the search bar and search for Warzone 2 as shown below.
  • You will see an Install & Play button for the game. Click it and proceed with the steps that Boosteroid asks. You may be required to logging in to Steam and link it to the Boosteroid cloud gaming service.
  • Finally, during the Boosteroid session, click on the game in the steam window tp start playing.

Other Methods to Play Warzone 2 on Mac

There are 2 other ways to play Warzone 2 on mac, but performance varies between models and may not be satisfactory. We have detailed guides for them:

Warzone 2 Review

Warzone 2 is a free-to-play battle royale game that combines elements of action adventure, open-world exploration, survival, and shooting. The game is the sequel to 2020’s Call of Duty: Warzone, but even though it takes inspiration from its predecessor, the title stands out with a number of new features.


The gameplay is focused on pitting players against each other on a map that is becoming smaller and smaller until there is only one player left alive, much like the original.

A new map called Al Mazrah places players in a desert environment and offers total of 18 different areas of interest. The players have access to new motion mechanics, such as mantling, diving, and swimming, and they are able to navigate the battlefield through land, air, and water.

A newly introduced Circle Collapse mechanism requires players to have an even higher level of strategic planning compared to the previous games. It generates up to three smaller safe zone circles scattered over the whole map and acts in a random manner. The players are required to relocate to one of these circles and remain there until that particular circle is merged with the others. When a player dies, they are sent to a secondary arena known as the “Gulag.” Just as in the first edition of Warzone, players in the Gulag compete against one another in order to earn a chance to respawn in the main arena.

Gulag matches in Warzone 2 are played in a mode known as 2v2, with players being paired up in teams at random. A n artificial intelligence fighter known as “The Jailer” appears throughout the fights, in order to speed them up. The only way out of the Gulag is to either remove both members of the opposing pair or to kill The Jailer, in which case all four players can to return to the game.

The in-game currency has been reintroduced, giving players the ability to acquire one-of-a-kind items, cosmetic add-ons, and weaponry from any of the stores that are located all around the game’s map.

AI combat

The artificial intelligence (AI) fighters in Warzone 2 are far more sophisticated than the AI fighters in the predecessor. They are established in particular locations on the map, which are referred to as “Strongholds” that are heavily guarded.  It is not mandatory for players to engage in combat with AI fighters or their strongholds but, doing so allows them to gain more loot during the course of the game.

A new game mode

Warzone 2 introduces a new “extraction mode” called DMZ. In it, players participate in battles against both computer-controlled and human-controlled foes, collect loot, and look for a way out of the Exclusion Zone all at the same time. The gameplay in this mode is high-risk and high-reward since players only have one life, and if they die, they lose all they have without being sent to the Gulag. 


The action in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 moves at a breakneck speed, and the game is jam-packed with intense gunfights, loud explosions, and powerful weapons. All of this takes place on an interactive map that keeps you on your toes. The game has only been out for a short time, but it already has all of the necessary components for a potentially exciting battle royale experience.