How To Get Leather In Enshrouded

Leather in Enshrouded is a crucial resource for crafting various items, from armor to tools. But where can you find this essential material? Well, fear not, brave adventurer, for we shall explain this to you! You can get Leather in Enshrouded through two main methods, and each of them has its own unique approach.

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Enshrouded: How To Make Leather

To make Leather in Enshrouded, you can set up your own leather production facility in your base and process raw materials into high-quality leather with the right tools and knowledge. This method grants you full control over your leather production process, and ensures a steady supply for all your crafting needs.

Enshrouded: How To Make Leather

Enshrouded Leather Location

There is no specific Enshrouded Leather location where this material can be found because you need to craft it. And, to unlock the ability to craft leather, you must first complete the “In Need of a Tanning Station” quest for the Hunter, who will lead you on a journey to Raven’s Keep, a mysterious location northeast of the Ancient Spire – Low Meadows.

Upon reaching Raven’s Keep and completing its challenges, you’ll uncover Lupa’s Lair, where the coveted Tanning Station awaits. Once you’ve retrieved this crafting station, it’s time to gather the necessary resources to construct it. You’ll need 10 wood planks, 4 nails, 10 clay, and 10 tar—each essential for the Tanning Station’s construction. While some resources are readily available, like wood and clay, others, such as tar, may require careful exploration and gathering.

With the Tanning Station assembled and placed in your base, you’re ready to transform raw materials into leather. Combine 10 dried furs, 20 salt, and 2 ammonia glands within the Tanning Station to start the leather-making process. Once the leather is ready, you can craft various items, including the Large Backpack, as well as Hunter and Sharpshoot armor sets.

Enshrouded Leather Recipe

Where To Get Leather In Enshrouded

As we already explained above, Leather isn’t just lying around waiting to be plucked like low-hanging fruit. It’s a prized material found in the perilous landscapes of the Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes Desert. As you venture into the heart of danger within the Ancient Towers, Flame Sanctums, and Sun Temples, keep your eyes peeled for smashable objects and hidden loot scattered throughout these ancient structures. From looting coffins to shattering vases and overcoming various obstacles, every corner could be a place where to get Leather in Enshrouded.

However, keep in mind that it’s a random drop, intermingled with other treasures and consumables, which makes it more of a fortunate discovery during your explorations rather than a guaranteed prize. So, while you’re out on your daring adventures, keep your senses sharp and your inventory ready for the unexpected leather drop that may come your way. Whether you stumble upon it while seeking other treasures or actively scouring the land, remember that perseverance and a keen eye are your greatest allies in the search for leather in Enshrouded’s unforgiving realms.

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