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Is Apple Store Open Near Me?

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  1. When Will Apple Stores Reopen near me? (United States)

    At the moment some Apple stores are close and they will remain so until further notice. The situation surrounding the global pandemic and lockdown regulations has served as reason for these measures. But rest assured that the company is keeping up with the latest news and developments regarding the current situation and despite the physical locations not being in operation at the moment, Apple is still committed to offering the best possible service to its customers.

    If you are in need of support, feel free to contact Apple at or dial 800‑275‑2273. And if you would like to make a purchase that will be delivered to you, please visit or the Apple Store app.

Apple Stores Reopening In Most States

The world is gradually coming back to life again after weeks of lockdown as measures aimed at countering the coronavirus pandemic. And, yes, that includes many Apple stores, as well. However, as you might have expected, things are being done step by step and not all locations are being reopened at once.

Apple Stores are relying on the CDC guidelines as reference as to which of its retail stores will reopen. Furthermore, anti-pandemic measures will be set in place in these locations, such as customers’ temperatures will be taken before they are allowed to enter. Masks will be obligatory for entry as well, and Apple will provide you with one if you don’t have a mask of your own. Furthermore, there will be certain restrictions as to the number of people allowed in stores at a time. And although customers will have the opportunity to browse, to keep things efficient, it is advisable to only come for service appointments for bug fixes on iphones and macs

Is Apple Store Open Near Me?

Many of our users are asking “Is Apple Store Open Near Me?”. Currently there are 32 stores open of the 271 stores available in the United States. We have listed the ones that are in operation at the moment, in each of the 50 states.

Apple Stores Reopening in the United States: 32

Where can I find more information on when Apple stores open near me?

If there is a specific store that you would like to check the opening hours for or simply keep an eye on for whenever it will reopen, please visit the official Apple store list here (only for physical stores in the USA):

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