Is Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac?

The latest installment in this well-known horror series isn’t available for macOS, but eager gamers can still play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac with the help of different workaround solutions. In this post, we will explore what your options are to play Amnesia: The Bunker on your Mac machine and guide you through the steps for each one to help you get everything set up and ready for some spooky gaming experience.

Can you play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac?

Definitely! We will show and explain several neat ways you can play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac, including streaming the game via a cloud gaming service, creating a Windows virtual machine in which to run the game, or even dedicate an entire partition of your Mac’s hard drive for a Windows 10 installation, which will practically turn half of your Apple machine into a Windows PC, letting you play Amnesia: The Bunker on the Mac without any issue. Be sure to check the instructions for each method before committing to one of them to help you decide which will be the best for you.

And what about playing Amnesia: The Bunker on MacBook M1 and M2 models?

It’s usually a bit trickier to run certain games on Apple Silicon machines, but you will still be able to play Amnesia: The Bunker on your MacBook M1 or M2. Out of the workaround methods that we mentioned, only the last one (the full Windows installation) won’t work here because it involves the use of an app called Boot Camp, which isn’t supported for Apple Silicon Macs. That said, you can still play Amnesia: The Bunker on your M1 or M2 Mac using cloud gaming or by creating a Windows virtual machine within your macOS.

How to download Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac

If you want to download Amnesia: The Bunker on your Mac, you’ll need to do it in a Windows environment since the game doesn’t have a macOS port. The two ways to do this are by creating a virtual machine for Windows using an app called Parallels, or by directly installing the Windows OS on your computer with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. Just remember that, as we just mentioned, the Boot Camp method only works for Intel-based Mac models and not for M1 or M2 machines. Another important reminder – you can also choose to play the game through cloud gaming, in which case you won’t even need to download it on your Mac.

How to play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac (Methods and Guides)

Now we get to the instructional part of our article, where we’ll show you how to play Amnesia: The Bunker on a Mac computer. Thus far, we’ve managed to come up with three viable methods to do that, but it’s likely that we’ll add more options in the future, so stay tuned if the suggestions below aren’t great for you, but you are still eager to try Amnesia: The Bunker on your Mac.

Play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac with Parallels

With Parallels, you can emulate Windows on your Mac by creating a virtual machine, in which you can download and run Windows software, including the PC version of Amnesia: The Bunker. Here are the main steps to do that:

  • Download the app from by clicking the button below to go to its site.
  • Install Parallels Desktop on your Mac, choose to create a Windows virtual machine, and follow the prompts.
  • Once the VM is ready, choose a sign-up option to open it and start using it.
  • Finally, make sure that all necessary updates are installed and then download Amnesia: The Bunker in the virtual machine to start playing it.

By clicking the next button, you can go to an in-depth guide that will provide you with more details on how to set up and use a Parallels Virtual Machine for gaming on your Mac.

Play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac with GeForce Now

GeForce is a cloud gaming service that lets you play Amnesia: The Bunker on your Mac by streaming the game from a powerful Windows gaming rig.

  • To use GeForce Now, sign up on its site and download the service’s dedicated macOS app.
  • Install the GeForce Now app on your Mac, open it, and log in.
  • Search for Amnesia: The Bunker in the search menu, then click on the game, and select play – the game will soon start within the GeForce Now client.
amnesia the bunker geforce now

For a detailed GeForce Now guide, you can click here:

Play Amnesia: The Bunker on Mac with Boot Camp

Finally, Boot Camp enables you to partition your computer’s hard drive and install Windows 10 on one of the partitions, providing you with a third method to play Amnesia: The Bunker on your Mac. Here’s a rundown of the steps involved:

  • First, you’ll need to get yourself a Windows ISO file (downloaded for free) from Microsoft’s site.
  • That file must be loaded in Boot Camp, and after adjusting the storage distribution, you must start the process.
  • Go through the prompts and begin the Windows 10 installation.
  • Finally, customize the Windows settings, make sure that all updates and drivers are installed, and then download Amnesia: The Bunker.

Here’s our full guide of how to use Boot Camp Assistant to play Windows games on your Mac:

Amnesia: The Bunker – Review

amnesia the bunker cover 2

Well, buckle up, folks, because today we’re diving into the trenches of “Amnesia: The Bunker”, and let me tell you – it’s not a walk in the park! This game is a love letter to all of us who enjoy our video games with a side of constant dread, starring our favourite antagonist – a ghastly, beastly entity who’s squatted in the midst of a WWII bunker like a particularly terrifying hermit crab.

Every interaction with this beast is a thrilling cocktail of fear and exhilaration. Whether I’m spying on it from a makeshift confessional, or firing off my last precious bullet in a bid to send it scuttling back into the shadows (spoiler alert: it comes back grumpier!), each encounter is more nerve-racking than the last.

amnesia the bunker dungeon

Now, “The Bunker” isn’t just a facelift for the “Amnesia” series, oh no, it’s more like a full-on heart transplant! It masterfully meshes an immersive sim with an atmosphere thicker than mom’s Thanksgiving gravy. This isn’t just hide and seek with a scary monster; it’s like a Resident Evil boot camp where you have to strategize and explore a twisted labyrinth that wouldn’t look out of place in the most nightmare-inducing horror games.

One bone I have to pick with the game (besides the ones the beast left behind!) is the layout of the bunker. Each sector is isolated and only linked by a central office hub, kind of like the spokes of a wheel. While each area offers its own twisty challenges, I couldn’t help but wish for a more entwined environment where shortcuts and interconnected zones keep you on your toes.

amnesia the bunker gameplay

If there ever was a game that made me want to hide under my blanket, “The Bunker” would be it! It’s honestly one of the most spine-tingling, adrenaline-pumping games I’ve dared to play. The soundscape alone is enough to have your heart racing faster than a caffeine-addicted hamster. From the echoing roars of the Beast to the rhythmic thumps of German artillery, each sound resonates like a symphony of suspense.

The in-game mechanics are as tricky as a Rubik’s cube. Every action you perform, be it startling a rat or flicking on your flashlight, could potentially summon the Beast, making you question your every move. With resources as scarce as unicorns, every decision to blow open a door or conserve your bullets feels like a high-stakes gamble.

The bunker’s generator adds yet another layer of complexity. Sure, powering it up keeps the Beast at bay, but balancing fuel and inventory constraints makes managing this power trip as difficult as juggling flaming torches.

amnesia the bunker monster

Despite the sprawling lore of “Amnesia: Rebirth”, “The Bunker” offers a more focused narrative. The protagonist, Henri Clément, is caught up in a web of shocking events that will have you questioning reality. With a narrative delivered through diary entries and audio recordings, the storytelling style adds another layer to the already immersive game.

The standout feature of “The Bunker”, however, is the seamless blend of immersive freedom and the sheer terror of being pursued by a relentless predator. It’s like being trapped in a game of cat and mouse, only this cat has a monstrous appetite!

But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Despite the anxiety-inducing environment, I find myself gearing up for another round in the bunker. The uncertainty and adrenaline of each venture outside your safe room keep the game exciting. So, if you’re up for the challenge, grab your controller, steady your nerves, and get ready to confront the Beast! Just remember, it’s all fun and games until the lights go out…