Surviving the Aftermath on Mac

The game is a fun city-building and survival game produced by Iceflake Studios that will keep you entertained for hours. The game immerses players in a world where they have to construct colonies and outposts while attempting to stay alive in the face of a variety of disasters and invasions.

With mankind’s hubris has come the end of the world, and those who have survived have been forced to deal with an array of apocalyptic catastrophes, including nuclear fallout, fire raining down from the sky, disease, deadly winter storms, bandits, and survivors savagely attacking one another. Surviving the Aftermath takes you in this environment, and it is up to you to form a small colony of survivors and ensure that you not only survive, but that you ultimately develop, expand, and maybe, just maybe, prosper as a result of the proper management.

When you get through the initial setup, the gameplay experience takes over and becomes the focus of your attention. You will receive objectives and be asked to make decisions from time to time, but all of this will be absorbed into the game’s mechanical core.

Surviving the Aftermath’s Gameplay

Surviving the Aftermath starts out slowly, placing you on a generated territory with only a handful of survivors and a restricted number of options for building and improving. You’ll spend the first hour or two primarily constructing rudimentary structures to meet the fundamental needs of your colonists, such as shelter and food, while also collecting resources to use in the construction of those structures. Once you’ve completed the construction of your colony’s gate, the real action begins, because not only can you start accepting more survivors to expand your settlement, but you can also begin dispatching your Specialists out into the world map to gather resources and scout out more of the map at that point.

As you play the game, you’re constantly occupied with micromanaging the inner workings of your colony and ensuring that people are put to work on the things that you require in the near future, but you’re also constantly working towards more long-term, big-picture goals, such as unlocking upgrades in the tech tree across a variety of different categories. The two halves of the experience grow intertwined, and obtaining more wood or plastic becomes just as crucial as improving your tents or unlocking new structures and buildings.

In addition, as you accept more survivors into your colony and hire more specialists, the rate at which your settlement develops and progresses exponentially improves, allowing you to explore more of the map and, as a result, to extend your colony even further. Once you get a grasp on the game’s fundamental ideas, everything starts to fall into place fairly quickly.


During the game, you will be tasked with putting out fires from time to time and solving some problems, such as dealing with sick or injured colonists or dealing with attacks from wildlife. Most of these emergencies become automated once the proper structures or people are in place. However, they remain engaging because you must ensure that the proper structures and people are in place before you can move forward. Other issues, such as cataclysms that occur from time to time – such as nuclear fallout and winter storms – necessitate more immediate action, and it is here that the game’s post-apocalyptic scenario is most engaging in providing more duties and challenges.

Then there are the instances when you’re required to make decisions. Each and every colonist may come to you with a situation that will require you to make judgments as their de-facto leader on a regular basis. Perhaps someone will come to you with a new experimental proposal that, while not assured to be successful, could prove to be highly valuable if it does work. Someone else may bring your attention to the fact that someone in the colony has been stealing resources, leaving you to determine how to deal with the individual in question. When faced with these situations, how you respond has an impact on the general happiness of your people.

Speaking about visuals, Surviving the Aftermath is a visually pleasing game on the whole. There are no major performance concerns and the game maintains a fair level of visual quality throughout its playtime.

Can you play Surviving the Aftermath on Mac?

If you are excited about a game that puts you in the shoes of a leader, occupied with keeping your little people alive by making sure they’re collecting enough resources and researching the best things to spend those resources on, Surviving the Aftermath is a perfect game for you.

The game has no Mac version but if you want to play it on your Mac machine, in the next lines, you will find detailed instructions on that.

How to play Surviving the Aftermath on Mac

To play Surviving the Aftermath on Mac, you can utilize cloud-gaming platforms such as Boosteroid and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and you won’t need to download the game. You can also play Surviving the Aftermath through Parallels and Boot Camp Assistant.

The cloud-gaming options we mentioned require no more than 10 minutes to set up and will provide you with great performance regardless of how powerful your Mac is, so long as your Internet connection is fast and stable. It is especially easy to play Surviving the Aftermath through Boosteroid because all you’d need is a Boosteroid account and the Google Chrome browser. Below are our quick instructions on how to play Surviving the Aftermath via cloud gaming, but before you try them, you must already own the game to be able to play it, so go to Steam to purchase it.

Surviving the Aftermath Set Up Methods

Cloud Gaming– No set-up required – Register and Play
– Access to a Library of over 70 top-rated free Games
– Smooth performance
– Compatible with M1 and Intel Macs
– Monthly Fee
– Requires Decent Internet Connection
– No Free Trial
BootCamp– Free to use any time
– Windows 10 Environment
– Painful Setup
– Mediocre Performance
– Only Compatible with Intel Macs
Parallels Virtual Machine– Easy Set-up
– Adequate Performance
– Play almost any PC game
– Windows 11 environment
– Compatible with M1 and Intel Macs
– 14-day free trial
– Yearly Fee

Surviving the Aftermath with Cloud Gaming

Surviving the Aftermath is now available to play on cloud gaming servers. This assures NO
compatibility issues while playing on your Mac as well as top-notch performance.

Step 1. Get Surviving the Aftermath

Before playing Surviving the Aftermath make sure you get the game through the official websites. For the moment only the Steam version is compatible with cloud gaming services such as Boosteriod and Geforce.

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Step 2. Register and Add Surviving the Aftermath To Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Library

All you need to do now is register for Boosteroid. This allows you to add Surviving the Aftermath to their Cloud Gaming Library. Once uploaded you can seamlessly play the game from your Mac, TV, or Mobile Device.

When Registered you will have additional access to more than 70 top-rated games for free. Pricing varies depending on the subscription plan.

Play Surviving the Aftermath with Boosteroid

  1. Visit the official Boosteroid site, create an account, and enter the site with it.
  2. Use the search tool at the top to look for Surviving the Aftermath, and click the game when you see it in the results.
  3. Click Play, then click Subscribe, choose the payment plan that you’d prefer to subscribe to, and provide your payment details to start your Boosteroid subscription.

  4. Return to Surviving the Aftermath’s page, click Play once again, select OK, let’s go on the prompt that appears, and once the game loads, log in with your Steam account to start playing. If you want to toggle on the full-screen mode, use the Control + Command + F keys (use the same keys to toggle it off).

Play Surviving the Aftermath with GeForce Now

  1. You will need a GeForce Now registration – follow the link and create an account.
  2. Once you enter your GeForce Now account, open the Downloads section and download and install the GeForce Now app for Mac.
  3. Open the app, search for Surviving the Aftermath, choose the Steam option, and click Play.
  4. Click Continue, wait for Surviving the Aftermath to start, and provide your Steam username and password to start playing.

Detailed GeForce Now guide

Download Surviving the Aftermath on Mac

To download Surviving the Aftermath on Mac, you must first create a Windows virtual machine or install Windows in a separate partition on your Mac. If you want to download Surviving the Aftermath on your Mac, you can get Windows using Parallels or Boot Camp.

Surviving the Aftermath on Mac with Parallels

  1. Download and install Parallels.
  2. For M1 Macs, download a Windows 11 VHDX file; For Intel Macs, download a Windows 10 ISO file.
  3. Create a Windows 10/11 virtual machine with Parallels and the downloaded file.
  4. Update Windows in the virtual machine and download Surviving the Aftermath from Steam. 

Full Parallels guide

Surviving the Aftermath with Boot Camp Assistant

  1. Download a Windows ISO file from Microsoft.
  2. Open and prepare Boot Camp Assistant for the installation by selecting the downloaded file and changing the storage space distribution between the partitions (if necessary).
  3. Click Install and follow the pre-installation prompts to start the Windows 10 installation.
  4. Go through the Windows 10 customization, install Apple drivers for Windows, and download Surviving the Aftermath.

Full Boot Camp guide

Surviving the Aftermath on Mac M1

Surviving the Aftermath isn’t supported on Mac M1 but can still be played on M1 Macs through cloud gaming or with the help of Parallels. You can play Surviving the Aftermath on Mac M1 through Parallels or GeForce Now or by creating a Parallels virtual machine.

All the methods for playing Surviving the Aftermath that has been presented to you on this page are usable on M1 Macs, with the exception of the Boot Camp Assistant one. If you want to install Windows on your M1 Mac in order to download and play Surviving the Aftermath, you will need to use Parallels to create a Windows 11 virtual machine with a VHDX file from the Windows Insider Program.