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Mac Security

What is SearchMine? 

What is SearchMine?  SearchMine is a potentially unwanted program that promotes itself as a credible search engine that improves web searching by providing better search results and a number of useful features (such as quick links to popular websites). In reality, however, SearchMine is actively disturbing a number of Mac…


Silver Sparrow Malware Mac 

The Silver Sparrow Malware on Mac Nearly 30K Mac computers have been infected with malware that for now stays dormant. Security researchers have recently reported a new threat that has spread on Mac devices across more than 150 countries.  The new virus has been named Silver Sparrow and is a…


Mac M1 Malware GoSearch22 

The M1 Malware GoSearch22 For several years, Apple users have gained from a reasonably stable and safe operating system when it comes to malware, compared to that of Windows. In the past, few malware creators used to bother to attack macOS operating system, mostly due to the low market share…

Mac Security

What is Searchlee? 

A number of web users have recently been reporting that whenever they open their Safari browser, they are automatically being redirected to “searchlee”. But what exactly searchlee is and how could you deal with it and stop its annoying redirects? This is what you will learn if you read this…

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OpenCL Security Tutorials 

The OpenCL Tutorials: In iTunes, you can subscribe to the podcasts by going to: Advanced -> Subscribe to podcast URL: Episode 1 – Introduction to OpenCL Episode 2 – OpenCL Fundamentals Episode 3 – Building an OpenCL Project Episode 4 – Memory Layout and Access Episode 5 – Episode…